Friday, January 14, 2005

Michael Chertoff and the sabotage of the Ptech investigation

Remember Ptech? That's the Boston software firm financed by Saudi businessman Yassin Al-Qadi, who also happens to be an al Qaeda bagman, whose clients happened to include numerous sensitive US federal branches and agencies, including the FAA, the FBI, the military and the White House.

A little background, from the mainstream, even, thanks to WBZ-TV:

Joe Bergantino, a reporter for WBZ-TV's investigative team, was torn. He could risk breaking a story based on months of work investigating a software firm linked to terrorism, or heed the government's demand to hold the story for national security reasons. In mid-June, Bergantino received a tip from a woman in New York who suspected that Ptech, a computer software company in Quincy, Mass., had ties to terrorists. Ptech specialized in developing software that manages information contained in computer networks.

Bergantino's investigation revealed that Ptech's clients included many federal governmental agencies, including the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Naval Air Command, Congress, the Department of Energy, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, NATO, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secret Service and even the White House.

"Ptech was doing business with every federal government in defense and had access to key government data," Bergantino said.


Bergantino was ready to air the story by September, but the government had different plans. Federal authorities told Bergantino not to air the story because it would jeopardize their investigation and would threaten national security. According to federal authorities, documents would be shredded and people would flee if we ran the story, Bergantino said.

But Bergantino claims the government's demand to hold off on the story was merely a pretext.

In October 2001, President George W. Bush signed an executive order freezing the assets of individuals linked to terrorism. According to Bergantino, the list identified Saudi Arabian businessman Yassin Al-Qadi as a key financial backer of Osama Bin Laden. As it turns out, Bergantino said, Al-Qadi also is the chief financier of Ptech. The government failed to investigate Ptech in October 2001 and didn't start it's investigation until August 2002 when WBZ-TV's investigation called attention to Ptech.

Even if Ptech was unaware that the President's October 2001 order contained the name of its chief financier, documents seized in a March 2002 government raid revealed Ptech's connections with another organization linked to terrorism, Bergantino said. And again, the government failed to investigate Ptech.

Bergatino's tipster was Indira Singh, who has said she recognizes the separate command and control communications system Mike Ruppert describes Dick Cheney to have been running on September 11th as having "the exact same functionality I was looking to utilize [for] Ptech."

Now, how does Chertoff figure in the Ptech story? It goes back to the turf war of two years ago over Operation Greenquest, "the high-profile federal task force set up to target the financiers of Al Qaeda and other international terrorist groups." The aggressive, Customs-led task force was folded into Homeland Security, sending both the FBI and its minders at the Department of Justice into a tizzy. They "demanded that the White House instead give the FBI total control over Greenquest."

Now, consider this, also from the two-year-old Newsweek:

The FBI-Justice move, pushed by DOJ Criminal Division chief Michael Chertoff and Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson, has enraged Homeland Security officials, however. They accuse the bureau of sabotaging Greenquest investigations—by failing to turn over critical information to their agents—and trying to obscure a decade-long record of lethargy in which FBI offices failed to aggressively pursue terror-finance cases.


One prime example of the tension is the investigation into Ptech, the Boston-area computer software firm that had millions of dollars in sensitive government contracts with the Air Force, the Energy Department and, ironically enough, the FBI. In what turned into a minor embarrassment for the bureau, the firm’s main investors included Yasin Al-Qadi, a wealthy Saudi businessman whom the Bush administration had formally designated a terrorist financier under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. Al-Qadi has vigorously denied any connection to terrorism.

The Ptech case turned into an ugly dispute last year when company whistleblowers told Greenquest agents about their own suspicions about the firm’s owners. Sources close to the case say those same whistleblowers had first approached FBI agents, but the bureau apparently did little or nothing in response. With backing from the National Security Council, Greenquest agents then mounted a full-scale investigation that culminated in a raid on the company’s office last December. After getting wind of the Greenquest probe, the FBI stepped in and unsuccessfully tried to take control of the case.

The result, sources say, has been something of a train wreck. Privately, FBI officials say Greenquest agents botched the probe and jeopardized other more promising inquiries into Al-Qadi. Greenquest agents dismiss the charges and say the problem is that the bureau was slow to respond to legitimate allegations that an outside contractor with terrorist ties may have infiltrated government computers.

Whatever the truth, there is no dispute that the case has so far produced no charges and indictments against Al-Qadi or anyone else connected with Ptech. The company has denied wrongdoing.

The turf war was won on May 13, 2003, when John Ashcroft and Tom Ridge signed a "Memorandum of Agreement bet7ween the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, giving the FBI "unprecedented unilateral control of all terrorist-financing investigations and operations."

Several seasoned government agents fear for the nation’s security should the FBI be tackling most terrorism cases, as their ineptitude in preventing terrorism has been established time and time again. Yet, the memorandum between Ashcroft and Ridge places the FBI in an incredibly powerful position over Homeland Security. According to the memorandum, "all appropriate DHS leads relating to money laundering and financial crimes will be checked with the FBI."

Well, no reason to fear now, now that Michael Chertoff is heading up Homeland Security. Right?

Also, a noteworthy admission today from the Department of Justice, released in a "37-page, unclassified summary of a broader, 100-page internal review over Edmonds' case":

From Associated Press:

Evidence and other witnesses support complaints by a fired FBI contract linguist who alleged shoddy work and possible espionage within the bureau's translator program in the months after the September 2001 terror attacks, according to a report Friday by the senior oversight official at the Justice Department.

The department's inspector general, Glenn Fine, said the allegations by former translator Sibel Edmonds "raised substantial questions and were supported by various pieces of evidence." Fine said the FBI still has not adequately investigated the sensational claims.

A show of hands: how many have heard US cable news whisper, even once, the name "Sibel Edmonds"? I have. Once. It was about the time of Edmonds' press conference last Spring, held between sessions of Thomas Kean's 9/11 Commission. Paul Begalia, the designated liberal of CNN's Crossfire, gingerly raised her more reasonable-to-mainstream charges. (At least, those of which John Ashcroft's gag order permits her to speak.) Tucker Carlson, as if on cue, called her a "conspiracy theorist" and, I seem to recall, a "nutjob."

And according to CNN, that's the last we've heard of her.

Naturally, neither Sibel Edmonds nor Indira Singh, nor Ptech, warrant a mention in the official 9/11 Commission report. Though Edmonds is gagged, Singh did give testimony to the 9/11 Citizens' Commission, Sept 9, 2004 in New York. She read an open letter from Edmonds, and added "what I have uncovered in Ptech connects with some of the things that she has discovered. Sibel is not allowed to disclose content but she can ask me questions. I know some of the things that she mentioned there connect directly to what I discovered."


INDIRA SINGH: I did a number of things in my research and when I ran into the drugs I was told that if I mentioned the money to the drugs around 9/11 that would be the end of me. That is a current threat that I’m under and therefore I will speak out about the drugs at another forum.

I did not expect the Kean Commission to go anywhere near the FBI and Ptech. But I hope all Americans will demand answers regarding the FBI and Ptech. I would like to leave you with this one question. Not only why is Ptech still operating but why did Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Chertoff state that they cannot differentiate between terrorism, organized crime and drug dealing and is that the reason the Kean Commission will not make terrorism financing a priority in the future?


Ptech was with Mitre Corporation in the basement of the FAA for two years prior to 9/11. Their specific job is to look at interoperability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air Force in the case of an emergency. If anyone was in a position to know that the FAA, that there was a window of opportunity or to insert software or to change anything it would have been Ptech along with Mitre. And that ties right back to Michael Ruppert’s information.... The functionality that Michael is claiming that Dick Cheney utilized is the exact same functionality I was looking to utilize Ptech for in the bank. I was looking to set up a shadow surveillance system on everything going on, every transaction and the ability to backdoor, to look at information unobtrusively and to backdoor intelligent agents out there to do things that other people would not be aware of. To stop… in risk the whole shift is from bad things going on and finding it after the fact to preventing it from happening. So we were looking for patterns and have the intervention in there. So we were looking for interventive software, something that would stop. What Mike Ruppert is referring to is exactly the same kind of functionality…surveillance and intervention.

Another show of hands: have you heard anything like that, ever, on US cable news?


Blogger spooked said...

What a tangled web. Clearly ptech represent some nexus between the government and terorism that must not be revealed, and Chertoff is just the man to cover it up. I was reading an article about him earlier and it seems his whole career has been about covering up government secrets. I guess DHS is the perfect place for him then.

As far as Sibel Edmonds, I know she was slated to go on Paula Zahn, on CNN-- I know they did mention her name in a promo. I'm not sure if her segment ever aired though-- but I think it did. Edmonds is very attractive and I'm sure that swayed the CNN producers some. I saw a segment with Edmonds on Democracy Now right after the 9/11 commission report came out, and she was serious eye candy.

10:46 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article. Slowly the dots connect.

11:31 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymus One,this reminds me of Billy Idle's album Cyber Punk,in the introduction he say's, information is the new currency,power.We find our selfs at the mercy of the news whores.The worst part is that most americans wouldn't belive this story if you hit them over the head with it.Oh,I did see Tim Russet ask Keen and Hamelton if they where going to talk a woman named Sible Edmonds,and it looked to me like both of their jaws hit the foor about the same time. Cover ups aren't easy, and this baby is starting to be get bigger than anyone could have ever thought,where is a Mark Lombardi when you need one,I don't think he could find a canvas to fit all these guys on,the octopus has taken over,later.

9:34 a.m.  
Blogger bin'dare said...

Ptech may well have been a CIA asset but it certainly was not an example of "Al-Queda terrorist" infiltrating american government. Yet that is what Indira Singh claimed initially and in the process destroyed a rather promising company. Why? Was it because it was founded and run by a muslim with a number of muslim workers? That is certainly what gave the accusation traction.

Now she claims Ptech's software is the type that Ruppert says Cheney used on 9/11. How did she recognize it? she says: "I was looking to set up a shadow surveillance system on everything going on, every transaction and the ability to backdoor, to look at information unobtrusively and to backdoor intelligent agents out there to do things that other people would not be aware of." She is either lying, and if not, what the fuck is a consultant for a bank doing creating backdoor intelligent agents (i'm assuming these are software agents, not the physical thing)?

She stinks to high hell.
In response to the following headline she said "I am sure the families of the victims of 9/11 will be glad to hear that."

Rumored links to terrorism doomed business: But owner of former Quincy company has no hard feelings

QUINCY - The Marina Bay software company raided by federal agents in late 2002 has become a ‘‘virtual company'' with no offices or staff.
Publicity about a Customs Service raid on Ptech's headquarters made it impossible for the 10-year-old company to attract new clients, CEO Oussama Ziade said yesterday.
So it laid off the last of its 50-person work force in October, shuttered its office, and now markets its technology through a third party

5:42 p.m.  
Blogger spooked said...

bin'dare-- you may be right about ptech and you've expressed doubts about Indira Singh before. What's your take on her? Is she simply full of it or a disinfo agent (or both)?

10:05 p.m.  
Blogger bin'dare said...

spooked: i posted a longish piece on Indira Singh, it has not yet appeared. If it is still not here later, i will try to post it again tonight.

3:22 p.m.  
Blogger bin'dare said...

The bottom line is this: Indira Singh has publicly called Ptech "Effectively an Al Qaeda corporate cell", if this is true then Al-Qaeda is for real (as in wanting to penetrate america to bomb it), is not US (as in government) connected, and the Saudi's did 9-11 because they financed Al-Qaeda. This is not our reading of the situation, so why would she say this, and why would she be supported in saying it?

I do not know the answer, but i will lay out what i know of her (if there is any interest, i can supply the citations later). She is at the nexus of a number of important 9/11 strands so there may well be a lot more to her story; it is unfortunate that we do not have much info on her.

On the morning of 9/11, Singh had two things on her mind: she was scheduled for a risk assessment meeting at the WTC and she was on call as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). She was running late and was worried about being late for the meeting.

When she fot news of the attacks she called her company (i assume JP Morgan) to say there was an emergency and then went to join the rescue as an EMT. Her particular pre-assignment (the reason she was on call) was for triage. (Triage is were victums are evaluated and sorted by immediacy of treatment.) There is a photo of her during the rescue altho I have not seen it.

In early december, she gives an interview with UPI decrying the deterioration of her health, before the attacks "she was a mountain climber and a pilot and in the top physical condition of her life but since then she has a cough, onset asthma, chest pain and headaches that won't quit". Apparently she had left her windows open and the dust had got in. By summer of 2004, she is accusing the government of lying about contamination, about the toxicity of the dust, and is a regular at community meetings. She believes the original 9/11 dust is still in her apartment and hired (in 2004) an environmental scientist to prove it.

During interviews, Singh would identify herself as a "risk architect", a position that does not exist (as best i can tell). I think she was a consultant with/for JP Morgan on "risk assesment": financial risk management can be defined as practices by which a firm optimizes the manner in which it takes financial risk. It got tricky in the late 90's because companies were combining financial risk management, insurance purchasing, and contingency planning into a single business unit, that is, merging finance and insurance. A number of financial scandals arising out of this combination were looming, Enron was just the tip of the iceberg.

Singh says she consulted with many companies and government agencies including DoD and DARPA, but is rather vague about what she actually did. The only thing i infer is that she had a relatively high security clearance. I should note that she says she is a lifetime New Yorker, she does not speak with a foreign accent, but I can find nothing about her prior to 2001.

She began interacting with Ptech in the spring of 2002. She writes to FrontPage magazine (a rabid anti-muslim, rabib pro-zionist, rabib pro-likud site) in jan 2003 that "My thanks to Stephen Schwartz whose book had not been published when I was trying to put the Ptech pieces together between May and August 2002". Schwartz was big on Operation GreenQuest, Saudi's and Wahhabbi's. She says "Ptech, the facts, the exposures, the rationale, the patterns and story those facts tell are explained only by the existence of something like Mr. Schwartz describes".

We now know that no terrorists have been successfully tried (in america) for money laundering, not a single one.

My gut feeling is Indira Singh bought into the muslim terrorist thing at the beginning, but is confused, and some people may be taking advantage of that. She recently said "I hold real data implicating the Bush Administration in the events of 9/11. For me to do something with it, I have to leave, if only to be able to breathe". She combines 9/11 conspiracy with her health and well being.

7:45 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have heard rumors of promis in ptech, if faa and norad were using this software on 911 they were in way over their head, is chertoff a jew

8:08 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And of course you haven't even got to the part where the levees around New Orleans were weakened to allow floodwaters to destroy files and data stored in basements of Government building that would go "Freedom Of Info" over the next few years that would blow everything from JFK to LBJ, Oswald to TET, FBI, Mafia, CIA, you name it, some things start there for a reason, and the records had to go.

10:00 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is slightly "off topic" from today's post, but everything is "off topic" more or less at RI.

Sorry, I don't have the link to this post, but I thought it was interesting since it shows one more link of the military-industrial-occult complex and how Brother John spotted a hoax:
Good Morning -- BroJon Readers !! Here's the latest edition of
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First, is Remote Viewing real? Absolutely it is real. Many people are skeptical and don't believe that the ability to see across time and space exists. The reason is that only a very small part of the human population is capable of remote viewing. The rest of the population simply doesn't believe it could be possible, since they can't do it themselves.

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The researchers ignored the fact that the other 10 percent of volunteers all had, not random, but much longer natural internal 27 to 28 hour circadian rhythms. Because the researchers ignored the minor data that just didn't fit in their pet hypothesis, they never discovered that those other 10 percent were all born during the Winter. It has something to do with the length of the long "night time dark cycle" during the winter. I have been researching the exact cause for this phenomenon for over 30 years, but I won't explain it here.

The result is that many of these "winter-born" people have naturally long circadian rhythms that seem to drift ahead throughout the year. Most of them notice that at times their sleep-wake cycle becomes reversed compared to the rest of the population. Many of them find they are awake when everybody else is sleeping. This is like an internal jet-lag.

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It is during this reversed-cycle-time that remote viewing occurs. Most professional remote viewers would explain, if they knew what to explain, that remote viewing is like trying to remember a dream that you had last night or last year. Winter people, with their experience of reversed cycles, seem to be able to do this quite easily.

Not only is Remote Viewing, or dreaming across time and space, a winter-person skill, but many other similar and related skills occur in this small group. Creating the world's great symphonic music, with sound visions seeming to come from out of nowhere or from some limbo state, also comes from this group of winter people. Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven and about 100 other of the world's great symphonic composers were all born during the winter. Could that be just a coincidence?

Most of the great creative genius scientists and mathematicians were also all born during the winter. Isaac Newton was born during the winter, but Albert Einstein was not. Newton was able to look beyond time and space and create the new science and laws that we call "Newton's Laws." Einstein, in trying to update Newton's Laws to the 20th century did not have Newton's ability to see across time and space. That's why I wrote the series, "Where Dr. Einstein Went Wrong." Comment: Einstein was, of course, a plagiarist.

Most of the world's creative writers and philosophers were also born during the winter. One was Winston Churchill. He called his reversed-cycle time, "the little black dog." Most psychiatrist and psychologists call this reversed time a form of depression. But it is not. Most winter people in this reversed time state are often quiet, withdrawn and have very little contact with the rest of the world, but they are definitely not "depressed." Many are actually very busy at work on long term creative projects, writing symphonies or books.

Churchill, during his time as Prime Minister, frequently called into 10 Downing Street to tell them to hold all his phone calls, and he's not coming in to work, "the little black dog has come to visit." And what was Winston doing during the reversed cycle time? He was working on a small project to look across time and space. He was writing the huge multi-volume definitive work about the complete history of the English People. Churchill noted, "I know history will be kind to me, since I intend to write it."

The reversed cycle time of winter people also has played a large part in the timing of major events in world history. Investigation seems to show that Churchill's reversed cycle time usually occurred just after the winter solstice Dec 21 and also just after the summer solstice Jun 21.

The timing of D-Day to begin the invasion of Nazi Europe had to occur in early May or June of 1944. Eisenhower could not simply wait for another month for the next high tide and moon in July, it had to be early in June on the 5th or 6th. Otherwise, Winston would not be able to participate in commanding the military operation - he would be home visiting with his "little black dog."

Among the modern-day natural Remote Viewers, Edgar Cayce stands out with volumes of documentation to show his unique ability to see across time and space. Cayce was also born during the winter. So what was the purpose of the "BroJon Remote Viewer Aptitude Test?"

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The result is that there are many "graduates" from the SRI-CIA Remote Viewing Program which was shut down with the end of the Cold War in 1991, who are now out selling their courses to teach you how you too can do remote viewing. The courses are mostly all hoaxes, to sell you something which is useless. If you are not a person born in the winter, and do not have the unique reversed-cycle times, your brain structure is different, and no "training courses" will create a new brain structure.

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Once again, the BroJon Gazette demonstrates with clear scientific evidence, the meaning of CIA Director Bill Casey's statement, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." Almost everything you read or see in your newspaper or on TV is false information, mostly CIA disinformation which is "leaked" to the New York Times. You have been conned by professional main stream press and CIA disinformation artists.

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2:31 a.m.  
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