Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The boy who cried Wolfowitz

Some thoughts, now that Houston has not blown up, regarding German Guy.

There's an interesting analysis here which suggests the posts were a backdoor, public yet deniable warning from German intelligence to the Wolfowitz network to back off possible "al Qaeda" attacks in Europe, or factions within the BND and other European intel agencies were prepared to disclose what they know of the complicity of American elements in 9/11. In this understanding the Houston scenario was always unlikely, and the purpose of the posts was to blackmail "the far side of the CIA and Mossad" to leave Germany alone.

The poster makes a good case, and my thoughts had been running along similar lines. That is until I read the latest installment of "The Voice from the White House," and some bells began ringing too loudly for me to ignore any longer.

Ever heard the name Gregory Douglas? He's an author - counterfeiter, really - working on the margins of revisionist history. It doesn't appear his name is genuine, either.

To quote David Irving, Douglas "is the classic Muenchhausen Syndrome type, seeking to attract attention to himself - using names like 'Freiherr von Mollendorf,' and generally living the life of a suave spy, adventurer, and sophisticate."

Other pseudonyms cited by Iriving include "Samuel Prescott Bush," "Christopher Crowles," "Bob Sonderby," "Peter Stahl" and "A. Zackery Mehlis."

Irving continues:

He operates under many pseudonyms, but from a police file I saw some years back his real name seems to be Norwood Burch, born March 22, 1930. He reportedly acquired his alias through association with the former "B" movie director Roger Steele in Los Angeles in the 1970s. When he signed onto the Prodigy internet service in 1994 he certainly used a credit card owned by the name "Burch".

For our purposes, lets stick to "Gregory Douglas."

Douglas is the author of a three-volume set of the supposed post-war interrogations of Gestapo Chief Heinrich Müller who, according to official history, vanished without a trace after the fall of Berlin. The books are, it would appear, very good hoaxes. He has also written Regicide, which reproduces alleged documents pertaining to the assassination of John F Kennedy, including a "Summary of Conferences held March - November 1963" by senior military-intelligence conspirators. Regicide as well would appear to be a hoax. (Self disclosure: I paid retail for Regicide, so now it's personal.)

In an email to James Fetzer, Douglas describes how Regicide came about:

Before his death in October of 2000, Robert Crowley, once Deputy Director ofthe CIA's Clandestine Operations, sent me two boxes of documents he feltmight be of assistance to me in my ongoing writings. I had known Crowleysince 1993 and we were in daily contact. He was courteous enough to write aforward to one of my books on Heinrich Muller, once Chief of the GermanGestapo and later a CIA employee.

Crowley was a man who knew where all the bodies were buried and was a good friend of Jim Angleton, head of counter intelligence for the Company,and who removed Angleton's most sensitive files when Angleton was fired from the CIA for illegally reading the mail of U.S. citizens. Some, but certainly not all, of this material will be utilized as Crowley wished it to. The great bulk of his extensive files ended up in the hands of Washington author, Joe Trento who has just written a book on the CIA that contains more material based on the Crowley files.

The material on the Kennedy assassination was directly from the Crowley papers. He kept these devastating, and potentially very dangerous, papers for purposes of self-justification and insurance. Now, what was hidden in his Cathedral Ave. home for years is now in the process of being edited for future publication.

Fetzer writes:

My ambivalence about the book was also manifest by the revision of my review on Amazon.com. Although I initially assigned it a 5-star rating, now I changed that to 1-star. The revised review, which appears on Amazon.com with the date of 30 March 2002, bears the heading, "A fascinating work that appears to be a fraud". My doubts are rooted less in Douglas himself than in the authenticity of the documents upon which his work is based and his odd relationship with their source, Robert T. Crowley, former Deputy Director for Operations of the CIA. According to Douglas, he never actually met Crowley, which I personally find difficult to reconcile with the staggering importance of the information he allegedly entrusted to him. But that is Douglas' story.

The more important grounds for my skepticism include (1) the absence of the original KGB study in the Russian language; (2) the convergence of both the Soviet assessment and the DIA assessment on three-shot scenarios; (3) the very idea of keeping official records of government agencies in collusion on the assassination of a President of the United States; and (4) the very idea that JFK would distribute photographs as sexual momentos to his conquests. It appears to me extremely improbable, when the assassination involved at least 8, 9, or 10 shots fired from at least 6 locations, that neither the Soviets nor the DIA would pick up on numbers greater than 3. That a politician of the intelligence and sophistication of Jack Kennedy would disseminate photos of his liaisons I find extremely difficult--even truly impossible--to believe.

Now here's the first rub: Douglas's Gestapo Chief and Regicide ("a must addition to any conspiracy buff ’s library") are both available for purchase through TBRNews, which also hosts "The Voice from the White House."

The latest installment of the "Voice," dated Dec 27, includes this interesting nod to those who've followed the "German Guy" story:

We have a number of faked IPs that permit government stool pigeons to send out reams of pro-Bush and pro-government propaganda to sympathetic bloggers and right-wing websites. A false vox populi but sometimes effective. Also, the psychology boys are now busy inventing weird conspiracy theories to put out to the boobery to keep their minds off of the growing and deadly disasters now beginning to loom over the heads of the Administration such as the Iraq mess and the even more serious financial crisis about to ruin all of us. (Incidentally, I took all of our savings and put them equally into Canadian dollars and the euro. I am hedging my bets here.)

These bright boys, working with the Rove people, are starting stories about weather control, a new Ice Age, the spread of SARS, Mad Cow (but only in Canada as a way of punishing them for daring to harbor US deserters), weird plots to blow up US cities and so on.

These nut stories seem to have a life of their own on the net and are eagerly accepted while the real plottings can go on behind the scenes. There is no doubt that we are going to have a draft and after that, an invasion of Iran and Syria…if Bush , Rove and the neocons have their collective, evil, way.

I've bitten my tongue for a while now regarding my suspicion that the author of "The Voice from the White House" is actually the counterfeiter Gregory Douglas, because it was nothing but suspicion. (And "The Voice" tells a good story, so it's compelling to believe him a genuine insider, who confirms our worst fears. It has caused many to overlook the uncomfortable fact that TBRNews is a site which supports Holocaust denial.) But the allusion to the "German Guy" story suggests to me he's now tipped his hand.

The works of "Gregory Douglas" and "The Voice from the White House" are both promoted by TBRNews. "Gregory Douglas" and "German Guy" both demonstrate a proficiency in German. The works of all three contain genuine research and hard truths, which help sell the "too good to be true" confirmation of the suspicions of the readers, which appear to be well-crafted fabrications.

Just as Fetzer now calls Regicide "a fascinating work that appears to be a fraud," so I'm tempted to now call the posts of "German Guy." Even so, I believe they remain worthy of some attention, because at the very least they brought to the fore some overlooked concerns that could make fruitful study. (The murder of scientist John Mullen, for one instance.) And, at the very most, well - we still don't really know, do we?

So, should a "Finnish Fellow" or "Latvian Lad" appear, bearing a similarly compelling message, we'll need to pay attention then, too. Better to be wrong and played the fool, than correct but play it cool. Such are the times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i read the 'german guy' thread until his last post. the story is good if measured against 50's and 60's softcover spy novels, but he is never as good as reality. i do also read tbrnews, mainly because the 'voice of the whitehouse' installments are fun to read.

the 'voice' installments have NEVER to my knowledge predicted anything out of the what could have been known by other channels, specially reading some news and newsblogs on the internet with some attention. all other material presented at tbrnews is comprised of more or less sensational recycled newsposts from elsewhere.

'german guy' goes into the same chapter. ALL the verifiable facts or plausible implications he presented were readily available to know for anybody who follows news and does at least basic research (i.e. use google) on the internet trying to verify emerging pieces of chatter. but the most objectionable error of 'german guy' was his choice of location. godlikeproductions is, judging by the commentaries people post there, more appropriate a place for teens to conjecture about color of the undies of their female classmates than to discuss acts of war.

if i was with some secret agency and wanted to place a warning about grave events, i'd probably first of all look for the right conversation partners and not place information which i'd expect to be taken seriously on a chat forum which appears as unserious at first sight. second, i doubt that a retired guy would be privy to information of this caliber, and IF he had this kind of info, he'd know of better channels to go through than an obviously unserious chat forum for teens.

to get a feeling for sites which IMO inject reality into the net, just go to raed jarrars or dahr jamails blogs on iraq. hell, even wonkette injects reality into the net in her very own way. the point is, there is a very different feeling to these sites than to tbrnews of the 'german guy' thread. those into UFOs may also want to contrast between brian vike's site and richard hoagland's ongoing disinfo project. honest or in-good-faith reporting has a distinct feeling to it, halftruths and disinfo are always reminiscent of artificial flavor in foods.

GG comes across as a 60+ guy who goes to rave parties and expects to get laid by some sweety in attendance because he pops MDMA.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm wondering about a few things. GG and the post-prediction autopsies notwithstanding (Canadian joke)...

The death of Rafael Raful Rafi Eitan is somewhat unsettling. It's too quiet. I don't think this is effectively summed up as just Israeli intermural sports right at the moment.

Also, I'd like to get a good understanding of exactly who at the CIA is bugging out unders Goss.

Game pieces are in motion, and we're only getting fleeting glimpses out of the corners of our eyes here.

2:37 PM  
Blogger bin'dare said...

It is interesting that you connect the German Guy with TBRnews because it was someone like Walter Storch i had in mind in the earlier post when i said i suspected GG was a writer. GG's effort is classic TBR, most of it is true but key elements (memos, interviews, etc) are fake or hoax. This is a way of accentuating the reality of news, and it is great fun when you recognize it as so.

I sort of agree with anonymous that GodlikeP.. is not the place where real spooks would hang out. I don't know about the color of panties but GodlikeP has a reputation for being a playground for hoaxers which could make it an excellent place for spooks (in the know) to post. But i'm sure there are better ways.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been following the Voice from the WH/Monkey Palace. The guy admits they're trying to weed out likely sources but he's also stated that he's Jewish [although obviously not Zionist]and worked for Nixon. Why would someone target themselves with that if he's legit? Makes no sense.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with the Voice from the White House, is with the known fact that Rove is a pit bull about traitors, the VFTWH has given way too many clues about who he would be, to survive this long. Besides clues about age and philosophy (and how would he be allowed to work there?), his ISP address would be accessible. No way.

2:21 PM  
Blogger c.e.shinola said...

Nice one, connecting VFTWH and GG: I first associated GG with the Asteroid Swarm hoaxer of this past late August/ early september. They read as though written by the same person, and on the same forum.

The GG posts were fair, certainly interesting, but never particularly 'believeable', whereas the VFTWH I can imagine as a bitter civil servant trying to make himself sound more important (if I believed any of it) by spilling vitriol about his bosses.

Hearing the rest of the TBR site espouses Holocaust denial, makes him less interesting from the 'just imagine if this were true' angle, and much more from the - 'what does VFTWH want? What's his aim?' (So, really, what might that be?)

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not losing any sleep over whether GG is real or not.

There is nothing to say he definately is not. In the end he makes reasonable claims worth reading and considering.

The "White House Insider" bores me to tears. Read only for the entertainment value.

GG's post after the due date are reasonable. He just worked as a beauracrat basically. Anyone with a few skills, 'intelligence' and a clean skin can get in. For the vast majority it's just a job.

Intelligence work is exceedingly boring %99 of the time with periods out in the field following silly people around in shopping centeres. The fave haunt of surveillence.

Most of the real surveillence is about following foreign intelligence services around.

To be honest you could probably get rid of %70 of the structure and not miss much, but like the M/I complex who wants to be out of a job.

I'm sure we can all agree 2005 will be the year. It will be the year your Grandkids will talk about.

The 'Owners' of the planet either lock us down this year or we will have to conclude they've backed off and will hopefully bow down into obscurity gracefully.

Perhaps some indications that if they back off, forgo their power structure etc...we'll let them live, will help?:-)

There will be NO invasion of Iran or Syria or NK any time soon barring aerial bombardment.

There will be no draft...unless...a scenario where nuclear/chemical/biological weapons are used on the U.S's own troops in Iraq producing heavy casualties. Even then a draft will be difficult to sell to the U.S population...i belive the draft is a distraction in itself.

A possible nuclear strike will follow on Iran. This will obviously stifle it's independant development. Be cost effective and send a message to anyone who cares that the U.S Elite are unstable and ruthless. Like we did'nt already know. A sort of DU supersize. Not only will we strike your military we'll destroy your infrastructure. This is standard...be totally ruthless...destroy EVERY THING...salt the land, not with Sodium Chloride but with Depleted Uranium or worse.

To be honest...i believe the whole M.E debacle is one giant "Wag The Dog". Which makes us wonder openly about the current tragedy unfolding in Asia.

Forget "Peak Oil". Utter and total crap. I cannot emphasise this enough. People may not like it but they'll swallow "Peak Oil" and wars for oil like a foul tasting hangover cure...they wont like it but they'll accept it as business as usual which it most definately not. The completely manufactured oil shortage is just another card played in the power and control game...very boring. In fact they need to revitalise those think tanks with some young blood with some new distractions...maybe they have recently.

All talk of war with China is complete and utter baloney. There will be NO invasion of Tiawan. Chinese personel would be blasted out of the water. The logistics are enormous. It would become the million man swim post haste. No one in the Pentagon gives it a second thought outside of talking it up for more cash from the tax payer for more useless and grossly expensive weapons.

China has been built on the back of Western capital. Withdraw the capital and 40 million Chinese are out of work and looking for trouble. This is already happening with reports of public disturbences on the rise.

Anyone remember the Asian economic crisis? I hope that ends that little distraction.

Local populations are ALWAYS the local Elites first and foremost concerns. ALWAYS.

Please re-read 1984 and say a prayer for Eric Blair.

In the end, I guess none of us can say exactly whats going to happen. It's like a fast flowing river over rocks. Anything can happen to our little canoe's.

For all their stuff up's, the Elite that own this planet are not stupid. They play a big game with big stakes. Thats the level they operate on. They are afraid at the moment. I believe they are unsure of how to proceed. The internet has saved us more than once. I will worry if it gets taken down.

We cant rule out exotic weapons usage in the last week. or so.

Always remember that Bush & Co are just a part of the game. They ar'nt THE game.

I would'nt get to caught up in the lets blame it on the Jews whipping game that is increasing in intensity.

True, they are up to their necks in it but they have their own agenda.

Bush is NO lover of Israel. Israel serves the purposes of the Western Elite. It does what it's told. Israel does NOT dictate to the U.S...the U.S dictates to Israel...Israel and the Jewish Elite in general have always cozied up to the powers of the day and done a lot of the dirty work others do not want to be seen doing.

To continue down the path I notice of blaming Israeli intelligence for starting the M.E conflageration is a distraction. Do you really believe the U.S intelligence services are that stupid and accept the half hearted crap dished out by Israeli Intelligence?

U.S Intelligence love to perpetuate the myth they are a little incompetent. Believe me...when it counts...U.S Intelligence are just as ruthless as their Israeli counterparts.

Israel spys in the U.S with the F-U-L-L permission of the people that count.

Dont fall for the line that Israel has some hold over Western polititions.

It would be better to focus on the Western financial Elite who hold sway over the entire political process. They own it. The ABSOLOUTLY own it and seem to stay way to far back in the shadows for our own goods.

Alot of 'Jews' in finance but a hell of alot more White Anglo Saxon Protestants.

To this end I'd like to see less blathering/banal anti war protests, which have never stopped a war in history, and more anti central bank protests and perhaps a million marching on the White House asking where 3 TRILLION of taxpayers money has dissapeared too?

If the debate is refocussed to the heart of the matter...THE WESTERN FINACIAL ELITE...aka: The Owners Of The Planet...real progress can be made.

Explaining to people how money works and is made out of thin air by a cabal of private banking interests will go along way to putting gigantic cracks in the power structure that enslaves us and may help us avoid the drastic population reduction which is the Holy Grail of the Elite.

Perhaps they started last week.

By the way...Rothschild is unsettled by the rapidly focussed light beam brought to bear on his boy Arnie. Dont laugh...they really want this fool to be Prez.

The Baron is bound to be bighting his fingernails over that amount of light brought to bear so rapidly by the non paid internet community decentralized all over the world.

The "Puzzle Factory" at Langley should be paying you guys a sub contractor wage.

Keep up the great work.

The best for a new year to everyone in Internet land.

They cant win. We're at the most profound turning point in human history. We really are.

All we have to do is keep plugging away.

David Brent (It's All About The Starf).

9:47 PM  
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