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Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks?

Yes 83% 44816 votes

No 17% 9106 votes

Total: 53922 votes


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Offshoring Report SUPRESSED
In November 2003, Congress directed the US Department of Commerce to complete a study on offshoring for delivery in June 2004. The 200 page study was completed by Commerce Department analysts but was never released. Instead, after more than a year of wrangling, a 12 page document, written by political appointees, was released in September 2005. The 12 page document only highlights the positives of offshoring. The original study has never been released even though it cost taxpayers $335,000. Congress cannot obtain a copy of the study from Commerce.

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There was a sacred custom in Latium, Land of the West, which the Alban Cities continuously observed, and Rome, supreme in all the world, observes today when Romans first stir Mars to engage battle, alike if they prepare to launch war's miseries with might and main on Getae, Hyrcanians, or Arabs, or to journey to India, in the track of dawn, and to bid the Parthians hand our standards back. There are twin Gates of War, for by that name men call them; and they are hallowed by men's awe and the dread presence of heartless Mars. A hundred bars of bronze, and iron's tough, everlasting strength, close them, and Janus, never moving from that threshold, is their guard. When the senators have irrevocably decided for battle, the consul himself, a figure conspicuous in Quirine toga of State and Gabine cincture, unbolts these gates, and their hinge-posts groan; it is he who calls the fighting forth, then the rest of their manhood follows, and the bronze horns, in hoarse assent, add their breath.

[Virgil, Aeneid, 7.601-615 ]

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who cares about his viewpoint,i knew this for years now.

How about platoon where the battle was for his soul.

And this line from the movie ,
after cleaning the shitcans and then smoking a joint.
He tells the other two soldiers that he dropped out of college to join infantry and be a grunt.
Why should all the poor kids do all the fighting.
Black soldier : What we have here is a crusader.
You have to be rich to even think like that.
Third guy:
yea a crusader.

Being hungry and poor there is no time and few oppurtunitys to enlighten yourself.
The keep most poor busy and with the tv in a hypnotic trance state.
Information never before available is being correlated and crossindexed.
Though no one has all the pieces we are thirsty for the truth.
Most us kids in iraq know little about the world outside of their indoctrination in the ways of war and a need for cash.

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anybody have any thoughts on the book "The Ultimate Evil" by Maury Terry? Anybody live in Yonkers have any thoughts on the Process Church performing rituals in the various parks in the area?

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Here's an oldie but a goodie:

Protocols for Economic Collapse in America

And this is how the U.S. Treasury would handle an economic collapse. It’s called the 6900 series of protocols. It would start with declaring a force majeure, which would immediately be interpreted by the marketplaces as a de facto repudiation of debt.
Then the SEC and the various regulatory exchanges would anticipate the market’s decline, hour by hour -- when Japan’s markets opened the next day, what would happen when the European markets, and all the inter-linkages of the global markets.
On the second day, US Special Forces would be dropped in by parachute in the cities where the twelve Federal Reserve district banks are located.

The origin of these protocols comes from the Department of Defense. This is contingency planning for a variety of post-collapse scenarios. Those scenarios would include, obviously, military collapse, World War III, in other words, and its aftermath. What we’re talking
about now is aftermath -- how the aftermath would be handled.

One does not necessarily know how the events would transpire that would cause the collapse, whether it’s military collapse or economic collapse. In World War III, it would become obvious -- when the mushroom cloud started to appear over cities.

Economic collapse scenarios were always premised on the basis of a US declaration of force majeure on debt service. It’s a very extensive scenario. The scenarios are all together, i.e., military, economic, political and social complete destabilization leading to collapse. Then they break down individual scenarios.
In the economic collapse scenario, the starting point would be the United States Treasury declaring a force majeure on debt service, which is de facto repudiation, and that’s how it would be interpreted by the world’s capital marketplaces.
Then the scenario goes on from there. The US Treasury would obviously declare a force majeure sometime after the European markets had settled down. In other words, they had gone out on the day, which means 11:38 a.m. EDT, our time. They’d wait until the European markets closed, and the US markets had been open for a couple of hours. That’s when they’d determine how to begin the process of unwinding or controlling the collapse to the best extent possible, mainly because they know that the greatest hedge pressure would be people seeking to use other markets to hedge their long exposure in the United States and that the US would be the biggest seller in all the rest of the world’s markets. Therefore you would want to declare the force majeure when the rest of the world’s markets closed.
The declaration of force majeure would be precipitated by the declaration that the United States is no longer able to service its debt. That’s pretty simple.
Who makes that decision? The Treasury Department. The President does not make that decision. The Secretary of the Treasury does. He has that authority.
You might ask -- wouldn’t he have his arm twisted not to do that?

The answer is that if there isn’t any money left to service the debt, it doesn’t make any difference what the current regime might want to do.

The day of reckoning is now coming. What has happened in the interim, from 2001 to present, is dynamic, global economic deterioration. The economic deterioration visited upon the United States by Bushonomics is not a localized event. It is, in fact, global. We have a planet now that is sinking into a sea of red ink.

The United States is consuming 80% of the planet’s savings rate to finance its debt. The central banks of Germany, Japan and Saudi Arabia are no longer the powerhouses they used to be. Their reserves have now been substantially depleted. They can, therefore, no longer hide the fact that they own a certain number, likely in the trillions of dollars, of U.S. Treasury debt that isn’t being serviced, because they can’t hide it through bookkeeping tricks anymore because their reserves are so depleted.

Therefore somebody has covertly been putting demands on the Bush-Cheney regime for payment. Why do you think 2900 metric tons of gold is depleted from U.S. inventory since March of `01?

Why do you think that $2 billion in currency seized from Iraq last May is now unaccounted for?

Someone is putting demands on the Bush-Cheney regime. Someone is saying to the Bushonian Cabal that -- “You’ve got to start servicing this debt because we, foreign central banks, are in nations – European and Asian – whose reserves are now nearly exhausted.”

Who could be putting that kind of pressure on them?

It has to be coming from whoever is organizing this thing at the very top, which I would tend to think has got to be most likely a cabal of people that would involve Henry Kissinger, James Baker, George Schultz, possibly William Simon. It would be somebody at the very top that is familiar with how to do this. It would have to be someone familiar with finances.

So would this be one faction of a cabal blackmailing or forcing another faction? No, it’s not really blackmailing. It’s being done out of desperation. The German, Japanese and Saudi central banks are saying to the Bushonian cabal, “You’ve got to start servicing this debt because we don’t have the reserves to cover you anymore. We can no longer make it appear that the debt is being serviced because our own reserves are so substantively depleted. Therefore you must begin to cover this debt. If you don’t, then, at some point, we will have to publicly admit–in order to save our own necks -- that we were the end buyers of a lot of stealth debt, a lot of debt that your Treasury issued illegally and has never serviced. That would then expose the whole cabal.

The Kissinger-Baker faction are at the top of how this was done on the economic side of the equation. They were not the original insiders so much, but the managers of the conspiracy from the U.S. Treasury, to wit, the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve role-play the part.

Take Henry Kissinger. It may not have occurred to anyone why in the last 3 years Henry Kissinger has been back in Washington more than he has in the last 30 years. And why are all these quiet meetings in Washington with alleged senior Bush-Cheney regime officials, as foreign news services endlessly put it. It’s because Kissinger is the point man. He’s the one that is telling them the disposition of other foreign central banks.

Kissinger would probably also be involved in transfer or hypothecation of any assets from the cabal. In other words, they’re being stolen from the American people by the Bush-Cheney regime and the Bushonian Cabal, and they are being used to hypothecate, transfer, service, or otherwise carry this debt held by certain foreign central banks.

The process of unraveling has already begun because of ever-spiraling Bushonian budget deficits. The Bush-Cheney regime, even in its overt policies (now they’re overt political, economic, social and military policies) is generating $600-billion-plus deficit per year, which is consuming 80% of the planet’s net savings rate.

It doesn’t have the slack. In other words, it can’t refinance stealth debt by issuing more stealth debt anymore. Nor can they bleed money out of the system like they could in the 1980s by hiding it when the overt policies of the Bush-Cheney regime are already producing a budget deficit of 6% of Gross Domestic Product. There is no other mechanism that they could use anymore to hide expansion of debt that could be used to service said stealth debt, and they are, frankly, running out of assets that they can steal from the American people.

So the proverbial day of reckoning is coming. The Bush-Cheney regime (and I give them credit for this) are telling the American people what’s coming, knowing the American people are too stupid to understand. They are telling the American people about the re-institution of the Gold Confiscation Act and the sudden scrapping of the Treasury’s emergency post-collapse gold note scheme to maintain domestic liquidity.

David Walker, US Comptroller General and chief of the GAO has said that should the Bush-Cheney regime be re-ensconced into power and, hence, the scourge of Bushonomics persist, that the United States could no longer service its debt beyond 2009. They’re not hiding it from anybody anymore. They are telling you what’s happening.
Now, what does that mean? The key is in what Walker is saying when he says the debt can no longer be serviced. I’ve been asked this on the radio shows. People have noticed what Walker said because he’s out in the news more often than he used to be. It’s unusual for the Comptroller General of the United States, which is a rather arcane position, to be out in the news so much.

It simply means that when he says the United States “will no longer be able to sustain Bushonian budget deficits,” he means that by 2009, if Bush-Cheney have a second term in office, the United States will be consuming 100% of the planet’s savings rate to finance Bushonian budget deficits.

Therefore, if the planet can no longer generate any more liquidity to lend to the United States, one of three things have to happen: A) There has to be a sudden and dramatic reduction in federal spending. There are only two places that can come from. There would have to be an immediate $100-billion cut in defense spending, which would end any hopes the Republicans had of getting into office for years to come because it would destroy any confidence the NFWCs (Naïve Flag Waving Crowd) had in them. Or you would have to scrap the multi-trillion-dollar Bushonian tax cuts for the Republican rich, something that’s equally unpalatable.

The other option, B, as Paul O’Neill mentioned, is a dramatic increase in the rate of federal income taxation from the current nominal rate of 28% to 65%, which is what the Treasury Department estimated would be required post-2009 to provide the U.S. Treasury with sufficient revenues to continue to service debt.

The third option, or C, becomes the declaration of a force majeure on credit service of U.S. Treasury debt by the United States Treasury, which is tantamount and would be accurately construed as de facto debt repudiation by the United States of America.

There are other signs to look for. They’re not going to happen now, but if Bush-Cheney is re-elected, you’ll begin to see more signs that the end is coming. I know a lot of people may disagree, but you wait and see. If Bush-Cheney has a second term, see if they do not institute some currency expatriation control. See if that doesn’t come in the way Nixon tried it in May-June of 1971.

In the second term, there will be some sort of currency expatriation control in the United States, but there will also be loopholes that will allow the large money to escape. The restrictions will apply to the 10- and 20-thousand-dollar people. It ain’t going to apply to the 10- and 20-million-dollar people. It would be self-defeating to do that.

When that day comes, in other words, when the U.S. Treasury declares a force majeure on debt, it wouldn’t be broad-cast on mainstream media. There’s no sense because the American people don’t even understand what it means. But the announcement would actually be put on the Federal Reserve wire system, which would, of course, immediately be picked up by all media outlets anyway.

The U.S. Treasury would declare a force majeure on debt after the Asian and European markets closed, probably at 12:30 p.m. EDT. The reason why that hour was always selected is because Asian and European markets close. It’s also the lunch hour for the markets. It’s when you’re going to have the fewest people on the floor of the exchanges. That would be the ideal time to make such an announcement.

A few seconds after that announcement was made, all United States markets, both equities debt and commodities–i.e., stock, bonds, commodities, that have trading collars or permissible daily limits –would all be limit-offered with pools. “Limit-offered” means that there are more sellers at the limit – i.e., limit down– than there are buyers.

So-called ‘pools’ would immediately begin to form, probably a thousand contracts every few minutes. ‘Limit-offered with pools’–this is trader language. Pools to sell–2,000 lots, 3,000 lots. That means, the number of sellers over and above the available buyers at the limit-offered price. That would begin to build.

By 1:00, the news would begin to sink in – because it would take awhile before panic selling would arise from the public. This news is being released at lunch hour.

A lot of the American people initially would not even understand the temerity of the news. You would see professional selling first, and as that professional selling intensified over the afternoon, the SEC, the CFTC, NASDAQ, and various market regulatory authorities would begin to institute certain emergency market protocols. This would be the installation of the so-called ‘declaration of fast market conditions,’ for instance; the declaration of ‘no more stop orders,’ the declaration of ‘fill at any price,’ etc.–in a desperate bid to maintain liquidity.

That first day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and related indices on a percentage basis would lose about 20% of their value by the close of business that day. The real impact would come overnight when the American people found out what this was all about and when it was explained to them.

At 7:30 a.m. EDT, the Tokyo markets would open, and no price would be affixed for probably three or four hours into the session due to the avalanche of selling. Once prices were established, the government of Japan would close all of its financial markets. Europe would not even open. All European governments would close all capital exchanges the next day.

The United States would, in order to accommodate global electronic trading, attempt to open the market on the second day, which they would do, regardless of price, just to maintain some liquidity. At the end of Day Two, the Dow Jones and related indices, would have lost two thirds of their value, and prices would be set accordingly.

On Day Three, the New York Stock Exchange, the SEC and other related agencies would recommend to the United States Treasury and the Federal Reserve that all markets be closed. That would be on the morning of Day Three. Eleven a.m., the Federal Reserve would then order all domestic banks closed. All of the twelve Federal Reserve district banks would (30 minutes later) have special U.S. forces parachuted in and around them to secure whatever gold bullion reserves they had left.

Day Three, 9:00 p.m., the President of the United States would declare a state of martial law. All financial transactions would come to an end. The Treasury would act to formally de-monetize the U.S. dollar and declare it worthless.

This would be totally unprecedented. In the past, collapses have been temporary and have been brought back up. But what we’re talking about now is the end.

These protocols that I’m referring to aren’t even all that secret. They were publicly available all through the Clinton era. These are Treasury protocols that were instituted mostly in the late 1970s when the Treasury and Federal Reserve began to feel that it was important to have an emergency-collapse protocol in place.

What precipitated the timing of this was the inflationary spiral of the late 1970s. The U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve were both concerned that this inflationary spiral, which was occurring not only domestically but globally, might lead to a global, uncontrollable hyper-inflation that the Federal Reserve or major central banks could not stop by traditional means, i.e., by raising interest rates and contracting money supply.

There was also the recognition, of course, that global central reserve bank bullion inventories had been so depleted over the previous 30 years that any re-institution of a species currency, even on a temporary basis, and even within a regional or individual nation-state basis, was no longer possible.

This is an analogy. In a military scenario, it’s like the President of the United States pushing the final red button -- the commit button. The Treasury Secretary of the United States has a similar mechanism. It’s called the yellow button, the commit button. The Secretary of Defense has the same system. This is what happens. Computer program starts to institute these protocols. Imagine the complexity of trying the manage all this. I think it’s going to happen all simultaneously. There are hundreds of different agencies involved, both domestically and internationally. In order to maintain liquidity for as long as possible, it has to be extremely well-coordinated, and there must be existing collapse protocols that can be used.

The reason I was familiar with them was because I used to see the U.S. Treasury 6900 Series Collapse Protocol, 6903, 6904–there’ll be A, B, and so on–which keyed in to the Department of Defense to be incorporated within the Department of Defense’s own World War III scenario and various types of military/ political/ social instability/ war/ pestilence, chaos, etc. scenarios.

All federal agencies had individual collapse protocols that ultimately got coordinated through the Department of Defense. Obviously, the Department of Defense would be the ultimate coordinator because it would need to have special forces available, on a stand-by basis, ready, that could quickly parachute into areas all over the country, into the cities particularly, to secure federal properties and assets.

And that’s literally how it would begin. By the end of the third day, it would be all over -- a state of martial law. We’re not talking about war, now; this is just economic collapse.

There’s no military implication here, no political, no social implication or policy directive thereunto. This is strictly economic collapse. By the end of Day Three, effectively, all banks in the world will be shut down, all paper currencies will become valueless. Martial law would be declared. There would be no continuing transactions, at least for a period of time, of commodities. All providers of fuels and foods would be shut down automatically.

They have this in great detail too. U.S. Department of Defense Special 117th Assault Unit would parachute in to seize control of the cattle yards in Oklahoma City. This is how well it’s planned. In other words, economic collapse would automatically involve expansive military action and control.

By the end of the third day, when you no longer have a domestic medium of exchange, you have to have secured food and fuel stocks. You’ve got to have troops that have secured distribution points where there is food and fuel stocks, warehouses, tanks, etc. Otherwise people are just going to go get them, and the people have to know that if they try to go break into that store and steal that loaf of bread, they’re going to be shot.

Protocols for environmental disasters are called ‘scaling-circle scenarios.’ ‘Scaling circles’ is a Department of Defense euphemism. It’s also used in FEMA, OEM and other emergency management services. In environmental catastrophes, which are going to become national or global, it’s got to start someplace. It’s going to start in one very small, specific area. Therefore what happens is that the immediate force containment is the greatest in the first circle, to try to contain the spread of the disaster and keep it within that circle.

The environmental problem, to whatever extent it’s possible, before it spreads, will be neutralized or mitigated, in order to keep that catastrophe within that circle, or, if it is likely that it is to escape that circle, to attack whatever it is in such a fashion as to mitigate its strength and its ability to contaminate or otherwise affect other areas.

In the case of earthquakes, for instance, affecting the west coast, beginning at Mt. Rainier and moving southward -- that’s a different type of scenario. That does not include as much Department of Defense involvement. It includes separate protocols, wherein mostly FEMA and OEM act as the senior coordinating agencies between municipal, county and state disaster and containment, which is called Disaster and Containment Units. Federal troops would only be brought in for the purposes of maintaining control.

In a military or economic collapse situation, National Guard units would provide any spare help they could in combating whatever the problem is. Federal troops would be used in order to have the specific authority simply to shoot anyone. There are plans for all sorts of scenarios. The economic-disaster scenario is the one I always found the most intriguing because it is the one that is least understood by the American people.

Military control would be necessary when lines begin to form at the banks, people trying to access their money. But that wasn’t even anticipated as a big problem. Lines would form at the banks, but it was not even envisioned until sometime on Day Three because the American people wouldn’t get it. It would be announced that the stock markets are down 2000 or 3000 points, and since we’ve always been taught they’ll come back, the people would still be buying stocks.

You could count on everybody remaining in ignorance all the way down because the American people have never been taught Economics 101.
The American people wouldn’t realize the full extent of it until the markets were closed on the third day, or until the time when they went down to cash a check and the bank was closed with soldiers out in front. Then they would go down and see the gas station’s closed. They see the local supermarket has been shuttered, and there’s federal troops in front of it. Then they might begin to catch on
And remember -- it’s not just federal troops. In emergency-collapse protocols, even before the declaration of a formal state of emergency or a state of martial law, the local military authorities within any given county or jurisdiction have the ability to essentially militarize anyone, that is, any civilian. This would be more than just deputizing civilians. It’s federal. In other words, they would have the ability to militarize and give military authority to a civilian force.
This would include not only police and the sheriffs and state police, but all local law enforcement that exists below the state level would be immediately militarized.
They wouldn’t take just anybody – like they did in Iraq. It would be like the military when they “call for volunteers.” Then they’d have everybody and their brother-in-law volunteering, waving around the American flag and so on.

You’ve got a lot of pickup-driving guys in this country with the gun racks in the back and the Confederate flag flying. So you start waving the American flag in front of their face and say, “Hey, you’re going to get your chance you always wanted -- to fit your potbelly inside an army uniform and carry a gun and shoot people. How appealing would that be?”

“And besides, if you do this, then you’re going to get to eat.”

In other words, this is how it would unfold over three days, but, in fact, very few Americans would know what to do about it or how to take any precautions. They wouldn’t have a clue because they don’t understand enough about economics to know what is happening.
So that’s what it is -- Economic Armageddon. If the Bush-Cheney regime is re-installed into power, that is effectively what Comptroller General David Walker is saying.

In conclusion, since there is very little the people of the United States can do to protect themselves. We’re not going to make any suggestions of how to protect yourselves because there’s very little you can do.

We could tell you to go out and buy gold coins and bury them in the coffee can in the back yard and go to your nearest survivalist store, but, frankly, that’s useless. In the last analysis, it’s a lot of hype. There is very little the average US citizen could do.

The only thing that can prevent this, as the Comptroller alluded to when he was asked by Barbara Walters, “How do we prevent reaching the problem by 2009?” He said simply, “A change of regimes.”

So how do you prevent it? Don’t vote for Bush and Cheney -- and hope that Bush does not use his emergency powers to cancel or postpone the election by edict, powers which you, the flag-waving citizens, have given him.

All flag-waving citizens, be warned. If you want to vote for Bush-Cheney again, make sure you got plenty of Spam on hand.

Here’s an interesting and humorous aside. A couple of days ago, Hormel Foods, which makes Spam, announced that in the last six months there have been record sales of Spam in the United States – the survivalists’ food of choice. After all, they pride themselves on the fact, as the spokesman for Hormel said, “It is the only food product you can buy with an expiration that’s 50 years.”

When everything goes to hell, when all that man has created has turned to dust again, the final legacy is going to be Spam. It will be the last surviving item -- when the anthropologists of 20 thousand years from now are digging sites and they see these enormous mountains of unopened cans of Spam They’ll have monuments to the past out of Spam.

So if Bush-Cheney has a second term in office, there will be some sort of currency restriction, like Nixon did in 1971. On April 13, 2004, Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary John Boine talked about potential currency restrictions. He used the word that’s going to fuel the flames of the survivalist and gloom-and-doom collapse people.

It’s very, very telling that the U.S. Treasury may institute a restriction on the amount of U.S. dollars that can be converted into gold.

Furthermore, he intimated (and I suspected that this was coming, although this wouldn’t actually become law until Bush-Cheney was in office for second term one way or another) that the Bush-Cheney regime determines that the Gold Confiscation Act gives to Treasury the power for so-called forced disclosure of gold holdings.

I’m not quite sure of the language of the Gold Confiscation Act from 1933. It just says, “compelled,” as in citizens are lawfully compelled to redeem gold for script. I don’t think there was any such provision, which he was inferring that there is. That was FDR’s “Raw Deal” of 1934, when people were coerced into giving up their gold. But nowhere in this act does it specifically authorize the Treasury to mandate citizens to report their gold holdings. So if this gets any press at all, particularly within the circles of gold bugs and so on, watch out.

Furthermore, on Washington Journal they were talking about how FEMA has recommended to the Office of Homeland Security to have increased restrictions regarding citizen hoarding of long-term food and fuel supplies. That’s pretty sinister too.

What they’re talking about is the purchase of long-term so-called stores of survival food. FEMA was talking about some sort of restriction preventing people from accumulating food stores; putting it simply, that’s what it means. The second point was to increase restrictions that already exist.

FEMA was recommending even tighter restrictions on citizens building their own private property underground storage tanks for the purposes of long-term storage of fuel. The real intent of this is is threefold: a) to restrict citizens’ ability to hoard food; b) restrict citizens’ ability to hoard long-term storage of fuel; c) the forced identification of citizens to reveal food and fuel stocks they may be hoarding.

And that, in my opinion, is the real essence. The Bush-Cheney regime was scared of having the FEMA angle put into the equation because they knew what it means and how people would interpret it.

They have tried to use environmental legislation to restrict people’s ability to build fuel storage facilities on their own property -- to get around what the true intent of that was.

But the bigger picture is that if you start to limit citizens’ ability to hoard fuel and food and shake them up by potential forced identification of gold holdings or forced redemption…

In other words, what you don’t want is citizens who have the ability to store a lot of food and fuel and to own gold because they would be able to resist state control in the future.

You’ve got to have every citizen on a rationing card to control the civilian population. You can’t have citizens out there hoarding food and fuel because then people can say to government, “I ain’t taking a rationing card, baby, with my national ID card. I don’t have to. You can’t control me through food and fuel and ever-worthless paper currency.”

I used to make fun of these people. But now, things have come full circle on this debate. The Bush-Cheney regime is making it increasingly clear through their small changes in policy. Not a lot of people monitor these decisions, but I do. And the pattern is becoming increasingly clear.

In fact, I would believe that those of the survivalist mentality (the food, fuel, the gold coins in the coffee can in the back yard) people who think that way will be ultimately vindicated – if George Bush has a second term in office.

People should quit making fun of them because they would be vindicated – even though they were all burned out, twenty-dollared to death, buying books and tapes, and discredited by mainstream media. It may sound like a hollow victory, but it won’t be a hollow victory for them – them that’s got the Spam…

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone see dailykos today? there was a post written by jimmy carter in which the former president described james baker as "an honest man".

ha ha ha, sigh, cringe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

And this is how the U.S. Treasury would handle an economic collapse."

It's called Credit Derivatives!

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You all might want to check out this essay re scenarios for the near-term future. It even links to here!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:25-

That sounded like the transcript of a radio program. Who was it, what is the date, and do you have a link?

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That was a newsletter written by Al Martin, a former Iran-Contra insider. It is behind a subscription wall, but he does have some gems:

Scroll down to the Whistleblower Gazette documents.

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video of monday's showbiz tonight.
Not much here looks like they are closing up the subject. Just posted it on youtube should be up in a minute.

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And here is something more immediate:
From the MSNBC post of Newsweek's April 3 2006 issue. An article titled "Hamas: Out of Money"
April 3, 2006 issue – “If you think you have a lousy job, meet Omar Abdel-Razeq. … Released a week ago, Abdel-Razeq says he hasn't yet had time to sift through the World Bank's dire projections for 2006, warning of an economic downturn equivalent to the Great Depression.

So, this is an article about Hamas’ money straights. But it just happens to let slip the tidbit of Wolfowitz’s World Bank’s “projections for 2006 of an “economic downturn” EQUIVALENT to the Great Depression.” Nothing more, just that casual mention in passing. huh.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot the URL. Here it is:

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link to new video here

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[Military] Scientists study revived 1918 flu virus
In October, Tumpey and a team led by Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology announced they had achieved a remarkable feat. Not only did they discover the virus' entire genetic code, they brought it back to life in a tightly controlled laboratory at CDC offices in Atlanta.

The virus that had swept the globe, infecting more than one-fourth of the world's population, existed on earth once again.

Also see:

PUBLIC LAW 95-79 [P.L. 95-79]

"The use of human subjects will be allowed for the testing of chemical and biological agents by the U.S. Department of Defense, accounting to Congressional committees with respect to the experiments and studies."

"The Secretary of Defense [may] conduct tests and experiments involving the use of chemical and biological [warfare] agents on civilian populations [within the United States]."

Public Law 95-79, Title VIII, Sec. 808, July 30, 1977, 91 Stat. 334. In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 91, page 334, you will find Public Law 95-79. Public Law 97-375, title II, Sec. 203(a)(1), Dec. 21, 1982, 96 Stat. 1882. In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 96, page 1882, you will find Public Law 97-375.

Finally, Granholm's odd words...
(Scroll down to: Media gets warm welcome)

Gov. Jennifer Granholm, alongside Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Super Bowl XL Chairman Roger Penske, told reporters they would see the state's mettle, can-do spirit and renewed vitality. But it got a little weird when she told the crowd that the Super Bowl excitement had "infected" volunteers like a "virus." Some Vitamin C will clear that up.

I know it sounds crazy, but I wonder if many are not already infected and
the ptb are waiting to activate it.
I know there is technology out there to create certain freqencies that can and do activate viruses.

12:45 a.m.  
Blogger foist lastus said...

WWIII was already pre-planned a long time ago.
The plan from the beginning (April 1947) was to destroy the mass of the human race with nuclear weapons.
There have already been several attempts to immolate us all. The reason we are still here is due solely to the intervention into our world by some unknown group of Extraterrestrials.
This is why the presence of ET is still classified "Above top secret." When you think it through, and have the basic facts, you will say to yourself "it is so obvious, why didn't I think of it sooner."
The war that is scheduled with Iran is planned as a triggering event, to get the nukes flying. Our nuclear war criminals see no other way out for themselves.

from the comments for

1:21 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident
by Donald W. Scott

In 1973, as the Watergate scandal was becoming public knowledge, CIA Director Richard Helms ordered that major documents relating to President Nixon's 'War on Cancer' be collected and destroyed. There was something in these documents dealing with the "formulation, the development and the retention of" illegal biologicals that were used to wage war and experiment widely on Third World populations, that must be hidden from the world.
It is now evident that the "illegal biologicals" he referred to included the pathogenic agents which have led to the AIDS epidemic and other world health crisis.

In The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident the authors trace history of the secret war against and the terrible experiments performed upon their own citizens as well as the Third World populations. But Skull Valley does more than that. In their research the father-son team discovered the links between AIDS and many other diseases now increasing dramatically worldwide. Chief among these is myalgic encephalomyelitis/fibromyalgia dismissively labelled " chronic fatigue syndrome" by the government researchers.

In addition to AIDS and ME/FM the Scotts also demonstrate the etiological links to other neurosystemic degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, diabetes, schizophrenia, Crohn's-colitis, etc. All are said to be "of no known cause and having no known cure". Researchers Donald and William Scott have discovered that there is a "known cause" and there may well be a cure.

The cause is a little known organism called the "mycoplasma" which has the capacity to access genetically pre-disposed cells and to destroy them by up-taking pre-formed sterols. This process is the "degeneration" which characterizes all of the diseases under study. When the cells of the endocrine system are destroyed by a sufficient concentration of mycoplasmas, the balance of the physiological balance is altered and the immune system loses its ability to defend the infected victim, and co-factors such as the human immune-deficiency virus (HIV), and those with cause pneumonia, are free to have their way, leading to full-blown AIDS.

Scott's take that the 1976 outbreak of Legionnaires` Disease in Philadelphia was actually a biological experiment seems eerily plausible as well.

1:53 a.m.  
Blogger foist lastus said...

Anyone who knows rave kulture knows there is both good and evil rave...

ZOMBIE RAVE Gunman Meant to Kill Many...
'There's plenty for everyone'...

Police said the victims, many of them dressed up as zombies in black with white face paint, had met Huff earlier in the night at a rave called "Better Off Undead" and invited him to a party at their rented home.

Huff left the party at about 7 a.m. and returned wearing bandoliers of ammunition and carrying a 12-gauge pistol-grip shotgun and a handgun. He fired on the 30 young partygoers gathered in the house before walking out.

At a news conference, detectives also displayed an assault rifle, baseball bat and machete seized from Huff's pickup truck. He had more than 300 rounds of ammunition, Kimerer said. The detectives said they seized additional weapons from the apartment he shared with his twin brother, but did not describe them.

The attack was "clearly a premeditated and well-planned assault on innocent people," Kimerer said earlier. "It is very clear that he had thought out a murderous spree, a campaign."

All of the survivors described him as quiet and they didn't discern that he was going to be the monster that he became,"

1:56 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Protocols for Economic Collapse in America"

Thanks to "anonymous" for posting this. Fascinating.

4:45 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son was one of the victims.

Thanks for posting the article Foist Lastus.

How very sad so many are.

Please send thoughts of kindness their way.

So many of our fine young minds and spirits end their day and some their lives. All will be mourned.

6:14 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tronicus, the great depression-like 'economic downturn' forecast by the World Bank for 2006 refers to Palestine, not the globe. Just to clarify. Phew, thank goodness most of us are not Palestinians...

6:41 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hope it all picks up soon.

All the best.

Sad dad, sorry to hear about your son. Not that that helps.

Anyway this happened on Friday:

Terminator Rejection - A Victory for the People

"CURITIBA, Brazil - March 24 - A broad coalition of peasant farmers, indigenous peoples and civil society today celebrated the firm rejection of efforts to undermine the global moratorium on Terminator technologies - genetically engineered sterile seeds - at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Curitiba, Brazil.

"This is a momentous day for the 1.4 billion poor people worldwide, who depend on farmer saved seeds," said Francisca Rodriguez of Via Campesina, a world wide movement of peasant farmers, "Terminator seeds are a weapon of mass destruction and an assault on our food sovereignty."

Indigenous people worldwide have very serious taboos on inbreeding. Generally all people worldwide have a fair aversion to the idea, but I have noticed this is specific to some indigenous people.

In one private conversation a chap mentioned to me that excessive inbreeding allows the wrong spirits in. (Very similar to the idea in the Dunwich Horror to my mind.) He mentioned that this idea seemed similar to our idea of DNA, and also referred to chromosone damage from nuclear waste, etc etc.

BTW Jeff, ever hear of the Z machine?

7:19 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that if, as some people think, DNA is some kind of antenna for consciousness, (perhaps the brain is the antenna for mind/consciousness, and DNA the antenna for the soul), anyway you get the idea.

If the structure of DNA has some influence in the manner I just described, what would terminator seed DNA invoke into the world?

7:25 a.m.  
Blogger AJ said...

Sad Dad,

If it is true of what you say, then we all pray for you and your family.I have sons and daughters too.
It seems rather odd that you might have been a visitor here prior to the event.

Anom. Yes, thanx for the discourse on economics. I still do not understand how Force Maj. would accomplish what you say would happen. Then who would control the land?

8:14 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I read somewhere that from the end of Feb, or March 2006, the US treasury would stop publishing their socalled M3- figures ? These would represent the total of US dollars circulating abroad or something like that... Seems to me that The Federal reserve is going to print dollars like crazy in order to finance their outstanding debts and their extended warplans. I also read somewhere that the new Greenspan is a big fan of monkey dollars. Did anybody read anything similar ?

Good Luck Jeff !

8:20 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This would maybe be the signal for the rest of the world for giving up their support for the US dollar. Converting to the printing of monkey dollars is like saying:
"Fuck you, we're not able to pay back our loans in any normal way, we'll give you these ( soon to be worthless ) freshly printed dollars !!!look they still even feel warm !) So i think will see more of the scenario plectic presented unfold soon .......

8:27 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel Estulin has done a series on the Bilderberger Group, a secretive society of the globe's ruling class. They have effectively planned an economic slowdown for this year because they realize that Peak Oil is here and they don't have a plan.

Google this guy's name.

9:43 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ --

This is the reason that they are chipping away at posse comitatus.

FEMA is being upgraded as a federal agency, and upon passage of PATRIOT Act III, which contains the amendment to overturn posse comitatus, FEMA will be re-militarized, which will give the agency military police powers. It should be remembered that FEMA started out in 1952 as a military agency, called Federal Emergency Military Agency (FEMA).

FEMA was under the control of the Department of Defense. But after PATRIOT III is passed, FEMA will be re-militarized and it will be a fully stand-alone federal agency that will take over from the Department of Defense the militarized law enforcement and citizen control function within the United States.

In New Orleans, FEMA commandeered the Red Cross emergency housing facilities in the future. Furthermore FEMA has announced that it will commandeer now and take control of all remaining temporary housing facilities now being run by private charities and other organizations. In other words, these facilities are going to be brought under control of a remilitarized, military policed and empowered FEMA.

As Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff pointed out, these private temporary housing facilities and compounds will be made 'secure' by FEMA.

Secondly, FEMA is now taking over from the U.S. Army the control of the CILF project (Civilian Inmate Labor Facilities). FEMA will now provide the personnel within these facilities to act as guards, and also to keep out of the venue any legalities regarding any personal rights, as well as civil liberties that citizens detained in these facilities would have had, had these facilities remained under the control of the Department of Defense. In other words, these facilities, legally speaking, in a post-PATRIOT Act III environment, will hold citizens, who while detained will have no rights. This lack of rights goes beyond the lack of rights that exists now under PATRIOT II. This means indefinite detention without trial, indefinite detention without charge, indefinite detention without right of counsel–indefinite detention secretly, without any communication with the outside world, and without anyone knowing where you are.

The power to do so does not really rest with the Department of Defense. That power really rests with Homeland Security and FEMA.

9:50 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The book "The Ultimate Evil" blew my mind. I think there's a lot more of that stuff out there, i.e. satanic groups who can roam the country and commit murders that the cops can't figure out because it seems random, there's no local connection.

The recent murder spree at a zombie-themed rave in Seattle was pretty weird, too.

10:09 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks like it belongs here:

Satanic' art in Catholic Church exposed
Documentary links clergy sex abuse with occult imagery
Posted: March 25, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2006

Could the Roman Catholic Church's sex abuse crisis be tied to embedded Satanic and occultic imagery in its artwork – some of it hundreds of years old?

That is the seemingly incredible thesis of a new documentary, "Rape of the Soul," made not by anti-Catholic bigots, but by devout followers of the Church.

"Rape of the Soul" is in theatrical release in major cities, including New York and Los Angeles.

The documentary explores the prevalent use of satanic, sexual, occult and anti-Catholic images in historical and contemporary religious artwork. The film also discusses the mysterious acceptance of the artwork at the highest and most trusted levels of the Catholic Church.

10:26 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is obvious to me what the FEMA CILF projects are about. When the economy crashes, millions of low-income will become homeless. They will be rounded up and interred in the Civilian Inmate Labor Facilities, where they will be kept 'secured'. There, they will be put to work (Labor Facilities), and so massive large scale slavery will be a primary feature of the New World Order.
This is obvious. This is it.

12:25 p.m.  
Blogger AJ said...

thanx Anon.

I appreciate the continued explainations, I can only hope you are wrong.

Didn't they learn anything from Rome?

5:26 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to jules at 7.25am:

have you ever heard of a book called "The Wanting Seed"? it was written by Anthony Burgess who also penned "A Clockwork Orange". the wanting seed is set in the future in a homosexual society where heterosexuality is outlawed and the Earth stops producing all crops, seeds, livestock. the ptb create a false war, load the conscripts on ships, set them out in the harbour overnight to make the troops think theyve sailed overseas, then unload them through the barb wire, gun them down from machine gun nests, and butcher them up for "rations". it kind of ties in with your dna being the antenna for the soul, and if the dna of plant seeds is changed to be non-reproductive, how that could effect humanity, only in with the seed/humanity relationship reversed. and a dash of soylent green thrown in.

mmmmmm..... "rations".......

well, see you all in the FEMA camps i guess.....

4:08 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wanting seed

Never heard of it, but the few Burgess books I have read are great and heavy.


4:12 p.m.  
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