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Leprosy treatment

Wild as any freedom loving racist
I applaud the actions of the chief - Leonard Cohen

The latest spin on the poisoning of Slobodan Milosovic is that it was likely self-administered. Well, we're getting there.

Initial reports that Milosovic had recently expressed fear for his life and that his blood contained traces of Rifampicin, a drug used to treat leprosy and tuberculosis, were greeted with skepticism and even hostility on the part of the stubbornly incurious, who are inclined to type "Not everything is a conspiracy" when in fact they admit to none.

Rifampicin would have inhibited the effectiveness of Milosovic's blood pressure medication, possibly precipitating his fatal heart attack. Hague toxicologist Donald Uges says he is "sure he took the medicine himself because he wanted a one-way ticket to Moscow" for treatment. Earlier the UN's chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte said it could have been a suicide, just as Croatian Serb leader Milan Babic's death in the same prison was said to be only a week before. Milosovic had been under constant suicide watch, so perhaps now his passing will be rulled "death by misadventure."

Some people kill themselves, and some others die natural deaths. Others still are murdered. This is something which those who twitch at every suggestion of conspiracy tend to forget. That assassins carry the whole black bag of statecraft means justice is almost never done, except for the victor's justice of a belligerant state that daubs itself in the innocents' blood.

Milosovic sought the testimony of Bill Clinton, and he would have seized the moment to expose the deep politics that saw al Qaeda operate as an overt strategic ally of American interests in the Balkans war. Bin Laden himself visited Albania in 1994 and sent units to fight in Kosovo alongside the KLA. The convergence of interest in the Balkans for al Qaeda and the United States was only superficially religious and poltical. It was narco-criminal. Frank Ciluffo, Deputy Director of the Globalized Organized Crime Program, alluded to this in his testimony before the Congressional Judicial Committee on December 13, 2000 (as quoted in Michel Chossudovsky's War and Globalization):

What was largely hidden from public view was the fact that the KLA raise part of their funds from the sale of narcotics. Albania and Kosovo lie at the heart of the "Balkan Route" that links the "Golden Crescent" of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the drug markets of Europe. This route is worth an estimated $400 billion a year and handles 80 percent of heroin destined for Europe.

In the opening statement of his trial, Milosovic said

In 1998 when Holbrooke visited us in Belgrade, we told him the information we had at our disposal, that in Northern Albania the KLA is being aided by Osama bin Laden, that he was arming, training, and preparing the members of this terrorist organization in Albania. However, they decided to cooperate with the KLA and indirectly, therefore, with bin Laden, although before that he had bombed the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania [and] had already declared war.

He concluded "one day all this will have to come to light, these links." Jeremy Scahill notes today, "That, however, is unlikely, and more so now that Milosevic is dead."

"The man dubbed the Butcher of the Balkans [was] responsible for the deaths of at least 250,000 people," says Britain's Sun tabloid in memorium. That's a lot of death. Coincidently last week, the Lancet Medical Journal now estimates that the US invasion and three-year occupation of Iraq has killed more than 250,000 Iraqi civilians. That's a full one percent of the country's pre-war population: the equivalent of three million Americans, to convert the blood to a currency the West better appreciates.

But then the United States doesn't recognize the Hague, except for others. And it doesn't do body counts, unless the bodies can be laid at the feet of its enemies. At whose feet will Milosovic lie? Those of another butcher, still plying his trade.

By the way, have you seen this: "The Pakistan foreign office had paid tens of thousands of dollars to lobbyists in the US to get anti-Pakistan references dropped from the 9/11 inquiry commission report, The Friday Times has claimed. The Pakistani weekly said its story is based on disclosures made by foreign service officials to the Public Accounts Committee at a secret meeting in Islamabad on Tuesday."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great post Jeff!

For most people, it is hard to realize the true scope of "$400 billion worth of heroin", and its implications.

But what about the ongoing death and destruction being perpetuated by all of the depleted uranium in that region?!

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Bismillah said...

Jeff, did you see this nugget buried on page 6 of a recent Newsweek article? Cheney lied, and not one member of the Commission believed him; yet they dependably covered up for him. ("If the public ever found out...")

"Around 9:35 on the morning of 9/11, Cheney was lifted off his feet by the Secret Service and hustled into the White House bunker. Cheney testified to the 9/11 Commission that he spoke with President Bush before giving an order to shoot down a hijacked civilian airliner that appeared headed toward Washington. (The plane was United Flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field after a brave revolt by the passengers.) But a source close to the commission, who declined to be identified revealing sensitive information, says that none of the staffers who worked on this aspect of the investigation believed Cheney's version of events.

A draft of the report conveyed their skepticism. But when top White House officials, including chief of staff Andy Card and the then White House counsel Alberto Gonzales, reviewed the draft, they became extremely agitated. After a prolonged battle, the report was toned down. The factual narrative, closely read, offers no evidence that Cheney sought initial authorization from the president. The point is not a small one..."

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OT.....I'm receiving a lot of the"Forbidden" page when accessing this site.Just an Fyi...Back on topic. Regarding 911 & the commission,any of you read this yet?...

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to intelligence analyst John Whitley, covert support to the Kosovo "Liberation Army" was established as a joint endeavor between the CIA and Germany's Bundes Nachrichten Dienst- the BND. You may remember the BND from Elohim City, and its "Security Chief" Andreas Stassmier. Jeff has previously looked into the BND and OKC Here.

As you can probably guess, the Balkans puppet show is not just about drugs, it's also about oil reserves, weapons, and minerals...

(British intelligence and the SAS is also implicated in this "statecraft", particularly involving the transport of Turkish heroin and the training of KLA and Kurdish killer kids...)

5:26 PM  
Anonymous nigel 'incubator' jones said...

Nice photchop!

Any other source for verifaction of the $400B figure, seems awfully high (even for global smack trade) to me (ah but then I'm the lone dissenter in these parts-right guys and gals...), that's about 2/3rds the US trade deficit if memory serves...

6:45 PM  
Anonymous walt "the egg" smith said...

hi nigel-
I "googled" some key words in Jeff's post and found this:

According to Frank Ciluffo of the Globalized Organised Crime Program, in a testimony presented to the House of Representatives Judicial Committee:

What was largely hidden from public view was the fact that the KLA raise part of their funds from the sale of narcotics. Albania and Kosovo lie at the heart of the "Balkan Route" that links the "Golden Crescent" of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the drug markets of Europe. This route is worth an estimated $400 billion a year and handles 80 percent of heroin destined for Europe.

Source: US Congress, Testimony of Frank J. Cilluffo , Deputy Director, Global Organized Crime, Program director to the House Judiciary Committee, 13 December 2000

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Uges added that he believed Mr Milosevic took the drugs himself to try to prove his medical care in The Netherlands was inadequate...

So somebody smuggled in pills to him hidden in their crotch or something? LOL!

However, the presence of rifampicin or other drugs has not yet been confirmed by the post-mortem toxicological tests - the results of which have still to be released...

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the past few weeks I've gotten the "You are not authorized..." etc. page and the "Forbidden" page, but now earlier this evening I got this:

Blogger Problem

This server is currently experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified and will investigate.

Status code: 1-500-11

Please visit the Blogger status page or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance...



I just wanted to say that although I'm not a fan of old Punkin'head Milosovich, he did say this:

"Small Serbia and people in it have demonstrated that resistance is possible. Applied at a broader level, it was organized primarily as a moral and political rebellion against tyranny, hegemony, monopolism, generating hatred, fear and new forms of violence and revenge against champions of freedom among nations and people, such a resistance would stop the escalation of modern time inquisition.

Uranium bombs, computer manipulations, drug-addicted young assassins and bribed or blackmailed domestic thugs, promoted to the allies of the new world order, these are the instruments of inquisition which have surpassed, in their cruelty and cynicism, all previous forms of revengeful violence committed against mankind in the past."

9:05 PM  
Blogger weeptes silu said...

I know this might sound stupid but,I think the big money is in water,clean,fresh water. dalia

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

........The "F" Word

9:52 PM  
Anonymous thoughtographer said...

I just wanted to say that although I'm not a fan of old Punkin'head Milosovich, he did say this:

What's your source?

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reference to the value of opium transported through the Balkans:
In 1999 the estimate of Afganistan production alone was 4700 tons. The Taliban knocked this down to 187, then it increased to 3400 tons in 2002 under the US sponsored regime of President Hamid Karzai.

The Afghan trade in opiates constitutes a large share of the worldwide annual turnover of narcotics, which was estimated by the United Nations to be of the order of $400-500 billion. (Douglas Keh, Drug Money in a Changing World, Technical document No. 4, 1998, Vienna UNDCP. See also United Nations Drug Control Program, Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 1999. At the time these UN figures were first brought out (1994), the (estimated) global trade in drugs was of the same order of magnitude as the global trade in oil.

The IMF estimated global money laundering to be between 590 billion and 1.5 trillion dollars a year, representing 2-5 percent of global GDP. (Asian Banker, 15 August 2003).

Based on recent figures (2003), drug trafficking constitutes "the third biggest global commodity in cash terms after oil and the arms trade." (The Independent, 29 February 2004).

There are powerful business and financial interests behind narcotics. From this standpoint, geopolitical and military control over the drug routes is as strategic as oil and oil pipelines.

After looking into these and other figures, the 400 billion estimate seems to be accurate, even conservative, IMO. This is "street price", at less than the current record crop amounts.

12:59 AM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Guess we were on the same wavelength tonight. I too was posting tonight over at my Real History blog about the KLA, CIA and al Qaeda links, which were frankly new to me.

Curiously, I found that Milosevic may be taking the fall for a lot more than he ever did. Check it out.

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They like to get their guys to conform to the numerology of the occult. He was one of them, working for them and through them.

Thus his 33 degree was assured as a badge of honour and took his own life on 11 of the 3rd 06

3:05 AM  
Blogger jonah said...

I'm receiving a lot of the"Forbidden" page

It's not an anti-Jeff conspiracy -- I get it on other pages too. Just refresh the page a few times.

3:19 AM  
Anonymous different clue said...

$400 billion a year? Who is using all this heroin or other opiates?
Could some extra-personal goal
above and beyond personal health motivate addicts to endure the pain
of de-addiction?
Would addicts endure the pain of de-addiction in order to inflict
the greater pain of revenue-reduction upon the supply networks?
If all the users in the world stopped using, $400 billion would
stop moving. $400 billion lost every year, year after year, for
ever, is a lot of pain to inflict on somebody. Could the infliction of the pain of revenue-deprivation become the basis of a movement for
revenge-based heroin deconsumption?

3:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's be very clear about one thing - western governments and corporate business interests have no objection to states with repressive totalitarian regimes, provided they play the global game, allowing Trans-national Corporations (TNCs) to invest in and exploit their resources - and provided these regimes take out loans from the big commercial banks, the World Bank or the IMF etc. - for example Indonesia, the Phillipines and numerous tin pot dictatorships in sub Saharan Africa. Indeed western governments will help bring dictators and human rights abusers to power and support them, as the US did with General Pinochet in Chile and Suharto in Indonesia.

However if they do not play the game, instead seeking to be independent for the benefit of their own people, then, if they happen to have a dubious human rights record towards minorities, it will be seized upon to provide the excuse for armed intervention. Such states are now termed rogue states, and the old federal republic of Yugoslavia became a perfect example. It was a socialist country with state and co-operative ownership of business interests. It was unwilling to allow foreign companies to invest in or take over its industries and was not interested in joining the European Union or NATO. Economic collapse occurred in the late 80's when international bankers called in Yugoslavia's loans, which had the effect of rekindling old ethnic tensions as people began to squabble over increasingly scarce jobs and resources, and the ethnic groups blamed each other for the resulting economic collapse. (Against this backdrop, Milosevic was elected to power by a Serb majority.) Subsequent events produced favourable results for western finance and industry. The newly created states of Bosnia, Croatia etc. are all now open to "foreign investment", but Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo still made up Yugoslavia. [14]

4:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you obviously don't know aby herion enthusiasts.

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned George Soros and his shenanigans.

And thanks for that link to Elohim City.

My, my the places we visit here Jeff.

You continue to amaze me; and scare the living daylights out of me.

A friend of mine is linking events past, present, and future using "numbers", and he predicted this Milosevic event. His formulas are mind numbing but they are finally starting to make sense.

He also believes that the more that people become aware and "look" at upcoming possibilities they may actually change them into a more subtle, metaphoric event.

I'm praying he's right.

I love this blog.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Noryungi said...

I believe the Romans had the best expression for this: Vae Victis.

Of course, in Roman times, that meant parading the vanquished through Rome in front of the victorious legions, and executing them in the temple of Jupiter, if memory serves me well.

Today, the vanquished are paraded in front of a court and tried for crimes against humanity. Then, they are expected to fall upon their sword or swallow too many pills.

I guess Saddam Hussein will also suffer a regrettable heart attack pretty soon... Before he starts to talk too much about how chummy he was with people like Donald Rumsfeld and other consigliere of the Bush Dynasty. Before he has a chance to name the companies that sold him that gas he used on the Kurds.

While I don't subscribe -- in this particular case -- to any conspiracy theory, it's true that a lot of people probably sighed in relief when they learned the good news. Milosevic on trial constantly reminded European nations that they are powerless to maintain law & order, even on their own doorstep, without the might of the American War Machine. Russia's leaders were also constantly reminded that they could not help the Serbs -- militarily or otherwise -- when NATO decided to strike.

So, everyone was relieved. This being said, I would not be surprised if it turns out that Milosevic had taken those pills after all. He was (most people agree on this) infatuated and vain, and hoped to pull one last trick on the Europeans before dying. Maybe he really viewed those pills as his ticket out of the dreary prison of The Hague.

And it is definitely true that the CIA is at the very least financing black ops through drug trafficking -- or closing their eyes when their good friends are shipping it. I would not be surprised that many, many deals like that are going on all over the world, behind the scenes, deals that we will never hear about. After all, 400 billion dollars per year is more than enough money to make a lot of people rich beyond all their dreams. Heck, I would be a happy camper if I could get my hands on one thousandth of that!

This being said, I will not shed a tear on either Milosevic or Hussein. Both were butchers and murderers. Both also had good friends in high places, who have written themselves out of history (victors write the final history, right?) and who will now quietly enjoy their wealth and privileges behind closed doors. This may be the ultimate conspiracy: like the US firms who supported the Nazis -- and profited handsomely -- a lot of people are making a killing with all those wars (pun intended).

After all, who cares if thousands or millions of innocents are killed? War is good for business, right? What's a few thousands, a few millions of people raped, tortured, maimed and killed, as long as we get paid good money?

The conspiracy is this: we are no better than Milosevic and Hussein. We are just more deft when it comes to manipulating opinion and rewriting history. The USA are addicted to war, because war, again is good business.

The end of this sad story sounds like that Leonard Cohen song: Everybody knows.

Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

6:51 AM  
Blogger Sounder said...

different clue,

There is synergy between drug usage and not having a proper system of understanding that is able to integrate sub-conscious elements into our conscious structures.

So, the PTB benefit from the continuation of our inadequate fixed belief systems.

Our only option then is to create new frameworks for our understanding, - so we can keep Mr. Rumsfield up at night.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous starroute said...

Oil, arms, and drugs. The three biggest industries on the planet -- and the same people seem to be involved in all of them.

The combination of arms and drugs goes back to when the OSS was supporting local forces in China against the Japanese during World War II, using opium to pay for the weapons. When the Communists took over after the war and kicked out the drug dealers, the CIA was there to set them up in the Golden Triangle and start the trade flowing briskly -- now on behalf of the expelled Nationalist army -- through the Middle East, France, Cuba, and then into the U.S., where it created the 1950's heroin crisis.

All the more disastrous parts of U.S. foreign policy in the decades that followed can readily be seen as arising out of attempts (under the guise of anti-Communism) to protect the drug sources and supply lines -- from support for the Cuban exiles after Castro kicked out the mob and the drug smugglers (with the JFK assassination as a likely by-product) to the Vietnam War itself.

Following the energy crisis of the early 70's, oil gets tangled up in the picture as well. The connections aren't all clear to me, but one crucial link is George H.W. Bush, the Texas oilman who became head of the CIA in 1976. One of Bush's most fervent supporters in his abortive presidential bid of 1979-80 was Ray S. Cline, a former CIA Deputy Director who had also been one of those OSS guys in China running the opium-and-guns operation.

Cline (who died in 1996) and his Center for Strategic and International Studies have been major sources of geostrategic theory -- the line of thought that says whoever dominates the Middle East and Central Asia rules the world. I don't know whether geostrategists like Kissinger and Brzezinski really believe in the necessity of being Genghis Khan, but at the very least it's a convenient cover for messing around where both the oil and the drugs are most abundant.

Among the former CIA agents whom Cline brought into Bush's campaign were some (like Ted Shackley) who had been central to the anti-Castro operations in southern Florida in the early 60's, had gone from there to Vietnam (where they added mass assassination to the guns-and-drugs game), and after the fall of Saigon had moved their operations to Iran (where their excesses on behalf of SAVAK led directly to the overthrow of the Shah.)

Paul Helliwell, who set up the drug and money-laundering operations in Florida in the early 60's, had been in China with Cline. So had General John Singlaub, who was in charge of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam. (Though he'll sue you if you claim he knew its actual purpose was to assassinate people.)

At the same time, Cline and his associates (like Michael Ledeen) were shifting the focus from fighting Communism to fighting terrorism. That became standard doctrine for the Reagan administration -- though at that time, they were still justifying it by claiming that the Soviet Union was actually behind all terrorist groups anywhere in the world.

The other thing that was happening c. 1979 was two new additions to the drugs-and-arms game -- one being Latin America and the other being Afghanistan. The Latin America connection was strongest in the 80's, of course, when General Singlaub was ferrying arms to the Contras and cocaine was flooding into American cities. But the Afghan source became of increasing significance in the 90's, when the fall of the Soviet Union turned the 'stans of Central Asia into the major corridor of illicit traffic (with atomic proliferation now part of the mix.)

The destruction of Yugoslavia was necessary to secure the European terminus of that corridor. The Taleban also had to be taken out, because they were getting in the way of the trade. It isn't as clear to me why they still feel a need to take out Iran or why they've never given up on taking out Castro -- whether they feel those places are missing links in the chain, or if it's just old urges for vengeance.

(Heck, some of them haven't yet given up on China. A few years ago, Singlaub was trying to convince people that the Chinese were behind al Qaeda.)

Meanwhile, the geostrategic/oil guys are involved in exactly the same places that the drugs and guns are being run through. Google on "KLA" and "heroin" and you get links to Kellog, Brown & Root. Or look up the membership of groups like the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya or the American-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce and ask yourself who has an interest in those areas and what is really going on.

So today, instead of being propagandized to fight a war on Communism, as in the 60's, or a war on Communism in the guise of terrorism, as in the 80's, we're being told we're engaged in a War on Terror that will last for generations to come. And it's all to protect the profits.

"Follow the money" was the rule in Watergate. And the operations where the greatest amount of money -- and particularly unaccountable money -- are to be found are the key to every mystery of the current political system, right down to our stolen elections.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for those that can read german, read:
"wie der dschihad nach europa kam" by Juergen Elsässer, 2005.
isbn 3-85326-376-3

10:45 AM  
Anonymous ivanbo2003 said...

Jeff,great post.

There is something suspicious going on there in the Haagues,for sure.
Milosevic suffered from two heart conditions and he should have got the proper care in time.But,the judges repeatedly denied his requests and ridiculed him...
He wasn't the best example of the leader and the president,but he had human rights which were denied to him.
It is funny how USA demands others to extradict their own citizens to this tribunal,but disagrees to do the same(the Intern.War Crimes Court) when they are held responsible(so many examples...)


11:10 AM  
Anonymous Dugoboy said...

yeah, this is something i didn't really know about.

i had no idea what was going on in the 90's, but now i get a better sense of what it was. people in the US thought there was peace at last. the Berlin Wall fell, the USSR caved in and Iraq was put into a pressure cooker under sanctions and UN scrutiny sitting and waiting for its later use. and then it was Clinton's election. then continue taking out the rogue nations.

eh anyway i don't feel like going through it all in my head again.

here's something Milosevic said.

We have a group of bribed weaklings and blackmailed profiteers and thieves, who take advantage of the times when a lot of people experience hardships, and use substantial financial resources funneled from abroad, manipulate the substantial financial resources funneled from abroad, manipulate the feelings and needs of a certain number of people, often very young ones, not mentioning the reasons why it is so hard, lying that the difficulties cannot be overcome unless they bough their heads and backs before the force that subjugated the entire world, except this tiny poor land between the Drina and the Timok, of no civilizational relevance, and the only thing we do is lose time to defend a lost cause. And representing themselves as the proponents of modern ideology from which the categories of freedom, independence and sovereignty have been excluded. All these values should, from their point of view, be placed int the museum of antiquities. Still, what they are not telling to their listeners is that the museum of antiquities where the nations should place their sovereignty, freedom and independence, was built by those who treasure their own sovereignty, freedom and independence as the highest values, among other things, by seeking to bury those belonging to others."

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Dugoboy said...

hit a goldmine of info:

i have a sense that he was offed because he might have won. exposed a few too many things.

Why Milosevic Was Murdered

U.S. supported al-Qaeda cells during Balkan Wars

Tribunal formally closes case against Milosevic

and this i find just simply hilarious....

Arab central banks move assets out of dollar


"Middle Eastern anger over the decision by the US to block a Dubai company from buying five of its ports hit the dollar yesterday as a number of central banks said they were considering switching reserves into euros.

The United Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai, said it was looking to move one-tenth of its dollar reserves into euros, while the governor of the Saudi Arabian central bank condemned the US move as "discrimination"."

2:31 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Great article by Lisa Pease on her Real History Blog: Was Milosevic Poisoned?

5:58 PM  
Blogger RoadsEnd said...

Opium became the largest valued commodity on the planet in the early 1830's, mainly because the Americans entered the Canton/India opium trade with their clipper ships. A craft developed by Colonial smugglers evading British taxes, especialy tea. The US Perkins syndicate had been running Turkish opium since shortly after Independence. Later on, Perkins and crew "merged" into Russell & Co, with many Bones families (Bones co-founder W.H. Russell) and others, including FDR's grandfather and the Astors, Forbes, etc. all gathering massive piles of money.

Then after they lost their "cash cow"—opium became legal in China—the "cousin" crew proceeded to foment the Spainish American War. When War was declared —after a false flag terror incident—the US took the Philippines. Manila had been the "back office" to the trade. The war was declared over, and civil-governor and a Bones co-founder son, W.H. Taft was sent. He refused two appointments by McKinley to the Supreme Court. After McKinley was shot and Teddy was prexy, Taft left the Philippines to be Teddy's Sec of War. Before he left, Taft made opium illegal for the first time in modern Asia and then began the Shanghai and Hauge meetings that led to our prohibition.

The war on Drugs has nothing to do with our health, our kids or our communities. It has to do with keeping in place a black market. Which then proceeds to corrupt our social order from the top on down and bottom on up. It is insidious.

And it was a member of Skull & Bones, Dr. Ben Siliman that invented the cracking process and made gasoline and parafine for the first time. That was in 1855. They grabbed it and monoplized it. Imagine that .... There is a Rockefeller in every secret society, including Bones (Percy A), at Yale. MOst of western Ohio used to be part of Connecticutt.

The secret societal control mechanisms are first: Mining, metal and money. Second: Guns, Drugs and Petroleum.

The culture keeps moving beyond their continual control. The culture drove the Internet into something that nobody had any idea. It went "out of control" after it was "given" to grad students as a perk. They soon found that someone in Berkley could sell their Volvo to somebody in Palo Alto and ...

Also, the Balkans is also a huge opium producing area. In 1925 Welles Gray instructor at Cornell wrote that in 1933 Serb-Croat-Slovene was fifth at 235,752 in the world overall, behind China, India, Turkey and Persia.

Kris MIllegan

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeh, the War 'against' Drugs. Another "war without end".

Thanks Kris, very nice summary.

10:23 PM  
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Blogger ericswan said...

onah said...
I'm receiving a lot of the"Forbidden" page

It's not an anti-Jeff conspiracy -- I get it on other pages too. Just refresh the page a few times.

Sure but how many others are stumped and give up. Madsen reported this and described it as a "choke hold" which is just more censorship with a threat to "terminate"..

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Nate said...

Yay... RI Live365 just played Beth Orton's 'Ooh Child'. It's on my home playlist.

Some other ones I've come across that might go well:

Eurythmics, I Saved The World Today
Heather Nova, Blue Black
Leah Andreone, It's Alright It's OK
Leonard Cohen, Anthem
Live, What Are We Fighting For
Natalie Merchant, Break Your Heart
Pink Floyd, Your Possible Pasts
Portishead, Wandering Star
Manic Street Preachers, Let Robeson Sing
Roger Waters, The Powers That Be
Sarah McLachlan, World On Fire
Sheryl Crow, Redemption Day

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two great articles from ANTIWAR.COM regarding same:

2:54 PM  
Blogger Theway2k said...

Just think if Clinton could be connected to sending bin Laden to fight for Muslims being killed Milosivic. Well it would not be the first time a person that might expose a serious scandal died mysteriously at their own hand. Hmmm ...

8:57 PM  
Anonymous tile guy said...

The deeper one looks, the simpler it gets, and the strategies of the old ones to maintain control of 'their' slave planet become more visible.
Shall we make this their last harvest?

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Bob in Louisville said...

Shall we make their last harvest their last harvest?

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Brits backed the KLA. I remember "Private Eye" magazine reporting on it at the time. The idea was to keep a corridor open for oil. Don't suppose anyone might have that article?

6:00 PM  
Anonymous nigel 'incubator' jones said...

Walt, Anon, Kris, thanks for the info very illuminating indeed...

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff, et al, I know I have been banned for bad behavior, but, I AM truly worried about a fellow blogger, to wit, one Pugzleyca3, a registered member, who though not banned, had chosen to eschew posting at R.I. anymore, due to their perceived lack of freedom to speak freely.

I'm only weighing in here, due to my lack of access to the "Discussion Board". My friend, Pugz, has been in personal and constant contact with me for about a month or more.

My last word from Pugzley was on on Friday evening, about 4:30pm Pacific Time. Pugzley complained that the whole family was feeling very badly (due to a perceived case of food poisoning). I have not had a word, in answer to my emails to Pugz, neither good nor bad since.

To me, it's just a bit worse than many of those old posts on your blog about "Where's old so-and-so now", 'cause we haven't heard from him or her.

I really hated to even attempt to foul up the current discussion at this time, but I don't know any other way to alert the community that someone may be in trouble somewhere.

If any of you know more about it than I do, please email me, Floyd Smoots at my two real email addresses:, or,
and let me know what you might know. Pugzleyca3 is a staunch freedom fighter and hater of the PTB.

If you allow the publication of this post, Jeff, I thank you in advance and, in arrears. I have truly enjoyed my time at R.I., and am sorry that we lost each other's respect over my admant adherence to freedom of speech over freedom from alter agents, illum....whatever, etc.

Respectfully submitted,
Alexander Franklin Mutter, B.A.,
one of the few real people you've Never met.

10:52 PM  
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