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Springtime for Atta

You think they're so dumb, you think they're so funny
Wait until they've got you running to the Night Rally - Elvis Costello

A recurring and seemingly fabulist theme in the literature of cult and mind control survivors is the perseverence of a criminal Nazi underground in America, surviving on bonds of blood and symbology and enjoying the protection of high power. Eight-year old Rhonda, drawing pictures of her torture depicting swastikas and ceremonial daggers. Kathleen Sullivan writing in Unshackled of being shuffled between porn shoots and "secret Nazi meetings" by her father and grandfather. It's all a bit too rich for most palates, even now, when the Nazi is little more than a stock villain or comic foil. It's hard to get exercised about an enemy if you believe him buried beneath 60 years of history.

We know of Paperclip and the Ghelen Org, and how Nazis came to guide US government science and intelligence (and unacknowledged yet no less real, the covert trafficking of arms and drugs), finding the patronage of their stateside fellow travellers and eugenicists. Not as well known is how many others came to follow.

Between 1948 and 1952, America's Displaced Persons Commission arranged for nearly a half-million Europeans to emigrate to the United States. For two years it barred those who had been members of organizations sympathetic or collaborative to the Nazis. In 1950 that began to change, when first the "Baltic Legion" was removed from the list of "hostile" movements, though the Baltic Legion was also known as the Baltic Waffen SS.

The change of policy was strategic: the CIA was subsidizing the immigration of European Nazis and fascists in order to build a far-right power bloc as a hedge against communism. Its primary vehicle became the Republican Party. In the year the Commission completed its work, the Republican National Committee formed an "Ethnic Division" to mobilize for elections, which became the permanent standing body called the Republican Heritage Groups Council in 1969.

In his 1988 book Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party, Russ Bellant writes that "it eventually became clear that it wasn't an accident or a fluke that people with Nazi associations were in the Republican Heritage Groups Council. In some cases more mainstream ethnic organizations were passed over in favor of smaller but more extremists groups. [And] the Republican National Committee knows with whom they are dealing."

The leaders of the Republican "heritage" groups included men like Nicholas Nazarenko, who fought as an officer in an SS Cossack unit before going to work for the US Army's Counter Intelligence Corp. The evening after a Reagan speech praising the heritage groups, Nazarenko insisted on opening for Bellant his huge suitcase of political materials, filled with German war memorabilia and literature on the "Jewish problem." He said he was still "in touch" with various "Nazi" organizations: "They respect me because I was a former German army officer. Sometimes when I meet these guys, they say 'Heil Hitler.'"

Bellant again: "in a sense...the foundation of the Republican Heritage Groups Council lay in Hitler's networks into East Europe before World War II. In each of those Eastern European countries, the German SS set up or funded political action organizations that helped form SS militias during the war."

The heritage groups accounted for 86,000 volunteers in the 1988 election of George HW Bush, though several of their leaders were compelled to resign from campaign positions on account of collaboration. One was Romanian priest and member of the pro-Nazi Iron Guard Florian Galdau, who boasted of having files on 15,000 Romanians he helped emigrate in the US with the aid of CIA-linked resettlement groups the Tolstoy Foundation and the International Rescue Committee. Candidate Bush insisted they were all honourable men and innocent of all charges.

These old ratlines are of more than historical curiosity, and for more reason than that they suggest an embedding of Nazism in the Republican Party that goes beyond metaphor. They ratlines also appear to continue to function. Mohammed Atta participated in a German-American exchange program, jointly overseen by the State Department and the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and linked to both David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger. (The Carl Duisberg Society, named after a senior official of IG Farben.) According to Atta's stripper girlfriend Amanda Keller, he called his German associates in Florida his "brothers." One of then, Wolfgang Bohringer, belonged to the "Flying Club of Munich," which was owned by his father. "Such clubs were popular with "postwar German neo-Nazis to circumvent that country’s anti-Nazi laws."

Daniel Hopsicker further observes:

From what has been learned so far, the backgrounds of Atta's German associates seem strikingly similar to that of another German national, Andreas Strassmeir, whose possible relationship with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was in the news a decade ago. Strassmeir was at one point named in a lawsuit by families of the victims as a "US federal informant with material knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing." Strassmeir's father was once a top aide to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl; Atta's German friends are all children of the German elite.

"Sometimes when I meet these guys, they say 'Heil Hitler.'" Sixty years - what's that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sixty years - what's that?"

That's about 2 generation's worth of psycho-political socialization, entrenchment, and planning. That's at least one patriarch's portrait in oil above the fireplace. (As you've written before, something like: 'grandfathered into respectability').

5:59 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember the massive chain of detainment facilities that are being constructed across the United States by FEMA and Halliburton? The ones that are due to be completed by 2012 or so? Anyone else smell just the faintest whiff of a Final Solution on the breeze?

Fascism--relax, you're soaking in it.

6:42 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous One,what kind of a mind virus do you think these evil fucks could brew up in those sixty years? The book The Men Behind Hitler,is a good look at some of the shit we brought over here after the war. The CIA ran their first MK ULTRA at I.G.Farben,what ever they have put together for our little brains,you can bet will catch us blind side.Most of the folks I talk with these days, are so detached for the"Now",some might not be able to tell if it isn't a dream that their in.Take a good look at the raver who shot up the party full of zombies last week,didn't he write the word NOW on the front steps of the houses,on his way back to the party,later.

6:50 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Mussolini said 'why don't they just call it corporatism'.
I think its uniquely suited to the (elite) American Dream. The 'feudal corporate state' Devo spoke of so long ago.
How much it'll take down with it is the question.

6:57 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

..."Remember the massive chain of detainment facilities that are being constructed across the United States by FEMA and Halliburton?

You mean like these? : FEMA Camp footage - Google Video

7:16 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff wrote: "A recurring and seemingly fabulist theme in the literature of cult and mind control survivors is the perseverence of a criminal Nazi underground in America, surviving on bonds of blood and symbology and enjoying the protection of high power. Eight-year old Rhonda, drawing pictures of her torture depicting swastikas and ceremonial daggers."

Nazis and Satanists go together like Bush and fascism. Where you find one you will invariably find the other, because their agendas and goals are the same. Control through fear and indoctrination, victim degradation, symbolism and fetish totems, pagan ritual and sacrifice for power, and world domination in the service of Lucifer.

8:36 a.m.  
Blogger Parenthetical Thinker said...

The sad truth is that the US gov't has openly stated that they transplanted much of the Nazi intelligentsia over to American soil following the war in order to fight the Soviet communists. This was always taken as a good thing, at least in the books I read as a kid. Oppenheimer, Von Braun, and others whose names I forget. Essentially every accomplishment in the 1950s and 1960s having to do with space exploration or atomic weaponry came due to the work of Nazis working for the US government. But, I suppose everyoen here already knows that much.

8:44 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a look at this interesting discussion at Progressive Independent and the comments etc there (my comments fit both places)

9:41 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just another note:

Wen you are aware that the Bushes Walkers Harrimans Dulleses Morgans and Rcokefellers (inter alia) FINANCED Hitler and the death camps at Auschwitz and elsewhere, all of this begins to fall into place.

Not to mention that three of the 7 member board of directors of Brown Brothers Harriman (who handled the Nazi financing and where Prescott Bush was a Director) whose assets were actually identified as Nazi assets in 1942 -after the war began - 3 of the 7 were Skull and Bones members, another was also a Yalie and the other three were Nazis.I'm just sayin'.

Our intel guys and sopooks know this stuff and we need to as well.

9:45 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

second try with PI link

sorry, try looking at the general discussion if this link doesn't work.

9:49 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like you've been listening to some Dave Emory lately. I once had a three hour argument with a friend about Werner Von Braun never having renounced Nazism (which I heard on another radio show, I don't know if this is actually true or not), his point was "so what if he never renounced Nazism, that doesn't make him a Nazi" my point was "yes it does". If it looks like a duck and quacks like a Bush, it's probably a Nazi.

9:54 a.m.  
Blogger Nordron said...

If readers are interested in these ties, they should check out Dave Emory. His shows are downloadable:

Recent shows at:

Older shows at:

A listener posts summaries of the shows at

Of course, we're all speculators, so it's hard to agree with his point of view entirely. But he is certainly informative, been quite predictive. The theorty of a Nazi Fifth Column takedown of the United States of America really fills in a number of the missing puzzle pieces. At least it helps to answer the question: why are George Bush's policies designed to destroy the Land of the Free and (at least once upon a time) Home of the Brave?

10:05 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is of RI interest...

10:18 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The secret societies and deep corporate/banking interests at the heart of Nazism (and why don't we talk about Japan as well?) are also connected closely into Zionism, via Rothschild banking, and to me always seem to be at the heart of the American and British plan for the world. Paperclip was all about bringing our own back into the fold--Nazism and the Third Reich was just one of several attempts by the deep financial powers--who are by their nature occultist and fascist--to go for broke, too early. Eugenics, after all, was birthed in America. The master race IS the American. But this time, much has been learned from the Hitler experience--for example to wait until you have all the fuel supplies you need for your war machine to complete its task. Why doesn't it seem to occur to anyone that our wars for oil are wars for the fuel to keep our military going, and are necessarily the first steps in complete global domination. This time, the gamble is not whether we can get a lock on all the fossil fuel supplies, but whether at the same time we can--or at least the master race can--develop a superior form of energy (at the same time that gene science is in the process of creating true 'superbeings'). Obviously it's not 'we', and nor does Dick Cheney care about gassing up your SUV.

11:13 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the one, Orgasmatron, the outstretched grasping hand

My image is of agony, my servants rape the land

Obsequious and arrogant, clandestine and vain

Two thousand years of misery, of torture in my name

Hypocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law

My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

I twist the truth, I rule the world, my crown is called deceit

I am the emperor of lies, you grovel at my feet

I rob you and I slaughter you, your downfall is my gain

And still you play the sycophant and revel in you pain

And all my promises are lies, all my love is hate

I am the politician, and I decide your fate

I march before a martyred world, an army for the fight

I speak of great heroic days, of victory and might

I hold a banner drenched in blood, I urge you to be brave

I lead you to your destiny, I lead you to your grave

Your bones will build my palaces, your eyes will stud my crown

For I am Mars, the god of war, and I will cut you down.

11:56 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the one, Orgasmatron, the outstretched grasping hand

My image is of agony, my servants rape the land

Obsequious and arrogant, clandestine and vain

Two thousand years of misery, of torture in my name

Hypocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law

My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

I twist the truth, I rule the world, my crown is called deceit

I am the emperor of lies, you grovel at my feet

I rob you and I slaughter you, your downfall is my gain

And still you play the sycophant and revel in you pain

And all my promises are lies, all my love is hate

I am the politician, and I decide your fate

I march before a martyred world, an army for the fight

I speak of great heroic days, of victory and might

I hold a banner drenched in blood, I urge you to be brave

I lead you to your destiny, I lead you to your grave

Your bones will build my palaces, your eyes will stud my crown

For I am Mars, the god of war, and I will cut you down.

11:57 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post, Jeff.
another interesting theme to follow up on would be the extent to which these types tend to indulge in anti-semitic and anti-freemasonic conspiracy theories.

12:10 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking outside for thought and knowledge

There's a windwheel on a small tower and a circular bale of hay on a hill in the field at the farm next door. Old oaks imposed on my windows page, that keep me from seeing more. Rolling land, high and low, like a bright luscious green carpet conformed, and shadows of this day's setting sun playfully painted in deeper green (vocabulary) accents, talking (a changing language) slowly til bed time to themselves and to me, and I to you

words seeking freedom

12:14 p.m.  
Blogger Civic Center said...

I have a friend who was a fraternity buddy of the late bestselling thriller writer Robert Ludlum at Wesleyan University in the early 1950s, where there was a lot of recruiting for the CIA and other secret services.

One of Ludlum's threads, particularly in his earlier books, is the point you have just made -- the Nazis didn't vanish, they continued on in America and worldwide, they just call it "corporatism." Weird.

12:21 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sofla said:

I figured as much, because it seemed too easy to take the Israelis as the better explanation to the received wisdom of those Islamofascists who were the first storyline to the 9/11 and anthrax attacks. Crimes of such enormity would surely have SEVERAL fallback positions, meaning the actual actors were unlikely to be the very next in line for suspicion, as the Israelis surely ARE, in this matter.

Hence, some time ago, I semi-deduced it could be fascists, using their favored scapegoats.

12:21 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff, this is a wonderful, wonderful post. it has much to say...i will have to think on all of this.

but i will say this now. i agree with what you have described. what they do is let the extremists do the work for them, let them infiltrate and when the time is nigh, overwhelm the system. but the 'they' are probably 100 times more extreme.

12:23 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's one of those things that makes me nuts:

In an anthology called "Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas & Hidden History" edited by Jim Keith, the final piece is a long essay of dubious origins, titled "Exposing the Nazi International" and said to date from 1981.

What makes me nuts about this essay is that it's simultaneously *totally* unbelievable in its picture of a well-organized ongoing Nazi underground singlehandedly manipulating world events and yet in places bizarrely plausible, given everything that has come out over the last 25 years about the events it references.

It's struck me as possible that the real purpose of the essay was to point out a consistent fascist strain in several right-wing conspiracies of the 70's -- significantly including the election of Ronald Reagan -- but that the Nazi trappings were largely invented and were meant to serve as a mixture of track-covering and colorful window dressing.

Certainly the people it points to, like Kissinger and Haig, were almost certainly tangled up with fascist groups like P2. The only question is whether there was a deliberate Nazi presence behind all the local fascist and extreme right-wing groups.

The essay doesn't seem to be available online, but I may try to summarize it later when I have a little free time.

12:26 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google S.S. General Kammler and Nazi Anti-Gravity and you have the Holy Grail that unites these Knights of the Long Knives. Or as PKD said, The Empire Never Ended.

12:59 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nazism is a mindset, and one which, unfortunately, many Americans seem to have embraced. Of related interest is today's LRC article on the horrific synergies that exist between cinematic celebration of barbarism and gore, and the sadism occurring in Iraq.

12:59 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

er...rather are one and the same..

1:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah...and the killer of six ravers in Seattle was from where?

WHITEfish, Mt.
This killing is so bizarre, none of it makes any sense.

1:17 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialistisch)


1:53 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saved an obituary from the 7-13-1998 edition of the Charlotte Observer:

Deaths of Note-
Three members of Wernher von Braun's German rocket team that helped put Americans on the moon, died during the last week in Alabama. They were Max Nowak,89, of Huntsville; Heinrich Paetz,88, of Grant; and Albert Schuller,83, of Huntsville. The deaths, from natural causes, were unrelated.

2:33 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Starroute said -

"The essay doesn't seem to be available online, but I may try to summarize it later when I have a little free time."

Please do! :-)

4:12 p.m.  
Blogger Unknown said...

At the same time this was going on, Bonesman and CIA agent Bill Buckley was demolishing the isolationist, decentralist, and libertarian Old Right, replacing it with a "conservatism" that was little more than corporatism and militarism.

Any coordinated and organized movement to overthrow the Nazi bastards is going to be infiltrated and hijacked by these same Nazi bastards. They're the pigs in the animal farm.

4:52 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deus Ex Machina said: Relax, people. We all know there is no such thing as the devil, Satan, or any other E.T. trying to influence world events. Sheesh! What were we thinking? Humanism is the Final Solution. Think about it, and you'll see I'm correct in my assumption.

"We don't take No Shit from a machine!" (Walter Koenig's unremembered co-star in "Moon Trap")

8:05 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"sfmike said...

One of Ludlum's threads, particularly in his earlier books, is the point you have just made -- the Nazis didn't vanish, they continued on in America and worldwide, they just call it "corporatism." Weird."

Not really.

It is simply an extension of the corporate fascism that Mussolini advocated... and ironically quite different from the political ideology that the NAZI's espoused.

We shouldn't loose sight of this as it is very important to fully understand the basis of our current plight.

And tragically, we are all willing participants in the perpetuation of this monster via the allocation of debt through stock markets, credit derivatives, and the myriad other such instruments of servitude.

There is no end in sight. Greed and fear are our invisible masters.

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini

8:07 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's that summary of "Exposing the Nazi International" from Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas & Hidden History:

According to the introduction, the article purports to be a transcript of four conversations taped in 1981 between an investigative reporter and a man claiming to be a Nazi operative. The reporter found it too hot to handle and passed it along to a publisher, who spoke to the original informant, was able to verify one of his visits to Otto Skorzeny, but otherwise made no judgment about how much of it was true and how much of it fabricated out of whole cloth.

The subject of the interview describes himself as having been a liaison for the International Nazi Party for ten years, connecting the central headquarters with its field operatives. He says that the core of the organization consisted of former SS officers and Nazi Party members and that there was a second section of German industrialists and businessmen who provided financial support. He says they were involved with such groups as the IRA and the PLO, but also with "top level individuals in the Reagan administration" and with the Western German government.

He says his involvement began when his interest in war memorabilia led to an introduction to Otto Skorzeny. Over a period of a couple of years Skorzeny asked him to do a few minor tasks, gradually building confidence in him. He says he then got involved in a number of financial operations. One eventually involved sabotaging DC-10 airplanes by means of ultrasonic equipment in order to benefit Airbus. Another had to do with taking over corporations through various individuals or organizations as fronts. He refers to Dean Witter/Reynolds as being actually controlled by Arabs, who were in turn controlled by Germans, and says that the Germans and British had been vying for influence over leading Arabs for decades, with the Americans pretty oblivious to the whole thing. There was also speculation in gold. His own payoff came through the insider knowledge he gained of these transactions.

About 1975, he says, Skorzeny faked his own death, surfacing again at a compound in Paraguay in 1977. When they met in Paraguay, they discussed using Hawaii as a base, because the governor at the time was on the take, as well as other corporations they might take over.

He says this about the Reagan administration:

They decided in '79 that Reagan was going to be elected. A meeting was held, those attending being Alexander Haig, George Bush, Steve Bechtel, Dave Packard, Henry Kissinger and Helmut Schmidt at Bohemian Grove, in which policy was decided for future election of Ronald Reagan and possible events to follow thereafter. This was merely a preliminary meeting to decide basic goals and to structure the campaign as these American corporate officers would desire to have it structured.

Mr. Bechtel at that time was not in total agreement with certain objectives. To keep him in line a very minor object lesson was made by an attack on Bechtel's holdings in Central America. At that time General Haig wished to have more input, particularly regarding his possible nomination, but acquiesced when told that was not possible at this time. When he continued to balk at his position he was given an objectlesson, the attempted bombing of his staff car, which was never meant to explode. . . .

Shortly thereafter, it was in the final planning stages of the election campaign, it was determined that Reagan was pliable, and could be worked with and dealt with, that there would be no problem. As time grew closer Mr. Reagan was evidently asserting himself in such a way that it was felt that he could not be depended on to follow advice of his subordinates who, in effect, were to be the heads of government. It was determined that he was to be removed. The first operation planned was for January 11, 1981 at a dinner held as a farewell to close friends in the Los Angeles area. Information was pased through my sources and the operation was stopped. . . . My contact was able to prebvent this particular contract from being carried out, this is not to say that the contract will not be tried again, as happened in Washington recently.

He then gives other examples of "Organization influence." One involved faking the origin of Iranian oil on behalf of the large oil companies. Another had to do with the Hunt brothers' attempt to corner the silver market in 1979-80 (together with the ben Mafouz family and Ghaith Pharaon of later BCCI notoriety.) He says, "[The Hunts] thought they were screwing the Arabs. It was Arab money that did the buying. So when the bath came, it was the Arabs took the bath. The Hunts got a nice profit for themselves, the Organization got a fantastic profit for themselves, and the Arabs were left sucking eggs. Who took the rap? The Hunts."

When asked about the Rockefellers, he says that Nelson "was one of the bitterest enemies of the Organization," who "worked long and hard" to root them out of South America, but that David was working with the Organization and was responsible for Nelson's death. He adds cryptically, "[Nelson] was probably connected to the Organization, but what's important is that he was one of the few men in a position to hurt the Organization and insulate himself from retaliation. And Kissinger was his advisor, and Kissinger reported to David."

And he says this of the 1979 plan to elect Reagan (in effect, backdating the October Surprise by a year):

You must remember that the Shah, the one who died, his father was very pro-Nazi. The German industrial element has very carefully, for many years, cultivated the Middle East countries. . . . So we're getting back to Iran, and how Iran could help Reagan. . . . Information was fed from the Organization to Helmut Schmidt to David Rockefeller to Henry Kissinger. Creating friction leading to an incident and feeding the incident. Very simply, the incident was created by bringing the Shah to the United States. The people in Iran looked at it very simply. Their reaction was predictable.

He also speaks of airplane hijackings involving Carlos the Jackal and the PLO. And he says that the massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympics was an Organization operation. His final statement is that the younger generation in the Organization is more ruthless and less concerned with keeping a low profile than the original-era Nazis.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What do I make of all this? As I said in the brief post above, the idea of a Nazi underground pulling the strings of these kinds of events behind the scenes seems ludicrous on the face of it -- but the piece itself has no obvious loopholes and in fact seems more convincing today, in light of everything that has come out about the Bush family and BCCI and so forth, than when I first read it. If it was actually written in 1981, it is extraordinary for its focus on exactly the topics that preoccupy us in 2006, rather than on the Soviet Union or other concerns of its own time. Even if it was concocted in 1993, which is the publication date of the book in which I have it, it was unusually forward-looking.

Also, the people it names are exactly those you might suspect of having Nazi, or at least fascist,connections. For example, Barbara Honegger's October Surprise is quoted in various places online as saying, "When the Italian police raided (P2 Lodge founder) Gelli's home in March 1981, it was Michael Ledeen who, at the instigation of Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger, offered to buy the list of 953 P2 members in an apparent attempt to keep it from becoming public. Henry Kissinger had also reportedly sent Ledeen to Italy to try to squash an investigation into his and Haig's involvement in the founding of P2."

And there is an Alex Constantine piece on Adnan Kashoggi, Barrick Gold, and related matters, which concludes:

Another Nazi entrusted with the postwar wealth of the SS was Francois Genoud. In 1992, the Observer identified Genoud as "one of the world's leading Nazis." Authorites suggest that he "transferred the defeated Nazis' gold into Swiss bank accounts." Genoud underwrote the postwar Odessa organization. On March 12, 2002, the San Franciso Chronicle let on that Swiss police "believe Genoud founded al Taqwa Bank and allocated its resources to support international terrorists such as Vladimir Ilich Ramirez, alias Carlos the Jackal, and bin Laden." A few days later, Salon reported that Osama bin Laden had received funding from Al Taqwa, with shareholders that include prominent Arab figures from numerous countries in the Middle East. Among the shareholders are the grand mufti of the United Arab Emirates and prominent families in the UAE and Kuwait. Two sisters of Osama bin Laden are also on the list, undermining the bin Laden family's claim that it separated itself from his terrorist pursuits after he was expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1994."

With all this subterfuge in the background, the Khashoggi-Lockheed bribery scandal begs reappraisal. Marcos, Yoshia and Iran-contra's John Singlaub were all charter members of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), a para-fascist organization of old guard Nazis, death squad leaders, spooks and propagandists. WACL provides further right-wing context; the CIA and WACL were arguably symbiotic.

David Guyatt reports that a letter from Henry Kissinger dated February 21, 1986 was sent to Marcos, ordering the sale of 63,321 tons of gold to 2000 US and European banks. Marcos stubbornly refused and was dethroned.

So there's no doubt at all in my mind that much of what the article points to is real -- that there were a lot of fascists of various stripes active in the politics of the late 70's and early 80's, and that the 1980 election was a pre-planned coup in which Kissinger, Haig, and George H.W. Bush were centrally involved.

But whether there were really a bunch of old Nazis pulling *their* strings or whether that's merely a colorful rhetorical device, I have no idea.

I also have no opinion on whether David Rockefeller really murdered Nelson.

10:00 p.m.  
Blogger cabdriver said...

" "When the Italian police raided (P2 Lodge founder) Gelli's home in March 1981, it was Michael Ledeen who, at the instigation of Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger, offered to buy the list of 953 P2 members in an apparent attempt to keep it from becoming public. Henry Kissinger had also reportedly sent Ledeen to Italy to try to squash an investigation into his and Haig's involvement in the founding of P2."

I think that Barbara Honegger has her facts confused.

The list of Propaganda Due ( or Two ) members that Michael Ledeen allegedly tried to buy wasn't the list confiscated in Licio Gelli's villa in Arrezo in 1981. According to Penny Lernoux in her book In Banks We Trust, it was the list of 20-odd members of the P2 in Uruguay that Ledeen attempted to purchase. Lernoux wrote that Uruguay apparently had more P2 members than its larger neighbor, Argentina. The P2 Lodge's international reach has never been adequately mapped.

It's also noteworthy that Uruguay has long been a financial and media headquarters for the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his globe-spanning enterprises, as well as the country hosting many of the properties and accounts of Licio Gelli's extensive fortune. And Uruguay is well-known as a money laundering haven for organized crime, due to its lax banking laws.

As for the list of P2 members found by the Italian carabineri in their 1981 raid on Gelli's villa, it's long been publically available, and can presently be found on-line.

11:26 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While Hitler was in prison, he began writing "Mein Kampf",
which means "my struggle." In it and in his speeches, Hitler
made it clear what he would do if he ever acquired the power to
do it. In a similar vein, we can read "The American Rich"
published in 1930 by Rockefeller advisor Hoffman Nickerson; "The
New Federalism" by Nelson Rockefeller; "The Emerging
Constitution" published in 1974 by Rexford Tugwell quietly
revealing a dictatorial new Constitution, which was written to
match a secret outline provided by Nelson Rockefeller himself; or
the Bicentennial Declaration advertisements published nation-wide
in 1975 by John D. Rockefeller III's National Committee for the
Bicentennial Era. The last item could have been titled: A
Bicentennial Manifesto, since a manifesto is nothing more than a
public declaration of intentions, motives, or views; but everyone
now knows that the Communist Manifesto of a century ago was no
joke, so that word was avoided.

But keep in mind what Hitler said in January 1941, quote:
"It is nonsense for the rest of the world to pretend today that
I did not reveal this program until 1933, or 1935, or 1937.
Instead of listening to foolish chatter, these gentlemen would
have been wiser to read what I have written and re-written
thousands of times. No human being has declared or recorded what
he wanted more often than I."

If the four Rockefeller Brothers are allowed to succeed in their
diabolical plans, they, too, will be in a position to indict us
in practically the same words.

Hitler directed much of his appeal to the new generation.
Young people had grown up in an abnormal time, lacking normal
roots and values, and who were therefore more vulnerable to being
misled and used. Introduction of the 18-year old vote,
regardless of its actual effect, was intended for a similar
purpose here in America. Hitler pursued a 'policy of legality'
strictly as a tactic in his campaign to take control of the
German government. In every respect Hitler was challenging the
authority of the State under the Weimar Constitution, yet he
camouflaged this challenge by using fair-sounding words.

The same thing is happening once again here today. The words
we hear in the presidential campaign--for example, such as: "A
new world framework for peace", "governmental reorganization",
"interdependence." But the meaning of these words involve World
government, surrender of United States sovereignty, and
suspension or replacement of the United States CONSTITUTION!
"But why", you may ask, "do they bother to leave any clues at all
like this if they're trying to be devious? Why don't they just
lie outright?" The answer is simply that it is harder to lie
convincingly than to tell the truth; and if one starts telling
actual lies, it becomes harder and harder over a period of time
to keep track of what has been said before, and eventually one
makes mistakes which can be detected. So instead they tell a
little bit of truth but always in such a way that you won't
understand it unless you are very alert.

Hitler realized that his 'policy of legality' could only lead
to success in one way; that was to gain access to the position of
Chancellor and use the emergency powers of the president under
the Weimar Constitution. This was true because try as he might,
Hitler was never able to achieve majority popular support for
himself or his Nazi Party. And today, our would-be Dictator,
Nelson Rockefeller, who has also been frustrated in his attempts
to gain majority popular support nationally, is also trying to
position himself to seize control by means of emergency
presidential powers. David Rockefeller's agent Jimmy Carter
meanwhile, whose build-up has been used to impress Ford with
Rockefeller power, also stands ready in case Nelson's illness
should overcome him.

In 1936 Hitler said, quote:
"It is not enough to overthrow the old State, but that the new
State must previously have been built up and be practically ready
to one's hand. In 1933 it was no longer a question of
overthrowing a state by an act of violence; meanwhile the new
state had been built up, and all that there remained to do was to
destroy the last remnants of the old state--and that took but a
few hours."

So it is that the Rockefeller Brothers are rapidly getting the
governmental machinery into place which is to go into full
operation under their dictatorial new Constitution for the,

Shortly before Hitler became Chancellor in 1933, he said to
then Chancellor Bruning, quote: "Herr Chancellor, if the German
nation once empowers the National Socialist movement to introduce
a constitution other than that which we have today, then you
cannot stop it." On September 12, 1975, Nelson Rockefeller
displayed exactly the same thinking, during a news conference in
Dallas, Texas, in response to criticisms leveled at him as our
appointed Vice-President by a columnist; Rockefeller's answer
was, quote: "Well, he's got one, so there's nothing he can do
about it." On August 9, 1974, our last elected president,
Richard Nixon, became the first in American history to resign,
hounded out of office by means of the Watergate scandal.
Listen now to the following words taken from a conspirator's
diary, and I quote:

"For him alone, winter seems to have arrived. He is being
secretly undermined and is already completely isolated. He is
anxiously looking for collaborators. Our mice are busily at work
gnawing through the last supports of his position."

Those words could have been written about Watergate with complete
accuracy, but they were not. They were written by Hitler's
propaganda chief, Paul Joseph Goebbels, 12 days before Chancellor
Bruning was forced to resign on May 30, 1932. Bruning was
succeeded by an interim chancellor more to Hitler's liking, Franz
von Papen; and Hitler himself replaced von Papen on January 30,
1933, when Hitler was appointed Chancellor by aging President von
Hindenburg under the provisions of the Weimar Constitution. It
was this weakness in the Weimar Constitution--the fact that the
Chancellor was appointed, not elected, that enabled Hitler to
succeed in his plan to take control of Germany by 'legal' means
despite his lack of majority popular support!

This lesson was not lost on Nelson Rockefeller, who introduced
exactly the same weakness into the United States Constitution for
his own benefit by means of the 25th Amendment! The 25th
Amendment was proposed a scant three weeks after the
assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Nelson
Rockefeller's water boy, Birch Bayh, almost as if it had been
ready and waiting!

Immediately after becoming Chancellor, Hitler forced new
elections. His election campaign promised nothing at all, but
instead simply ran down the failures of the past. Hitler said
simply, "Give us four years." Meanwhile he assured his
supporters that these would actually be the last elections to be
expected for 10, perhaps even a hundred years.

Terrorism and lawlessness mushroomed during the campaign,
culminating in the Reichstag fire just a few days before the
elections. This pretext was used to suspend individual liberties
as guaranteed by the Weimar Constitution, enabling the Nazis to
take any actions they pleased against their political opponents.
Following the election and the suppression of all effective
opposition, Hitler forced the passage of the infamous enabling
law, the foundation of Hitler's dictatorship. This gave the
Chancellor the right to make laws without the cooperation of the
Reichstag for a period of four years. Now, after it was too
late, it became clear what Hitler had meant in his campaign
theme, "Just give us four years."

Hitler's enabling law gave him the power to rule by fiat,
which is the power of dictatorship. To enact a law as Dictator
without the concurrence of the Reichstag, the Chancellor had only
to write a law and publish it, and in exactly the same way the
President of the United States can, and does, make law without
any action by Congress in the form of "EXECUTIVE ORDERS." These
'laws' signed by the President himself, become law simply by
being published in the "FEDERAL REGISTER."

Since March 1933, we have been technically in a continuous
condition of 'National Emergency', and many governmental powers
have been usurped by American presidents under this condition
over the past 43 years. But every time a major new phase is
entered, there is a fresh declaration of National Emergency.
In monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 10 four months ago, I alerted you
to the fact that plans are now progressing rapidly toward
implementing Executive Order 11490 signed by President Nixon
nearly seven years ago to provide in detail for a total
government take-over of all activities in a 'declared Emergency'.
And on June 11, 1976, just last month, President Ford signed a
new Executive Order 11921 very quietly, which updates the older
Executive Order and shifts the emphasis heavily in the direction
of post-attack conditions as we near the outbreak of war! It
places heavy emphasis on procedures relating to nuclear,
biological, and chemical hazards of the sort introduced into our
environment by the planned war. It provides for the
establishment, not the preservation, of an economy for the
nation. It provides for sweeping controls on that all important
resource, WATER, which is to be controlled and allocated by the
federal government. This is the outcome of the little noticed
"National Commission on Water Quality" which was started by
Nelson Rockefeller at the same time as his better known

"Commission on Critical Choices."
My friends, write to your Congressman and demand that he send
you a copy of the FEDERAL REGISTER for June 15, 1976, and read
for yourself the 44 pages of detailed provisions for the
"National Emergency" which is planned for all of us. If
possible, this will be brought into play in the wake of oil
shortages and other disruptions generated in the wake of a Mid
East war! But the thrust of Executive Order 11921 just signed by
Ford has to do with the aftermath of nuclear attack.

The pattern, my friends, is unmistakable. After Hitler
achieved power, he progressively consolidated it by eliminating
opposition political parties, ending independent local government
and replacing it with agents of his federal government, enforcing
his will by means of a Secret Police and spies, disposing of
troublesome elements by means of Concentration Camps, and using
Germany as a springboard for war to conquer other nations as

If the Rockefeller Brothers succeed in their plans, the United
States of America will soon witness a replay of Hitlerism,
brought up to date and made more repressive and horrible than
ever by those who used Hitler for their own purposes.

Topic #3--If NUCLEAR WAR ONE is permitted to take place as
planned on American soil, perhaps you will survive it. Many will
not, but some will; but if you do survive, what sort of future do
you and your trusting children have to look forward to?
My friends, whether or not the Rockefellers are double-crossed
by their Soviet allies, the aftermath of NUCLEAR WAR ONE promises
to be slavery for you and all your loved ones. If the
Rockefeller Brothers somehow find a way to prevent a double-cross
by the Soviets, then the war will proceed as planned for the
benefit of the Rockefellers. Half of America's population will
be consumed in nuclear blasts a thousand times hotter than the
ovens of Hitler. Those who are left will be given the task of
rebuilding America along the patterns dictated by the Rockefeller
Brothers--a once free people reduced to slave labor, shipped like
cattle to one area to rebuild a bombed-out power dam, to another
area to work in uranium mines, to still another area to work the
agricultural lands owned by the huge agri-businesses owned by the
Rockefellers and their collaborators.

If the Rockefellers are double-crossed, the death toll during
the war itself may be even higher but the results afterward will
be no different. Instead of living under a Rockefeller
dictatorship, we will exist under Soviet occupation whose
characteristics will be practically the same. And so, my
friends, the choice between the Rockefeller Brothers and their
Soviet allies is no choice at all.

If these things are allowed to come to pass and the final link
in the chain reaction that is to begin with general war in the
Middle East, then the life that will be left to us and our little
ones will not be worth living. That is why for my part I would
rather speak the truth now in the hope that we may yet turn to a
third choice, the saving of our free country from war and
dictatorship while it can still be done. The lesson of history
is that this cannot be done; that like countless peoples before
us, we will refuse to see the truth, believe it, and act on it in
time to save ourselves. That is how most Germans reacted to
Adolf Hitler in the early 1930's, and that is how most Americans
are still behaving today.

But 200 years ago a small band of very wise men defied the
rules of history and created a government that freed men as no
government had done in 5000 years, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
And you and I can redeem this priceless heritage. We, too, can
and must defy history in the same way by saving the unique
heritage that is ours.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

Written by Dr. Peter Beter, in the 1980s
From a 1,204 page document that can be found here'dr%20peter%20beter'

12:48 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We sometimes tend overlook that there are more Americans of German extraction than from any other source, including the British Isles.

There are any number of reasons why the US was reluctant to choose up sides in WWII, not the least of which was an influential group from within the US government and it's corporate elites who not only believed that Nazi Germany was the right side to be on, they were already investing heavily and reaping substantial profits from pursuing that very goal.

Pearl Harbour quietly drove those individuals underground for the duration but many were already strategically placed to use their influence not just to protect those investments but far more importantly preserve the real goal that they served.

The list of American companies and corporations that openly assisted Nazi Germany before the US entered the war and many even covertly during it, is now a matter of public record. IBM, Ford, General Motors, Du Pont, Union Carbide, Westinghouse, General Electric, Gillette, Goodrich, Singer, Eastman Kodak, and Coca-Cola, to name the most prominent.

So too are any number of familiar German corporations, particularly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, that not only survived unscathed despite their determined efforts in the Nazi cause, they actually secured an even greater power and world dominance as a result.

But those companies and corporations are merely the most visible surface of all the private greeds and lust for even greater wealth and power that lay behind them. Those individuals are never at a loss for venues to pursue those ambitions or finding and manipulating others to help them along the way.

They can grow, flourish, and even be naievely respected and rewarded for those same selfish efforts in almost every formalized structure and hierarchy humans have ever devised and there are none that haven't been corrupted, abused, or discredited by the same kind of individuals at one time or another as a result.

Politics is merely one of the more obvious avenues individuals with those particular ambitions happen to use as well as participate in. What needs to be remembered is that they do not and will not hesitate to use "any and all means" to secure their private ends. No reach is too high, no means too low or base to get there. Winning is all that really matters in their terms and that winning can in fact take on many unseen or unrecognised forms before it finally oversteps it's bounds.

The private world of capitalism and corporate empire building have never known any particular loyalty or morality beyond what was forced upon it from without. That too is a matter of record as was all the needless human exploitation, suffering and strife that necessitated it.

That has never stopped the same kind of individuals within it from trying to avoid or circumvent even the most reasonable limits and laws at every possible turn.

These days such individuals have not only found themselves richly rewarded by the growing success of those efforts but firmly in control as well.

This has been more than amply borne out in the rise of the multinationals that have seemingly slipped beyond the reach of any nation's ability to control them. They are the new sovereigns and liege lords remapping our world while politicians line up to profess their nation's fealty to them.

They are interested only in their private agendas and personal profits and will unhesitatingly buy or bribe any political power they need or use what they already control to undermine any that stands in their way.

So the sick dream of dominating others, or the entire world for that matter, and it's ongoing efforts to destroy, demean and repress the true human spirit that will always stand in it's way, has never really abated or lost it's allure.

It fills the disturbed minds of all those who lack a normal sense of conscience and are filled with an unshakeable belief in their own natural superiority and unlimited entitlement instead.

Fascism's singular appeal to these individuals is based on the fact that it supports their distorted image of themselves while promising all that they crave.

They are not merely followers or initiated into it, they are the exactly same kind of people as those who invented it!

1:16 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will supply the third Dave Emory link for Jeff's latest post. I don't know what people on the board think of Emory, but I have listened to his radio shows on and off since the mid-Eighties and find him is one of the most insightful and prescient speculators on our recent past and present moment. In some of his latest shows he has been refering to the following historical,mostly out of print, books on Fascism's roots and shoots. Download them,bind them and be sure to pass a copy to friends family,countryman,and of course your local library because its probably doubtful that any of these in their collections.

Other Worthwhile Books are below. Although I have read many but not all of these selections. I welcome any input on other books that helps
us all unwrap our recent and presently hopefully presently unraveling historical mystery.

Unholy Alliance: A History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult -Peter Levenda (Also Levenda's Sinister Forces Trilogy is highly

The Occult Roots of Nazism: Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology-Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of IdentityNicholas Goodrick-Clarke

Unholy Trinity : The Vatican, The Nazis, & The Swiss Banks-John Loftus

The Belarus Secret by John Loftus

U.S. Intelligence and the Nazis by Richard Breitman

Prelude to Terror: the Rogue CIA, The Legacy of America's Private Intelligence Network the Compromising of American Intelligence -Trento

Please post others books that have helped you start to unravel the recent historicalhistorical/mystery!

2:54 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok here is the the 4th Dave Emory referenced post. Per my previous post on influential books, I feel compelled to post this excellent introduction that Dave Emory has written regarding the "out of print" books he has archived on his website. I think this is provides an fitting corollary to Jeff's excellant article.


By Dave Emory

“It’s a good thing we didn’t lose World War II. If we had, all our public officials would be named Shultz, Weinberger and Kissinger, and everybody would be driving German and Japanese cars.”—Popular joke that made the rounds in the early 1980’s.

In the decades since the end of the Second World War, much has been written about the war and fascism, the driving force behind the aggression that precipitated that conflict. Unfortunately, much of what has been said and written has failed to identify and analyze the causes, nature and methodology of fascism—German National Socialism or “Nazism” in particular. A deeper, more accurate analysis was presented in literature published before, during and immediately after World War II. The SPITFIRE web site is pleased to present a number of books published during that period. All more than 50 years old, these works embody a more complete, profound analysis of the historical forces that dominated the events of that time and, more importantly, our own.

Whereas much contemporary literature on the subject presents fascism (and Nazism in particular) as an aberration, the phenomenon was an outgrowth of major political forces and dynamics that dominate and control contemporary events and processes. Some of the books presented here illustrate the extent to which fascism (Nazism in particular) was an outgrowth of globalization and the construction of international monopolies (cartels). [FTR#’s 99, 361, 426, 511 and 532 present an overview of the reinvestment of the wealth generated by the American industrial boom of the 1920’s in German and Japanese strategic heavy industry. It was this capital that drove the engines of conquest that subdued both Europe and Asia during the conflict.]

Germany’s Master Plan (1943) by Borkin and Welsh analyzes how the Nazis took advantage of the budding globalized economy to restrict their enemies’ strategic production, as well as their access to critical raw materials. Treason’s Peace (1947) by Howard Watson Ambruster highlights how the I.G. Farben chemical firm manipulated trade relationships to the advantage of the Third Reich. In addition, the book illustrates how corporations, businessmen and politicians beholden unto the firm’s non-German cartel partners assisted that manipulation, as well as the postwar rehabilitation and exoneration of both I.G. and its most important personnel. Those personnel and the vast reach of I.G. Farben and its cartel partners are also the subject of Josiah Du Bois’s The Devil’s Chemists. James Stewart Martin’s All Honorable Men (1950) documents the manner in which powerful economic interests in the United States frustrated attempts at de-cartelization and thereby ensured the postwar perpetuation of globalized “business as usual.” As Martin points out, these commercial interests were able to successfully manipulate the networks through which government operates, and direct it to their own nefarious ends. The lone title in the collection less than 50 years old, Paul Manning’s Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile (1981) chronicles the postwar underground perpetuation of the Nazi political and business hierarchy and its dominant role in both the international corporate economy and the contemporary political landscape.

The Third Reich’s elaborate plans for postwar underground survival and continuity were predicated on the certainty that the multinational corporate community would preserve the Nazi infrastructure as a bulwark against communism during the (then) imminent Cold War. This “Underground Reich” was foreseen and analyzed in Curt Reiss’s The Nazis Go Underground, published in early 1944. In addition to the powerful corporate economic interests allied with Nazi business centers, the process of underground perpetuation was greatly aided by “Fifth Column” movements abroad. Composed of ideological supporters of the fascist philosophy, these Fifth Column movements were instrumental in realizing Nazi blueprints for military conquest during the war, as well as postwar continuation and enlargement of those plans. Written on the eve of World War II, Gollomb’s Armies of Spies correctly anticipated the enormous scope and effectively successful activities of the Fifth Columnists in nations slated for Nazi invasion. Triumph of Treason (1944) by Pierre Cot is a remarkable first-hand account of the subversion of France by powerful domestic interests, who saw political control by their ideological allies (and cartel business partners) in Germany as preferable to power-sharing with their own democratically-minded citizens. [Cot had been the French Minister of Aviation in the immediate pre-war period, and witnessed the deliberate, successful attempts at weakening France’s ability to resist the Nazis militarily. The traitors who subverted French democracy then blamed the French collapse on their patriotic political opponents.]

In developing their Fifth Column movements abroad, the Nazis (and the Japanese) proceeded in a geopolitical manner. Because they saw Spain as the key to the domination of several continents (Europe, North Africa, Latin America), the Nazis and their allies in the general staff groomed the Spanish Falange as the fascist movement of choice. Writing of this in Falange (1943), Alan Chase notes how the Reich then used political control of Spain to advance their agenda in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. The reader is invited to address Chase’s research in light of the relatively well-documented postwar operation and perpetuation of fascist interests in Latin America.

For the Nazis, geopolitics dictated a profound interest in the Muslim peoples of what they called “The Earth Island.”--a giant, contiguous land mass that encompasses all of Europe, much of the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, India (including Pakistan at the time), and China. Stretching from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Pacific coasts of China and Russia, this land mass contains most of the world’s territory, population and natural resources—oil in particular. Control that land and you control the world. Accordingly, the Nazis built alliances with the various Muslim populations (Arabs in particular) that are indigenous to many of the most important petroleum-producing regions. Writing in 1951, John Roy Carlson witnessed and chronicled the postwar Nazi recrudescence in the Middle East in Cairo to Damascus, a work that has particular importance for students of the events of 9/11/2001.

In an earlier work—Undercover (1943)—Carlson infiltrated and wrote about the vigorous Axis underground that existed in the United States before and during World War II. Michael Sayers and Albert E. Kahn penned Sabotage in 1942, documenting the violent and treasonous nature of many of the American Fifth Columnists, who committed acts of assassination and sabotage in support of the Axis powers. These tactics were used to good effect in Germany and Japan, where potential political opponents to the rise of fascism were eliminated through a deliberate program of political murder.

It is in that context that we may view Government by Assassination (1942), Hugh Byas’s riveting account of the assassinations committed by the Japanese patriotic and ultra-nationalistic societies. Culminating in the “May 15th Incident”—the assassination of the Japanese Prime Minister on 5/15/1932—these murders were instrumental in the accession to power of the Japanese militarists and the corporate and imperial elements behind them.

Two other books available here provide valuable insights into the contemporary period. T.H. Tetens’ Germany Plots with the Kremlin (1953) treats the pivotally important German “Ostpolitik,” which German power structure has traditionally exploited in order expand and develop its influence. The German threat to either remain neutral during the Cold War, or to ally with the USSR was a significant factor in persuading conservative American power brokers to go along with the return to power in Germany of the Nazi elements that prosecuted World War II. Under the circumstances, some of these conservatives felt that permitting Nazi elements to return to power behind a democratic façade was the lesser of two evils, although many would have preferred a more traditionally conservative German political establishment. This German “Ostpolitik,” in turn, is characteristic of the geopolitical foresight and cynicism with which Pan-Germanists have successfully pursued their goal of world domination through the centuries.

Paul Winkler’s The Thousand-Year Conspiracy traces the origins of German chauvinism to the ascent of the Teutonic Knights within Germanic society. Winkler labels the enablers of the dark side of the German character “Prusso-Teutonics” and notes that, in their pursuit of Pan-German goals, they do not hesitate to deal in a cynical and ruthless manner with their own citizens. Of particular note for contemporary Americans is the deliberate, Machiavellian manipulation of the German economy by Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, the American-born financier who eventually became the finance minister of the Third Reich. Take note of Winkler’s account of how Schacht re-structured the German economy with an eye to—among other things—driving the citizenry to such a point of hysteria that they would willingly follow the likes of Hitler. Compare Winkler’s analysis with what is taking place today in the United States. Writing in 1943, Winkler foresaw that the Prusso-Teutonics would realize their goals through the creation of a German-dominated central European economic union (bearing a striking resemblance to today’s European Monetary Union.)

“Those Who Forget the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It”—George Santayana

“ . . . We cannot turn over our future economic policy to private groups without public responsibility, as we have in the past. . . .” U.S. Attorney General Thurman W. Arnold, writing in the “Introduction” to Germany’s Master Plan

3:26 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post today. Nice to see you giving David Emory some "props" here finally. Though his style is a little more formal, stiff and self admittedly pedantic, he is always informative and thoughtful. Comparatively, Mae Brussell was a "free style" mad genius. I don't think I've ever heard anyone synthesize information at the drop of a hat (and in a sometimes almost manic, teetering out of control style) like Mae did. A lot of her broadcasts from the early 70's to the late 80's are available to order on mp3 on her site; they are fairly inexpensive--excellent if you have iTunes.

Btw, I recall hearing (cannot remember where) that a picture was taken of George HW Bush and Klaus Barbie together somewhere on the West Coast of the US, and that it existed on the internet at some point . (?)

Fascism--relax, you're soaking in it.

Indeed. It's like Palmolive, 'Madge the Manicurist' says it will make your hands look younger while you're scrubbing the grease out of all those filthy pots and pans you've allowed to accumulate in the sink.

3:28 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another piece that's well worth reading in connection with all of the above is Steve Kangas's "The Origins of the Overclass," about the CIA as the basis of the ongoing right-wing takeover of the US since 1970. Although it doesn't explicitly identify this movement as fascist, it forms a perfect match with others that do.

Pick any thread of the contemporary right and try to trace back where it came from and how it got its power, and you will almost certainly wind up with the CIA.

One major line of transmission goes through Bill Buckley (CIA) and particularly his Young Americans for Freedom. Some of YAF's leaders of the 60's and early 70's got channelled into associations with essentially fascist groups like the American-Chilean Council and the World Anti-Communist League, or with the related operations of Reverend Moon. Others followed the path of fundraising scams and political dirty tricks.

A second line goes through Ray S. Cline (OSS and CIA) and his Center for Strategic and International Studies, founded in 1962. Cline and his network of both former and active CIA agents were a major force behind George H.W. Bush's abortive presidential bid in 1979 and then were involved in the darker aspects of Reagan's 1980 campaign. Even though Cline died in the 90's, CSIS continues to be a hotbed of Nazi-style geostrategic thinking mentioned in the long Dave Emory quote above -- Kissinger, Brzezinski, all that bunch -- and is behind much of the insane US dream of ruling the world by dominating the 'stans and Central Asia.

There are a couple of other avenues of CIA influence that I haven't explored as deeply as those two. One involves Scaife and the other funders who have pumped so much cash into right-wing operations since the 70's. Another is the religious right, whose origins seem not to lie in anything genuinely religious but rather in the extreme anti-communist groups of the 50's, behind which lie the overt fascist groups of the US in the 30's.

And then, of course, there are the Gladio/Stay-behind type operations in places like Italy and Turkey. And on. And on.

It's a vast, tangled web -- and I've only explored a few small corners of it. Between 1950 and 1990, most of it was able to pass as "anti-communist" and thus obscure its true nature. But once we consider it as not only explicitly fascist, but as the direct heir of the fascism of the 30's and 40's, certain figures and events are highlighted and the whole takes on greater coherence.

As one example, the close relationships among various strains of fascists in Italy, Latin America, and Taiwan in the 70's and 80's start to appear as a main theme, and not merely a sidebar to the US struggle against the Soviet Union. In fact, the entire Cold War begins to appear as an elaborate diversion from what was really going on in those years, a myth or cover story to justify actions and affiliations that would otherwise have been unthinkable.

And the CIA, as a covert vehicle for the reinforcement of elite dominance, was at the heart of most of it.

10:42 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'just give us 4 more years' - 1933

'4 more years!' - 2004

this really parallels with president Bush presently. i mean the common feeling the media portrays is that he has 3 empty years ahead of him...that the US has 3 empty years ahead of us...

but by april 30th or so, when the 30 day warning for iran will be the next step in a long process of..elimination.

its kind of like a RTS computer Risk. a quest for world domination. slowly working to eliminate obstacles and opposition, so that the best conditions for your ultimate goal present themselves. thank hegel.

11:01 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice, so now can you take the next step and do something about it.
Sorry, forbidding holocaust talk don't count. y, it's not like anyone comes here seeking anything or anything. Lord knows those colourful friends of yours can't get a word in anywhere else on the web. For petty money? Proud? to give likes of this scum and asst. co. a break and a forum every day:

"....Hello? I can't help but feel the previous posts are deliberately obfuscation.....Certain posters I think are just frantic that people might again be wondering about Dov Zahkeim, comptroller of the DOD at the time of the attacks, the missing 3 trillion dollars and his later support of Hamas, the dancing Israeli "moving men" and strange absence of Israeli casualties in the WTC, the timely move out of Zim shipping and the e-mails received at the Odego warning them out of the building. H-m-m wouldn't want to implicate the zionist controlled press in the cover-up of all this either, now would we? how about Silversteins friendship with Sharon. Certainly wouldn't want it to get out about how most of the drafters of the famous document calling for a "new Pearl Harbor" (The Project for the New American Century) held dual citizenship to Israel. Oh well. Gosh, it isn't Israel that wanted that war in Iraq, now was it? Better fight like hell to keep people thinking a bunch of kids with boxcutters did this under the direction of a lunatic living in a cave. Good try guys. But I don't buy it, and when people start putting the facts together, they mostly won't either......"

stand up mate, history will not absolve YOU

11:44 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Gang !
Satellite Photographs of Halliburton's American Concentration Camp

11:54 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take II:
Hey Gang !
Satellite Photographs of Halliburton's American Concentration Camp

11:58 a.m.  
Blogger ericswan said...

I wonder if anyone here remembers the John Beermann story. He attended UWO with me and we were both members of the campus young Liberals. He ended up getting a job with a cabinet minister as an assistant and then hooked up with the Moonies and was wisked away to San Francisco. I tried to track him down there but only got as far as the Moonie welcome wagon before I was turned out the door.

Skorzany apparently moved back to the States (Florida) where journalist and boyfriend Eric Orion met him and over a few hours was given the contents for a book yet to be published called "The Bush Connection".

I've heard excerpts from the book on The Arctic Beacon which is beyond belief and that is why I'm giving a head's up on it.

It was to be published this spring/summer.

12:01 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Something very weird: some time ago I did find an amazing book in Mexico, Auschvitz, ¿comienza el siglo XXI?, edited by the Fondo de Cultura Económica. It´s a book by the german writer Carl Amery that affirms Hitler is in fact the precursor of this new century, his creator, because we are entering the era of planet´s management, with his guide.

The weird thing: the book is available in german and spanish, but not in english, and does not sell it by itself...

Amery says at the final chapter of his book - planet management or the globalization of Hitler´s formula - that the quid for this application is a crisis situation, that would include material scarcity as existencial disorientation. The message: there is not enough nor everyone. So the elite has to act to impose order, not a human order itself. "We cannot stop the Titanic´s path, let´s then arrange a little the band´s music... let´s find the implicit veneration of the hitlerian formula: we are right because we are the best, because we are the real humans..."

The book was edited in german in 1998, three years before 9-11...

But Amery says something surprising: the only moment the Germans said nom was when began the extermination of people with discapacities, but specially children. This measure could not rest in "secret", and Hitler stopped. The historian that discovered this anomaly was Gunnar Heimshon says Amery.Hitler was fourious, because he knew the tradition to care for sick children, was a semite one, that was now part of christianity.

But this "no" from the germans says Amery was the catalizer for Auschwitz: the erase the software - the Jew DNA - he disposed to distroy the hardware.

And know, with the new century, this is once thousand times easier....

Read Amery, in Spanish or German, while you can...

12:02 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Critical books on this subject which I have mentioned before are by Konrad Heiden (who calls himself the first antiNazi because he bagan protests against Hitler in the early 1920's as a student.

He escaped the Nazis and came to America where he wrote:

"Der Fuehrer" in 1944 and earlier (1935) "A History of National Socialism"

In these books he documents the Hitler financial ties to Wall Street and their plans for a Anglo-American-Nordic 2000 year fascist Reich accepted as necessary (with American involvement)by Hitler in 1933-4. That is when many of these deals with the Bushes, Rockefellers, Morgans, Dulleses, Walkers, Harrimans, etc. were cut.

WASPism and "eugenics" were a key component.

I would add the "Splendid Blonde Beast" and John Loftus' "The Secret War" as must reads which document these US-Nazi corporate ties as well as the essential Carroll Quigley's "Tragedy and Hope"

Not to mention webster Tarpley at on Bush and the Nazis.

Anyone who knows this history and these ties will not doubt that we have been in the grip of a Nazi-fascist Reich which doesn't need the NAZI LOGO ANYMORE BUT WHICH USES THE IDEALOGY AND THE METHODS OF FASCISM FOR GLOBAL Fascist domination by WASP elites and their collaborators of all stripes.

12:52 p.m.  
Blogger ericswan said...

Is George H.W. Bush Really Prescott Bush's Son?

The history books say Hitler's personal body guard and henchman Otto Skorzeny died in 1975.

Eric Orion of Florida says the legendary former Nazi special forces commander was alive and well only a few years ago, living under a fake CIA alias as a south Florida carpenter.

According to Orion, Skorzeny died several years ago at the ripe old age of 95 but not before he spilled out his guts to him in a death bed confession.

And after hearing Skorzeny's story -- a story so bizarre and incredible -- it simply leaves mouths hanging wide open, wondering how in the world this could happen in America.

"I was dating this girl in south Florida and her father turned out to be the feared Nazi SS body guard to Hitler, Otto Skorzeny," said Orion in an extended conversation from his Florida home, adding Skorzeny spilled the beans himself, not his x-girlfriend who remains tight lipped about her father's past. "When I met him, he was 90 but looked a lot younger. He was 6'4" with the biggest hand I ever shook in my life.
Recently, Orion also was a guest on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, where he claimed, based on Skorzeny's allegations, the American government has been lying since 1945 about the identities and whereabouts of thousands of former Nazis given safe haven and living in America today.

Orion also said Skorzeny gave him "a shoebox full" of never before published pictures, linking many high-ranking American officials to Nazi war criminals, as well as information that George H. Bush has been lying about his true identity and was really the adopted son of Prescott Bush.

He also claims that Hitler was given safe haven in America and Nazi criminals, Dr. Josef Mengele, nicknamed the Angel of Death, and Nazi SS killer, Reinhard Gehlen, were still alive and walking the streets of America as of three years ago.

"I met with Skorzeny on three separate occasions for roughly five hours and he said that George H.W. Bush was and is a SS Nazi spy born in Germany as George H. Scherff, Jr.," said Orion. "He told me that Bush was really the son of Dr. Nikola Tesla's German born, illegal immigrant accountant, George H. Scherff, Sr., being later adopted by Prescott Bush.

"Apparently, according to Skorzeny, in 1938, Hitler sent 14-year-old George Jr. to befriend, spy and kill Tesla, who later on Jan. 6, 1943, was actually killed by Skorzeny and SS Nazi Reinhard Gehlen. Bush, however, later forged a birth certificate while Prescott Bush, a known Nazi, adopted him, covered his real identity and later helped him join the Navy under false pretenses."

Asked if he thought Skorzeny had any reason to lie and why he was chosen to hear his deathbed confession, Orion added:

"No, I believe he is for real. His pictures matched up with the history books and he told me he was coming forward with this information because the Bush family had cheated him out of a lot of money over the years. In the end, I think he wanted to get even and there were so many specifics that later I verified, leading me to believe he was telling me the truth.

"I also spent five years researching this information and have written a book, called The Bush Connection, yet to be published. Like I said my book took five years of painstaking research to complete and my motivation was to show Americans how our government illegally brought over 50,000 Nazis to America to create a New World Order and Fourth Reich in America under the guidance of George H. Bush.

"I also want to say that I've learned throughout the course of my research that our government is still protecting these Nazis, like they did Skorzeny up until his death."

After learning about the damaging Bush information and the underground network to hide Nazis, Orion went to the Justice Department for help but instead received nothing but harassment and death threats.

"They came after me big time," he said. "Right after I told them I was at my girlfriend's house and her mother went white as a ghost after receiving a phone call. I think she was informed that I was on to her husband's identity.

"That night after I left Skorzeny's house, I was followed, run off the road and it looked like one of the men in the car had a handgun. They are also tracking my mail, as well as hacking into my computer and keeping a close eye on my activities."

Besides the Bush allegations, Skorzeny laid several other bombshells on Orion, including the truth about Adolph Hitler's death and that Bush's role as a war hero was intentionally fabricated.

"Skorzeny told me he helped fake Hitler's suicide in 1945 and actually shot Hitler's double between the eyes, leaving him there in place of Adolph," said Orion. "He then said that he flew off with Hitler and SS Nazi pilot Hanna Reitsch to safety in Austria. Skorzeny then told me he turned himself in to Americans and later helped co-found the American CIA with Nazi George H. Scherff, Jr., aka George H. Bush."

Orion also said that Skorzeny confirmed reports that already surfaced in the New York Post made by an old war buddy of Bush, Chester Mierzejewski, who questioned Bush's account of how his plane went down during World War II, leading to his so-called "hero status."

In the article, Mierzejewski, who was a recipient of The Distinguished Flying Cross, claimed he had a bird's eye view of the Bush cockpit when he saw Bush abandon his crew and bail out, leaving his two crew members to die.

Robert Flood, a former B-17 bombardier, also claimed Bush was "no war hero," saying he violated the primary rule for a captain of a multi-crew aircraft.

"The pilot never leaves the airplane with anybody in it," said Flood.

Orion said that Skorzeny told him the CIA is really Hitler's "Third Reich" in America, the agency being created to manipulate intelligence and lie to the American people.

Going back to the stolen Tesla technology and the CIA's role, he added:

"The CIA uses stolen Tesla technology, according to Skorzeny, to spy on Americans and manipulate the weather. There are thousands of satellites orbiting the earth that project high intensity positively charged laser beams to certain areas on the earth. These positively charged laser beams enable the New Word Order Nazis/C.I.A. to use their stolen Tesla Technology to manipulate the weather & to transmit extremely low frequency "elf" waves with subliminal messages for mind control purposes.

"When HAARP is active, giant space based lasers simultaneously aim their beams to a central "spot" on earth. That "spot" will then experience severe droughts, hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes. Spontaneous Human Combustion or "SHC" occurs when these lasers are pointed directly at human beings.

"Hurricane Katrina was allegedly a man-made disaster. Bush was quick to mention that it was a "natural disaster." It was created to distract America's attention away from Bush's latest unqualified fascist neo-con, Supreme Court of Injustice appointees.

"Eyewitnesses allegedly saw the levees in New Orleans being blown up by US soldiers after they had survived the storm intact. Katrina was a low, Category 3 storm. Not a CAT 4 or 5 as initially claimed! The levees were intentionally blown up to help Bush's neo-con insurance company cronies. Most homes are covered by wind damage insurance only. Not flooding. If the houses were damaged by flooding instead of wind damage then the insurance companies do not have to pay out any claims.

"This man-made diversion allowed Bush & OPEC the opportunity to "rape" the American tax payers once again by increasing the price of gas for no legitimate reason other than to make billions of dollars of profit at their expense!"

1:14 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking within the context of NASA being a Nazi co-created entity. Here's a news item of interest that occured yesterday (March 31, 2006):

NASA HQ Raided In Kiddie Porn Probe

I'm sure they will only concern themselves with the kiddie porn and disregard any evidence of NASA's involvement with child trafficking and mind control sex slave and hypno-assassin training.

3:12 p.m.  
Blogger A Fake Doctor said...

The political aspect appears on target. That's why there are people with the same family name as me living as Canadians instead of citizens of the United States--overly prejudiced fear-driven anti-communist immigration policies. However, on the same side, must consider the argument in the book _In Denial_, suggesting that in fact communism, Moscow-style, was a present danger in the U.S. at that time (McCarthy era and thereabouts).

"The past is not dead. In fact, it's not even past."

The line of conversation vaguely reminds me of that extraordinarily offensive 1970's Robert Downey comedy Putney Swope.

3:53 p.m.  
Blogger A Fake Doctor said...

Let me add also a reference to Project Odessa, which belongs in the same category as Project Paperclip, filtering the SS and other high-ranking Nazis into South America, particularly via Argentina, since Peron was friendly towards fascism, being one himself. Yuki Goni has a book about it--and there is also an episode of the TV show Millennium with a representation of "Odessa."

3:59 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice, so now can you take the next step and do something about it.
Sorry, forbidding holocaust talk don't count. y, it's not like anyone comes here seeking anything or anything. Lord knows those colourful friends of yours can't get a word in anywhere else on the web. For petty money? Proud? to give likes of this scum and asst. co. a break and a forum every day:

"....Hello? I can't help but feel the previous posts are deliberately obfuscation.....Certain posters I think are just frantic that people might again be wondering about Dov Zahkeim, comptroller of the DOD at the time of the attacks, the missing 3 trillion dollars and his later support of Hamas, the dancing Israeli "moving men" and strange absence of Israeli casualties in the WTC, the timely move out of Zim shipping and the e-mails received at the Odego warning them out of the building. H-m-m wouldn't want to implicate the zionist controlled press in the cover-up of all this either, now would we? how about Silversteins friendship with Sharon. Certainly wouldn't want it to get out about how most of the drafters of the famous document calling for a "new Pearl Harbor" (The Project for the New American Century) held dual citizenship to Israel. Oh well. Gosh, it isn't Israel that wanted that war in Iraq, now was it? Better fight like hell to keep people thinking a bunch of kids with boxcutters did this under the direction of a lunatic living in a cave. Good try guys. But I don't buy it, and when people start putting the facts together, they mostly won't either......"

stand up mate, history will not absolve YOU

4:27 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Johnny Freedom Said:

"Anonymous said...
Nice, so now can you take the next step and do something about it.
Sorry, forbidding holocaust talk don't count. y, it's not like anyone comes here seeking anything or anything. Lord knows those colourful friends of yours can't get a word in anywhere else on the web. For petty money? Proud? to give likes of this scum and asst. co. a break and a forum every day:

"....Hello? I can't help but feel the previous posts are deliberately obfuscation.....Certain posters I think are just frantic that people might again be wondering about Dov Zahkeim, comptroller of the DOD at the time of the attacks, the missing 3 trillion dollars and his later support of Hamas, the dancing Israeli "moving men" and strange absence of Israeli casualties in the WTC, the timely move out of Zim shipping and the e-mails received at the Odego warning them out of the building. H-m-m wouldn't want to implicate the zionist controlled press in the cover-up of all this either, now would we? how about Silversteins friendship with Sharon. Certainly wouldn't want it to get out about how most of the drafters of the famous document calling for a "new Pearl Harbor" (The Project for the New American Century) held dual citizenship to Israel. Oh well. Gosh, it isn't Israel that wanted that war in Iraq, now was it? Better fight like hell to keep people thinking a bunch of kids with boxcutters did this under the direction of a lunatic living in a cave. Good try guys. But I don't buy it, and when people start putting the facts together, they mostly won't either......"

stand up mate, history will not absolve YOU"

Right ON, Mate, RIGHT ON!!! AND BANNING FOLKS WHO DISAGREE WITH YOU ONLY FURTHER PROVES YOUR COWARDICE, DEAR HOST! We're ALL going to die one way or another, why not die a HERO instead of a COWARD, Jeff???

9:11 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evil is nothing new. Read these ancient words, and consider how they seem to describe exactly what is being discussed in this thread.

“The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness. But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the whore. Against whom do ye sport yourselves? Against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? Are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood, Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys under the clifts of the rocks? …..But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”

Isaiah 57:1-5, 20-21

11:42 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Death
By John Keats

Can death be sleep, when life is but a dream,
And scenes of bliss pass as a phantom by?
The transient pleasures as a vision seem,
And yet we think the greatest pain's to die.

How strange it is that man on earth should roam,
And lead a life of woe, but not forsake
His rugged path; nor dare he view alone
His future doom which is but to awake.

1:05 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Occult History of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler

Video Here:

1:17 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So it is all nazi's, huh?

Better read here:

Remember the hegelian dielectic principle. It is capitalism (fascism) vs. communism. right vs. left. jews vs. nazis. thesis vs. anti-thesis, = synthesis. Don't be conned. "It's never one thing". The puppeteer has, at least, two hands.

The 'golden rule' of lucifer:
"He who has (control of) the gold, rules."

Another word of wisdom:
"For the LOVE of money - is the root of evil."

I recently read something made my ears perk up - don't know how to verify it, but here it is:
In the year 2000 only 7 countries in the world were so backward they still did not allow control of their currencies by a central reserve bank. Afghanistan and Iraq were two of them. Now there are only 5. Iran, No. Korea, Syria, Libya, and Sudan.

Jeff, a great weakness in your efforts is that you are only focused on what is wrong in and with the USA. Even the US MIC cannot take credit for the financing of both sides that makes wars happen. Your single-minded focus on the USA causes me to wonder about your agenda.

If you were to 'follow the money' to the Federal Reserve Bank, where does it go from there?

3:17 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mohamed Atta, the so-called "mastermind" of 9/11, is like a house of mirrors. If you try to learn anything about him, as I did a few years ago, you will find that the more you learn, the more you realize that there is no "there" there.

The middle-class mediocre student from a rather provincial and blah background, who is offered a full-expense paid scholarship in Germany by a mysterious German couple, who offer to let them live in their house for 6 months after having briefly met him...

The painfully shy, conventionally religious (ie not politicized) kid, who suddenly becomes aggressively, obnoxiously religious, makes a big stink about establishing a Muslim students' association, loud prayers, weird clothes, etc., soon after being hired by an organization with ties to Henry Kissinger.

He keeps disappearing on trips, paid for by the abovementioned organization, meanwhile becoming unrecognizable to those who knew him before.

During one of his absences, when he is allegedly being trained as a terrorist in Afghanistan (according to US intelligence), he is seen by many witnesses drinking, whoring & generally whooping it up in a former US airforce base in the Philippines. And taking flying lessons from former US airforce pilots.

Around that time, he loses his passport. He starts being spotted in two places at the same time, behaving REALLY oddly, doing things that, frankly, set the alarm bells clanging in the head of anyone who knows anything about the Middle East.

Leaving a Koran in a bar!??!! HA! HA! HA! Stop it, you're killing me...

"...Atta knocked back five Stolichnaya vodkas with orange juice. When it came to pay Atta complained about their $48 bill and argued with the manager.

'You think I can't pay my bill?' Atta shouted. 'I am a pilot for American Airlines. I can pay my fucking bill.'

Then he peeled out a note from a thick wad of $50 and $100 bills, leaving a $2 tip.",6903,552749,00.html

"Johnelle Bryant, a U.S. Agriculture Department employee in Homestead, Fla., said she talked with Atta for more than an hour when he applied for a loan in May 2000. Atta said he wanted a $650,000 loan to buy a cropduster plane, Bryant said during an interview yesterday on ABC’s World News.

Atta said “he wanted to build a chemical tank that would … take up every available square inch of the aircraft except for where the pilot would be sitting,” Bryant said.

Atta offered Bryant money to buy an aerial photograph of Washington that was in her office, and he asked her about security at the World Trade Center (Washington Post, June 7). “How would America like it if another country destroyed that city and the monuments in it?” Atta said, according to Bryant.

He also asked questions about other monuments and landmarks, including the Dallas Cowboys football stadium, Bryant said (Paul Koring, Globe and Mail, June 7).

Bryant said Atta also said Osama bin Laden would be “the world’s greatest leader,”..."

As Robert Fisk wrote a few weeks after the attacks:

"Fearful, chilling, grotesque– but also very, very odd. If the handwritten, five-page document which the FBI says it found in the baggage of Mohamed Atta, the suicide bomber from Egypt, is genuine, then the men who murdered more than 7,000 innocent people believed in a very exclusive version of Islam – or were surprisingly unfamiliar with their religion."


Recruited by mysterious organizations with ties to German & US intelligence; incredibly bizarre behaviour calculated to attract the maximum attention; public violation of almost every Islamic value, including the stripper girlfriend and the drinking & drugs; training by former US airforce pilots; "unfamiliar" with his religion; reportedly knowing how to speak Hebrew; NOT knowing how to speak German...DUH!

3:50 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:44 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to American-living-in-Egypt? (nice gig if you can get it right?) for the reminder about M. Atta Jr...fails to mention in her-his summary of their otherwise mostly accurate research, what is one PRIMO point: that his father was Muslim Brotherhood. Duh indeed, right?

"....middle-class mediocre student from a rather provincial and blah background....conventionally religious (ie not politicized)...."
hardly does justice. In fact w/o that it sounds a bit LHO-ish. And you would n't want everyone to see K-man and heeb at da point, right? You just KNOW how some people can be, right ; =)adios

8:51 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Dark Times, Blame the Jews

On the face of it, there's little that's new in the provocative research paper "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy," published online last week by two leading political scientists, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. Their underlying thesis, that Israel's advocates have pressured America into an unjustified and damaging alliance with Israel, has been around for decades....Their more immediate argument, that Israel and its allies manipulated America into war with Iraq, has been simmering at the edges of the debate since before the invasion. By now it's part of our national background noise.

What is new and startling is the document's provenance. Its authors are not fringe gadflies but two of America's most respected foreign-affairs theorists. One, Mearsheimer, is a distinguished professor at the University of Chicago. The other, Walt, is academic dean of the nation's most prestigious center of political studies, the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Though it's tempting, they can't be dismissed as cranks outside the mainstream.

They are the mainstream.

"...They are the mainstream...."

Even more startling, given who they are, is the flimsiness of their work. Countless facts are simply wrong. Long stretches of argument are implausible, at times almost comically so. Much of their research is oddly amateurish, drawn not from credible documents or primary source interviews but from newspaper clippings, including dozens from this newspaper, seemingly dug up in quick Internet word searches aimed at proving a point, not exploring the truth.

"....aimed at proving a point, not exploring the truth...."

Some are wildly misquoted. An undergraduate submitting work like this would be laughed out of class. A dean apparently gets to see it posted on Harvard's Web site.

Considering the authors' credentials, the paper calls for substantive rebuttal by those who disagree. But that, as we'll see, is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. The larger, more urgent question is how things came to this pass. What could possibly have led two of the best and brightest foreign policy mandarins to compose and publish such an embarrassment?

Some of Israel's more overheated defenders were trying this week to diagnose the problem as a character flaw in the authors. Their solution is to counterattack. That's a mistake. Leaving aside the folly of trying to answer a claim that Israel is a bully by bullying the messenger, the response misses the point. Mearsheimer and Walt are products of their time.

These are dark, poisonous days we live in, and the poison is spreading.

"...These are dark, poisonous days we live in, and the poison is spreading...."

In Iraq, America has stumbled into a quagmire of historic proportions, with global consequences that are proving nothing short of catastrophic. If that weren't enough, our nation is nearly bankrupt, with a national debt nearly equal to our Gross Domestic Product. And the Arctic is melting. The miscalculations seem inexplicable. There must be someone to blame.

"....The miscalculations seem inexplicable. There must be someone to blame...."

We shouldn't be surprised, then, at the sight of respected professors, and not only professors, coming unhinged.

The Mearsheimer-Walt paper shows how far the notion that Israel is to blame for the Iraq War has moved from the crackpot fringe to the center. Three years ago it was heard mainly from campus radicals. Two years ago it started getting picked up by a handful of Washington insiders, memorably including Senator Ernest Hollings and General Anthony Zinni. Now it's reached the heart of the academic establishment.

"... Now it's reached the heart of the academic establishment...."

And the notion has grown with the telling. Compared with the professors, Hollings and Zinni now seem modest in their claims. They argued merely that the Iraq War had been fought for Israel's benefit. In this they were echoing the widespread theory that the war was foisted on the Bush administration by a cabal of mostly Jewish neoconservatives such as Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith. That was a shaky enough argument back in 2004. It was already clear by then, from the disclosures of former Treasury secretary Paul O'Neill and others, that President Bush had Saddam Hussein in his sights from the moment he entered office. It was also clear, or should have been, that Bush and Cheney had assembled an administration of known quantities, including Wolfowitz and Feith, who served their purposes. The notion that a group of Pentagon underlings could bamboozle the White House into an unintended war was ludicrous on its face...

Mearsheimer and Walt, however, have constructed a far more ambitious theory. They mean to indict the entire U.S.-Israel relationship, going back to the point in 1973 when American aid rose into the billions and America became the essential broker in Middle East diplomacy. Since then, they write, "the centerpiece of U.S. Middle East policy has been its relationship with Israel. The combination of unwavering U.S. support for Israel and the related effort to spread democracy throughout the region has inflamed Arab and Islamic opinion and jeopardized U.S. security." Indeed, "the United States has a terrorism problem in good part because it is so closely allied with Israel."

But if America's ties to Israel were the main cause of America's current troubles in the Muslim world, as Mearsheimer and Walt argue, then Muslim hostility would have been rising steadily since 1973. It has not. There have been periods of conflict and periods of good will. Things were bad during the early 1980s, around the time of the Lebanon War. They picked up in the late 1980s, when America was working actively to broker Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, and improved even more in the 1990s, when Israel was working toward reconciliation with the Palestinians.

Throughout, groups of terrorists sought to attack American targets, including Hezbollah in the 1980s, Al Qaeda beginning in the 1990s. But they did not represent a groundswell of mass rage. No, the groundswell began in 2000 with the outbreak of the televised intifada. It became a firestorm after the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

If America's support for Israel has been steady since 1973, as the authors say, then it cannot explain a crisis that erupted in 2000 or 2003.

What's different, of course, is the "effort to spread democracy throughout the region." Mearsheimer and Walt present it as a natural corollary of American support for Israel, but it's nothing of the sort. Support for Israel is a broadly popular aspect of American policy that goes back decades. Spreading democracy in the Middle East — or, more precisely, imposing it — is an eccentric doctrine taken up, amid intense controversy, by the current administration. Some of its key advocates see democratization as a way of protecting Israel; others, conversely, support Israel as an outgrowth of their vision of democracy. Some elements of the pro-Israel advocacy community back this crusade enthusiastically; most do not.

Mearsheimer and Walt have no time for such subtleties. For them, the cause of Israel is inseparable from the ideological crusade of the past three years. The Israel they depict, in a relentless, selective marshaling of facts, half-truths and occasional untruths, is a moral burden and a strategic liability. It was conceived in racism and founded in "explicit acts of ethnic cleansing, including executions, massacres, and rapes by Jews." It has been bent since 1948 on expansionism and ethnic purification, and since 1967 on tightening its brutal grip on the West Bank and Gaza. The authors claim repeatedly that they do not question Israel's right to exist, but they spend page after page doing just that, with barely a hint of a counter-argument.

Then, having dismissed the case for Israel, they ask: "[I]f neither strategic nor moral arguments can account for America's support for Israel, how are we to explain it?" Their answer is "the Israel Lobby."

Their lobby is a sprawling alliance of Jewish organizations, major newspapers, Democratic and Republican politicians, liberal and conservative think tanks and more Jewish organizations, all single-mindedly determined to help Israel achieve its goals at the expense of American interests. "The core of the Lobby," they write, "is comprised of American Jews who make a significant effort in their daily lives to bend U.S. foreign policy so that it advances Israel's interests." To be sure, they hasten to add, "not all Jewish-Americans are part of the Lobby." One 2004 survey found that "roughly 36 percent of Jewish-Americans said they were either 'not very' or 'not at all' emotionally attached to Israel." Good news: No more than 64% of American Jews are out to undermine America.

Here, again, they protest: They do not mean to impugn. There is, they say, "nothing improper about American Jews and their Christian allies attempting to sway U.S. policy towards Israel." They don't mean to suggest "the sort of conspiracy depicted in anti-Semitic tracts like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

It's just that the Lobby has, well, "a stranglehold on the U.S. Congress," controls key access to the executive branch and suppresses dissent throughout society. Its "not surprising" goal, they write, is to weaken Israel's enemies to the point that "Israel gets a free hand with the Palestinians, and the United States does most of the fighting, dying, rebuilding, and paying." Nothing "improper" there.

At times their narrative is surprisingly ill-informed. They state, incorrectly, that Israel did not allow Palestinian refugees to return after 1948. They claim, incorrectly, that Israel's citizenship laws are based on something they call "blood kinship."

They state, incredibly and without substantiation, that Israel's counter-terrorism raids in the 1950s were aimed at territorial expansion. They claim that Yitzhak Rabin, who first endorsed Palestinian statehood in a Yediot Aharonot interview in 1974, was opposed to Palestinian statehood.

At a more basic level, they ignore or gloss over critical distinctions in their effort to portray "the Lobby" as a monolith. Supporters of Israel's cause are depicted as unanimous in backing territorial expansion and opposing concessions to the Palestinians; when the authors happen to notice advocates of compromise, such as Edgar Bronfman and Seymour Reich, they are presented as lonely voices of dissent rather than as leaders of major factions within the organized Jewish community.

The very term "pro-Israel" becomes, in their hands, elastic to the point of deceptiveness. One minute it describes those who are sympathetic to Israel; the next minute it denotes those whose main motivation is loyalty to Israel. By switching back and forth, they manage to make the casual sympathizers melt in among the diehards to create the appearance of a vast, terrifying octopus.

The deception is helped along by the cherry-picking of quotes. In one egregious case, they attempt to prove how deeply Paul Wolfowitz is "committed to Israel" by quoting the Forward, which "once described him as 'the most hawkishly pro-Israel voice in the Administration.'" A check of the endnotes shows that the words did appear in the Forward, but they were describing the conventional wisdom, not the Forward's view. The article was about a pro-Israel rally where Wolfowitz was booed for defending Palestinian rights. The point was that the conventional wisdom was wrong.

Some facts need repeating, though they shouldn't. Israel was founded by majority vote of the United Nations General Assembly. It has faced and continues to face powerful enemies intent on its destruction. Its citizenship is open to all races and creeds, from European Jews to South American Indians and Vietnamese boat people. Tens of thousands of Israelis are West Bank and Gaza Palestinians who gained their citizenship by marrying Israelis....

Mearsheimer and Walt join a long line of critics who dislike Israel so deeply that they cannot fathom the support it enjoys.... and so they search for some malign power capable of perverting America's good sense. They find it, as others have before, in the Jews.

"...They find it, as others have before, in the Jews...."

9:56 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and what's going on w/ your board?
Our strong-but-silent host doing quiet little Nazi clean-up for lib consumption? 10 minutes after Leni posts? now that don't seem right.

Registered Member
Posts: 224
(3/3/06 9:33 pm)
Reply Wayne Madsen on Chertoff connection to Zim shipping
March 3, 2006 -- The Israeli, Dubai, Chertoff connection -- its just the tip of the Russian-Israeli mafia and "Al Qaeda" iceberg....

....Dubai Ports World and Zim Shipping, Michael Chertoff and Osama financiers and A Q Khan smugglers, New York and London Hassidim diamond dealers and Al Qaeda and affiliated terrorist organizations are connecting more dots.


Edited by: Rigorous Intuition at: 3/3/06 9:43 pm

10:13 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

* 1] Behind The Throne
* [6] The Thousand Conspiracy - Secret Germany Behind the Mask
* [5] The Thousand Conspiracy - Secret Germany Behind the Mask
* [4] The Thousand Conspiracy - Secret Germany Behind the Mask
* [3] The Thousand Conspiracy - Secret Germany Behind the Mask
* (2) The Thousand Conspiracy - Secret Germany Behind the Mask
* [1] The Thousand-Year Conspiracy - Secret Germany Behind the Mask
* [2] Behemoth - The Structure and Practice of National Socialism
* [1] Behemoth - The Structure and Practice of National Socialism


12:14 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something interesting on the Rothschilds -

12:44 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9/11 Revisited (updated)

2:38 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Said

"In Dark Times, Blame the Jews"

I highly recommend the following book for historical overview.

The Secret War Against the Jews : How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People by John Loftus and Mark Aarons

Here is an overview from a reviewer
on Amazon

There is one important point about this book which I believe most readers have missed. Loftus is really telling us here something about the origins of Islamic terror, about the Wahahabi regime in Saudi Arabia's adoption of Nazi propaganda in its war against the Jews. This war against the Jews has become a war against the West. Loftus shows how the Dulleses' and the State Department contributed to the policy of covering up for the Saudis. This policy has led to US concealing the fierce anti - US policy of the Saudi educational system.In other words he gives the roots of Sept. 11, 2001 in which fifteen of the terrorists were Saudi nationals. Even today the war on terror being conducted by the Bush administration throughout the Middle East makes a strange exception in not taking on one of the major bankrollers of terror, the Saudis.Loftus correctly identifies the enemies of the Jews as the enemy of human freedom. And he indicates that failures of the whole Western espionage system have contributed to this. This book was written well before 9/1`1 and is prophetic in sensing that it might come.
Loftus book is implicitly a wake- up call to the people of the West to begin to understand who their enemies are, and work in a forceful way to defeat them.

4:08 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We see all the dots but do not believe the face of the beast we see when we begin to connect them together...hmmm?

We tell ourselves that it can't possibly be. That there must be some other, "rational" or "reasonable" explanation, but the same pattern always emerges no matter where we start or what criteria we choose to follow.

It begins and ends with the very same group of players slowly emerging and gaining force after that dark day in Dallas and looking a little deeper we see how they are all inextricably interconnected from long before that.

Now they are in the out in the open and moving rapidly to stop the truth from rearing it's ugly head before it's too late to stop them.

It is a relatively small cabal, after all, that is always pulling the strings or directly benefitting from having them pulled in completely unexpected or radically skewed ways considering the import and impact of the circumstances.

Pick your favorite secret society. Is it "Skull and Bones", the CIA, or some mysterious "Illuminati"? How many likely carry membership cards for all as well as the Republican party and weave their way in and out of this strange nightmarish and macabre tale?

MK-Ultra and mind control? What was that if not to deliberately induce multiple personality disorders that could simply be triggered by controlling signals? To have the victims unwittingly compromise themselves instead of ever giving away any details that would point to the real perpetrators. Programmed instead to simply sacrifice themselves for a cause they really knew nothing about.

What about the kidnapped children who were ritually abused and taken into porn rings to amuse some very wealthy and powerfull people? They too were programmed in an almost identical way in a largely suppressed story that itself leads back to the very doorstep of MK-Ultra and some of the key players surrounding it.

What about that particular "Pearl Harbour" type security failure in Dallas that sent everyone reeling while another brutal and unnecessary war in a far away place rolled out in plain view?

Another similar war where all the rules were broken both before and during while American citizens were smothered in lies and frozen out of any debate about it's legitimacy or the ruthlesness and barbarity with which it was prosecuted.

People with patterns and patterns of events. Symbolic events with reoccurring symbols within them, all floating around in the unlikely stew of Rockefeller, Brown, and Harriman interests.

The oil that greases all the unlikely cogs in this deadly machine which seeks to dictate and determine the fate of an entire world.

6:17 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous One,there is a strange page up at Cannonfire.I sure hope this isn't true,it would ruin my feelings about the Bush clan,later.

6:58 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:51am said:

"[Mohamed Atta's] father was Muslim Brotherhood"

I "failed to mention" it, because it's not true. As you mentioned, I live in Egypt -- but I am Egyptian, I am not American (DUH! is now an international word, sort of like ok, ok?).

I have asked people who are intimately familiar with the Muslim Brotherhood, who can rattle off the names and histories of practically the entire nomenclature going back several decades.

Believe me, nobody's heard of this so-called "prominent lawyer" who is supposedly involved with the Brotherhood. As I mentioned on another thread, Atta's father has, since 9/11, become almost as bizarrely insubstantial and contradictory as his son.

Before his son made world headlines, all that was known about him was that he was a nobody small potatoes lawyer from Kafr el Sheikh, a poverty-stricken rural nowhere.

Everything else is at least partly made up. I've tried to follow up and find anything on this guy, but all I find are "facts" that are mutually exclusive.

I've met journalists who attended press conferences at "his family home" in diverse locations, who have reported that the day after his son was supposedly killed, he had a price list for journalist (US$ 5,000 for a written interview, I believe it was US$ 10,000 for broadcast media, etc...)

But hey, I guess you haven't been warned yet, that you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers, eh?

1:31 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...The present phase of evolution may be characterized in a general way by saying that all the experiences confronting humankind in the physical world during the earth's further existence will represent a decline, a retrogression. The time when human progress was made possible through the refinement of the physical forces is already over. In the future, too, humankind will progress, but only through spiritual development, through development on a higher level than that of the processes of the physical plane. People who rely entirely on the processes of the physical plane will find in them no satisfaction. An indication given in spiritual science a long time ago, in the lecture course on the Apocalypse, namely that we are heading for a the "War of All against All," must from now onward be grasped in all its significance and gravity; its implications must not remain in the realm of theory but also come to expression in the actions, the whole behavior of human beings.
The fact that -- to use a colloquialism -- people in the future are not going to get much fun out of developments on the physical plane will bring home to them that further evolution must proceed from
spiritual forces."

2:46 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Reagan, Bush, and Davey Rockefeller - I had a chance to converse with videojournalist John Hillyer ("The Clinton Chronicles," "Clinton Circle of Power"). He mentioned that he had been present behind the scenes somewhere during the 1980 campaign. He claims to have witnessed, or gotten wind of (I didn't get that part clear), a conversation wherein David Rockefeller essentially ordered Reagan to accept Bush as his running mate -- or else, (to paraphrase), "we have ways" of making you comply.

Hillyer, who devoted years to exposing, among many other crimes, the "Clinton Body Count" (mysterious unsolved murders and "accidental" deaths that piled up around the Clinton family) himself became part of the body count not long after I spoke to him, when he died in the dentist's chair, ostensibly of a heart attack. Prior to this, he had warned friends and family members that "They" were out to get him and that they'd probably make it look like a heart attack.

-mr e

1:44 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, did anyone see the recent Charlie Rose show on PBS where Rose spent an hour fellating "philanthropist and art collector David Rockefeller" and the Rockefeller family over their art donations to the Asia Society? It struck me how DR's voice is a dead ringer for that of C. Montgomery Burns?

mr e

1:51 a.m.  
Blogger ELFIS said...

Whitley Strieber had an interesting Journal entry last year that was focused on the Texas / Nazi / Islamic Extremist Connections...

A Nation in Peril?
Tuesday July 12th, 2005

Also ... Recent OKC / Strassmeir News:

From Scott Horton's STRESS BLOG...

Federal Judge Admits Informant Inside OKCBOMB Plot - Morris Dees of the SPLC Implicated / March 30, 2006

Read the ruling by United States District Judge Dale A. Kimball in the case of the federal torture and murder of Kenneth Trentadue.
The Judge confirms the existance of the informant inside the bomb plot, and that individual’s ties to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Just wait, it’s Strassmeir. I bet you ten bucks.

Hat tip: Chris Emery

UPDATE: The Judge has re-worded his ruling. JD Cash, McCurtain Daily Gazette :

“Late Thursday, U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball of Utah altered an order he made Wednesday in a Freedom of Information Act law-suit filed by attorney Jesse Tren-tadue.

Kimball amended the portion of his order that had read: “Plaintiff points out the fact that this docu-ment indicates that there was an undercover operative in with Tim McVeigh.”

With explanation, the judge changed order to read: “Plaintiff claims” that here was an under-cover operative.”

Pressure Drop, Oh, Pressure, Oh, Yeah, Pressure’s got the drop on you.

Posted by— Scott @ 2:32 pm'sruling06OKCBombingandKennethTrentadueDeath.pdf [.pdf]


Hello Scott,
We appreciate the excellent support you’ve offered to the OKBIC and getting the truth out on this case over the past several years. You and your outstanding radio show are an excellent source of well researched, credible information on the OKC bombing as well as several dozen other government corruption issues.
Wish there were a few thousand more of ‘you’ out there.
Please keep us posted on any updates you come across re: the OKC case.
Best Regards,
Chris Emery
Volunteer with the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee
Comment by Chris Emery — March 30, 2006 @ 4:14 pm

Most of it is thanks to you guys at the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee, and, of course, the great reporter JD Cash.
Comment by Scott — March 30, 2006 @ 5:39 pm

Good job, Scott. With 9-11, many have forgotten OKC. Lots of similarities in circumstantial evidence though. Don’t forget about Kirk Lyons, he was Strassmeir’s handler.
On another subject, am I reading this right that the lawyers for the two indicted AIPAC guys are claiming first ammendment rights? They have got to be kidding with that one. If this is true, do First Ammendment rights now only apply to crooks, pornographers, politicians and certain foreign lobbyists? Gimme a break!!
Comment by Phil — March 31, 2006 @ 6:54 am


Bolsters claims government had informant inside conspiracy to ...
WorldNetDaily, OR - Mar 30, 2006 ... who were present at the paramilitary compound on April 17, 1995, when McVeigh called the camp looking for German-national Andreas Strassmeir and additional ...

SPLC Investigated For Complicity In OKC bombing, NY - Apr 3, 2006 ... warnings about the planned bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building when Timothy McVeigh called Elohim City looking for Andreas Strassmeir, also believed ...

3:50 p.m.  
Blogger ELFIS said...

And this audio interview from November of last year is of interest regarding Strassmeir and OKC:

Download MP3
Listen Stream Audio

J.D. Cash returns to explain the real facts behind the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, the Aryan Republican Army bank robbery ring, and the murder of Kenneth Trentadue.

4:15 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel Hopsicker on Atta & Muslim Brotherhood

9:25 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well "Alice", I find it amusing that you are willing to indulge in all kinds of speculation regarding all elements of his murky past, but that one to you is straight from the mainstream press hacks, huh? Gee, I wonder what your agenda might be? Judging from the last post, D. Hopsicker is of the belief that Atta was from that background. Personally, I wouldn't expect his father to be a high-ranking member, quite the opposite. A "nobody" lawyer from an impoverished backwater town smells EXACTLY like the fertile ground of the MB.
But, hey, since YOU asked around, and nobody's heard of him, I guess that settles it.
As we all know, Egypt has such a fabulously free society, and Egyptian security services allow just about anything and anyone to post on on the net in their country without any restriction. And the Egyptian govt. and their various fascist Arabs and their western benefactors lackeys and defenders such as yourself would have no reason at all to bury that truth.

Muslim Brotherhood = CIA

5:04 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Repatriation — The Dark Side of World War II, Part 3
by Jacob G. Hornberger, April 1995

Adolf Hitler did not trust Andrey Vlasov. The Russian general had served in the Russian army since the Russian Revolution. He had fought hard and valiantly in the successful defense of Moscow. It was only because of Stalin's refusal to permit Vlasov and his men to retreat during the subsequent battle at Leningrad that the German forces had defeated and captured Vlasov. It was difficult for Hitler to believe that Vlasov was now willing to lead captured Russian soldiers against Stalin and his communist regime.

So, it was not until the very end of the war — January 1945 — that Hitler finally relented and permitted Vlasov to lead Russian POWs into battle against the Russian army. But by this time, Germany was close to defeat. The forces under Vlasov's command — some 50,000 Russian soldiers — played a minor military role in the war.

Ironically, Vlasov's forces did have one very interesting military victory. The Czech underground sought their assistance in helping to liberate Czechoslovakia from Nazi control! Vlasov, who despised the Nazis as much as he hated the communists, agreed to help. The Saturday Evening Post later reported:

Prague really was liberated by foreign troops, after all. Not by the Allies who did not arrive until the shooting was all over, but by 22,000 Russian outlaws wearing German uniforms. The leader of these renegades was General Vlasov, a former hero of the Red Army.

The battlefield was obviously chaotic. The Russians were approaching from the east. The Americans and British were approaching from the west. Vlasov and his forces were in the middle, and German forces were at his back.

On May 7, 1945, Germany capitulated.

Vlasov knew that Stalin was not a forgiving man. After his capture, Vlasov had openly defied the communists and communism. He had tried to arouse the Russian people to revolt against their communist tyrants. Vlasov knew that capture by the communists now meant certain death for him and his men.

Andrey Vlasov chose to surrender to American forces. He did not know that Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin had already sealed his fate. He did not know that these four rulers of the Allied powers had already committed themselves to one of the worst holocausts in history. He did not know that evil pervaded not only the Nazi and communist regimes, but the American and British regimes, as well."

4:16 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freedom Fighter Said:

Elie Wiesel's 'Night' A Fraud?
Did Oprah Pick Another Fibber?

"As he roosts on his pile of gold amid the abuse of Oprah and the literary world, Frey can comfort himself with the thought that Night is not how "it really was", and that even though there is a vast gulf between what Wiesel actually endured and Frey's lies about his own life, when it comes making literature he and Wiesel were both in the business of artistic and emotional manipulation, of dressing fiction up as truth."

Truth and Fiction in Elie Wiesel's Night:
Is Frey or Wiesel the Bigger Moral Poseur?

By Alexander Cockburn

When in trouble, head for Auschwitz, preferably in the company of Elie Wiesel. It's as foolproof a character reference as is available today, at least within the Judeo-Christian sphere of moral influence. One can easily see why Oprah Winfrey and her advisers saw an Auschwitz excursion in the company of Wiesel as a sure-fire antidote to salve the wounds sustained by Oprah's Book Club when it turned out that James Frey had faked significant slabs of his own supposedly autobiographical saga of moral regeneration, A Million Little Pieces.

Published in 2003, Frey's irksome book swiftly became a cult classic. (The present author was offered it in the summer of 2004 by a young relative, presumably to assist in his moral regeneration, but after glancing through a few pages returned it, on the grounds that it wasn't his kind of thing.) Winfrey picked it for her Book Club in September 2005, and it rocketed to the top of the bestseller lists.

For Frey the sky fell in when, on January 7, 2006, the Smoking Gun website published documents showing that Frey had fabricated many facts about himself, including a criminal record. There were later charges of plagiarism. Frey ran through a benign gauntlet of trial-by-Larry King on January 11, and Oprah called in to stand by her Pick of the Month. She said that what mattered was not whether Frey's book was true (the Fundamentalist claim for the Holy Bible) but its value as a therapeutic tool (the modern Anglican position on the Good Book).

But by now every columnist and books page editor in America was wrestling the truth-or-fiction issue to the ground. Oprah turned on Frey. On her show on January 26, he clung to the ropes, offering the excuse that the "demons" that had driven him to drink and drugs had also driven him into claiming that everything he wrote about himself was true. Publishers including Random House, which has made millions off him, had rejected the book when he'd initially offered it as a "fiction novel". Oprah brushed this aside.

"Say it's all true" is what demons often whisper in an author's ear. Ask T.E. Lawrence. Did the Bey of Deraa really rape him? Lawrence suggests it in the Seven Pillars of Wisdom in paragraphs of fervent masochistic reminiscence. This and other adventures in Lawrence's account of British scheming in Mesopotamia against the Ottomans met with the ecstatic admiration of the Oxford-based equivalent of Oprah's Book Club back in the early 1920s, after Lawrence had the 350,000-word "memoir" privately printed and circulated. He'd written an earlier version in 1919 but claimed this had been stolen while he was changing trains in Reading, on the way to Oxford from London. (Reading has surely been the site of more supposed thefts and losses of "completed manuscripts" and PhD dissertations -- "I didn't make a copy!" -- than any railway station in the world.)

Half a century later it occurred to Colin Simpson and Phillip Knightley of the London Sunday Times to ask the supposed rapist for his side of the story. They hurried off to Turkey and tracked down the town to which the Bey had retired, arriving at his home only to learn he'd died not long before. Relatives told the British reporters that the Bey would not have found Lawrence appetizing prey. The Turk was a noted womanizer, and when in Mesopotamia was always getting the clap from consorting with whores on his excursions to Damascus.

It's fun to think of Oprah grilling Lawrence about his claims, freshly exposed on Smoking Gun, telling him she felt "really duped" but that, "more importantly, I feel that you betrayed millions of Orientalizing masochists who believed you".

But hardly had Frey been cast down from the eminence of's top bestseller before he was replaced at number one by the new pick of Oprah's Book Club, Elie Wiesel's Night, which had the good fortune to see republication at this fraught moment in Oprah's literary affairs. Simultaneous with the Night selection came news that Oprah Winfrey and Elie Wiesel would shortly be visiting Auschwitz together, from which vantage point Oprah, with the lugubrious Wiesel at her side, could emphasize for her ABC-TV audience that there is truth and there is fiction, that Auschwitz is historical truth at its bleakest and most terrifying, that Night is a truthful account and that Wiesel is the human embodiment of truthful witness.

The trouble here is that in its central, most crucial scene, Night isn't historically true, and at least two other important episodes are almost certainly fiction. Below, I cite views, vigorously expressed to me in recent weeks by a concentration camp survivor, Eli Pfefferkorn, who worked with Wiesel for many years; also by Raul Hilberg. Hilberg is the world's leading authority on the Nazi Holocaust. An expanded version of his classic three-volume study, The Destruction of the European Jews, was recently reissued by Yale University Press. Wiesel personally enlisted Hilberg to be the historical expert on the United States Holocaust Commission.

If absolute truth to history is the standard, Pfefferkorn says, then Night doesn't make the grade. Wiesel made things up, in a way that his many subsequent detractors could identify as not untypical of his modus operandi: grasping with deft assurance what people important to his future would want to hear and, by the same token, would not want to hear.

The book that became Night was originally a much longer account, published in Yiddish in 1956, under the title Un di Velt Hot Geshvign (And the World Remained Silent). Wiesel was living in Paris at the time. By 1958 he had translated his book from Yiddish into French, publishing it in that year under the title La Nuit. Wiesel says it was severely cut down in length by Jerome Lindon, the chief editor at Editions de Minuit. In 1960 came the English translation, Night, published by Hill & Wang. The 2006 edition of Night is translated from the 1958 French version by Wiesel's wife, Marion, and in the introduction Wiesel says he has "been able to correct and revise a number of important details".

In the New York Times for January 17, Michiko Kakutani wrote in her usual plodding prose, with her usual aversion to any unconventional thought, that "Mr. Frey's embellishments of the truth, his cavalier assertion that the 'writer of a memoir is retailing a subjective story,' his casual attitude about how people remember the past -- all stand in shocking contrast to the apprehension of memory as a sacred act that is embodied in Oprah Winfrey's new selection for her book club, announced yesterday: Night, Elie Wiesel's devastating 1960 account of his experiences in Auschwitz and Buchenwald." got the message quickly enough. The site had been categorizing the new edition of Night under "fiction and literature" but, under the categorical imperative of Kakutani's "memory as a sacred act" or a phone call from Wiesel's publisher, hastily switched it to "biography and memoir". Within hours it had reached number 3 on Amazon's bestseller list. That same evening, January 17, Night topped both the "biography" and "fiction" bestseller lists on

Nonetheless, over the next few days there were articles in the Jewish Forward and in the New York Times, also a piece on NPR, saying that Night should not be taken as unvarnished documentary. In the Forward article, published January 20, challengingly titled "Six Million Little Pieces?", Joshua Cohen reminded Forward readers that in 1996, Naomi Seidman, a Jewish Studies professor at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, had compared the original 1956 Yiddish version of the book with the subsequent, drastically edited translation.

"According to Seidman's account, published in the scholarly journal Jewish Social Studies", Cohen wrote, "Wiesel substantially rewrote the work between editions -- suggesting that the strident and vengeful tone of the Yiddish original was converted into a continental, angst-ridden existentialism more fitting to Wiesel's emerging role as an ambassador of culture and conscience. Most important, Seidman wrote that Wiesel altered several facts in the later edition, in some cases offering accounts of pivotal moments that conflicted with the earlier version. (For example, in the French, the young Wiesel, having been liberated from Buchenwald, is recuperating in a hospital; he looks into a mirror and writes that he saw a corpse staring back at him. In the earlier Yiddish, Wiesel holds that upon seeing his reflection he smashed the mirror and then passed out, after which 'my health began to improve.')"

That said, Cohen emphasized that whereas "Frey, for one, seems to have falsified the facts of his life in order to satisfy ego and the demands of the market, Wiesel's liberties seem more like reconsiderations, his process less revision than interpretation. Reading Night, one encounters the birth of thought about the Holocaust - the future of history, concomitant with its study. In both versions, the book's intent is to engage not the undeniability of the Holocaust, but the man who has undeniably emerged from its horror."

This reverent tone about Wiesel and his work is customary. People mostly write about him and his work with the muted awe of British tourists reading guidebooks to each other in a French cathedral. In The Jewish Press for February 1, Andrew Silow Carroll was a bit friskier. He cited Wiesel as declaring to the New York Times that Night "is not a novel at all. All the people I describe were with me there. I object angrily if someone mentions it as a novel." And yet, Silow Carroll went on, "in the past, Wiesel hasn't helped matters in this regard. In 1972, Hill & Wang packaged Night with two other books, Dawn and The Accident, which Wiesel clearly identified as novels. The set's cover refers to the works as 'Three Tales by Elie Wiesel.' In a later edition of the same volume, Wiesel refers to all three books as 'narratives,' although he calls Night a 'testimony,' and the other two 'commentaries.'"

There are some rather comical instances of Wiesel's relaxed attitude to autobiographical truth, as excavated in Norman Finkelstein's book, The Goldhagen Thesis and Historical Truth. Wiesel was one of Goldhagen's main supporters. In his 1995 memoir, All Rivers Run to the Sea Wiesel writes that at the age of 18, recently liberated from Auschwitz, "I read The Critique of Pure Reason--don't laugh!--in Yiddish." Finkelstein comments, "Leaving aside Wiesel's acknowledgement that at the time ''I was wholly ignorant of Yiddish grammar' The Critique of Pure Reason was never translated into Yiddish." Imagine the lacerations Frey would have endured for making that sort of boast.

Though sales have now soared, I'm not sure how many people will read Night now, beyond buying the new edition as a gesture of solidarity with Oprah and survivors of the Holocaust. It doesn't take a background in literary criticism to see that Night is artfully fashioned as a kind of symbolic narrative about the relationship between sons and fathers (there are four such portraits in the short book) and, crucially, between the Christian God (the Father) and his Son. The style seems influenced by Albert Camus, particularly L'Etranger. Camus won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1957, one of the youngest recipients ever. This was the time during which Wiesel was reworking his Yiddish narrative into the far more terse, Camusian work, with its Camusian title.

As a piece of historical witness to the experience of the inmates, the doomed and those who survived inside Auschwitz and Buchenwald, there are books far superior to Night, starting with Primo Levi's writings, or the late Ella Lingens-Reiner's extraordinary memoir of Auschwitz, Prisoners of Fear, published in 1948. Night's focus is extremely narrow, primarily on the main character, Eliezer, and his father. One learns with a certain surprise that though Wiesel's sister Tzipora died in the camps, two other sisters survived. In the new edition, Wiesel doesn't mention them.

Night certainly contains none of the context offered by Levi or Lingens-Reiner, or much more rfecently, by Kenneth Waltzer, professor of Jewish Studies at Michigan State University, who is writing a book called The Rescue of Children at Buchenwald and whose interesting letter was published in Forward at the end of February:

"The January 20 article on Oprah Winfrey's selection of Elie Wiesel's Night for her Book Club was on the mark ('Six Million Little Pieces?'). Any memoir is a reconstruction shaped by purpose and audience rather than a direct statement of memory -- and even Wiesel's Night is not an exception.

"Night focuses primarily on the relation of father and son in Auschwitz and in Buchenwald. When Wiesel loses his father in January 1945 at Buchenwald, he drifts into a listlessness and fog from which he emerged only after liberation. He recalls in Night only the terrible final days of the camp, in April 1945, when the Nazis sought to evacuate Jewish prisoners and then all prisoners.

"Wiesel writes of his relation with his father, the presence of God, and his own survival and its meaning. He does not describe the social context in which he existed during the final months. The barracks, his place in the camp, his relation to others -- other prisoners, Jews, boys -- remain murky.

"What is omitted in Night is that the 16-year-old was placed in a special barracks created by the clandestine underground as part of a strategy of saving youth. Block 66 was located in the deepest part of the disease-infested little camp and beyond the normal Nazi S.S. gaze. It was overseen by Czech Communist Antonin Kalina and by his deputy, Gustav Schiller, a Polish Jewish Communist.

"Schiller, who appears briefly in Night, was a rough father figure and mentor, especially for the Polish-Jewish boys and many Czech-Jewish boys; but he was less liked, and even feared, by Hungarian- and Romanian-Jewish boys, especially religious boys, including Wiesel. He appears in Night as a distant figure, armed with a truncheon.

"After January 1945, the underground concentrated all children and youth that could be fit into this windowless barracks -- more than 600 in total. Younger children were protected elsewhere. When the U.S. Third Army arrived April 11, 1945, more than 900 children and youth were found among 21,000 remaining prisoners.

"Wiesel since has acknowledged the role played by the clandestine underground but did not attend to it in Night. Fellow barracks members recall being protected from work and getting extra food. They recall efforts by their mentors to raise their horizons. They also recall heroic intervention by Kalina or by Schiller during the final days to protect them.

"Even then, many boys were lined up at the gate, to be led out April 10. However, American planes flew overhead, sirens sounded, the guards ran and Kalina, who was with them, ordered the boys back to the barracks. They were still in the barracks the next day when units of the U.S. Third Army broke through the barbed-wire fences.

"Wiesel's Night is about becoming alone. But Wiesel was also among hundreds of children and youth aided by a purposeful effort at rescue inside a concentration camp."

Forward slightly trimmed Waltzer's contribution, from an article to a letter. In the fuller version, which he has kindly supplied, Professor Waltzer wrote his last paragraph as follows:

"In Night, Wiesel writes about viewing himself in the mirror after liberation and seeing a corpse gazing back at him. But another picture taken after liberation shows Wiesel marching out of the camp, fourth on the left, among a phalanx of youth, moving together, heads high, a group guided by prisoners who had helped save them."

A photograph accompanying Waltzer's text, credited to Jack Werber, of Great Neck, New York, shows exactly that. The young Wiesel's head is high, like the others'. But this parable of a triumph for human solidarity was absolutely contrary to the parable Wiesel was set on rewriting in French from the Yiddish volume. In the late 1950s a man with instincts as finely tuned as Wiesel's to useful frequencies on the political dial probably would not have thought it advantageous to dwell on the heroic role of Communists in the death camps. All the more is this true in recent years, when Wiesel's most celebrated moments have come when hunkering down for sessions of amiable moral counsel with Ronald Reagan (who wanted to pretend that the SS should be retrospectively forgiven because, after all, they weren't Communists and fought the Great Satan) and George Bush, on whom Wiesel urged the war on Iraq as a necessary moral act, declaring that "the world faced a moral crisis similar to 1938" and "the choice is simple".

This is not the first time bombing has elicited an endorsement from the great moral standard-bearer. In 1999, as NATO's bombs descended on Yugoslavia, blowing up civilians on train or bus, as well as journalists in their broadcasting studio, Wiesel was questioned by Wolf Blitzer on CNN's Larry King Live. Declared one government toady to another: "I think it [the bombing] had to be done, because all the other options had been explored." This balderdash put Wiesel, morally speaking, on a par with Cardinal Spellman, blessing the B-52s as they set off to drop napalm on children in the Vietnam era.

For a decidedly irreverent assessment of Night's merits On February 10, 2006, Candian tv viewers were able, in February, to watch and hear the former editor of Harper's magazine, Lewis Lapham, delivering a lecture at the University of Ottawa, on the invitation of the university's Graduate Students Association. Lapham's lecture, entitled "The Politicization of Research," was carried on C-PAC, Canada's parliamentary TV channel, several times in the days that followed. In the Q and A session after the lecture, in response to an enquiry about the decline in the quality of ediucation, Lapham replied:

"I have had three children; my youngest is now 25, my eldest is 32. They all went through a very high-end American both secondary schools and colleges. And the syllabus of books that they were given in the English courses were terrible. I mean, they were all tracts

"There was a big fuss about Oprah Winfrey and the James Frey book, and she's now going to put on [her TV show] Elie Wiesel's Night. This is really one of the worst books I have ever read, and I've had to read it three times to my three children; and it's junk. But it's the kind of junk that has become very de rigeur in American universities. It's a propaganda poster. With the kind of books the kids are given to read, I mean, it would turn them off books forever. No wonder! Because they are being given tracts. And, the big subject of course is victimology."

One of the perennially fascinating things about Wiesel is the preternatural alertness of his antennae for the opportune audience, his sense of what will, so to speak, "play" usefully for him. This brings us, by way of Eli Pfefferkorn, to Francois Mauriac.

These days Eli Pfefferkorn, age 77, lives in Toronto. A man, on the evidence of several phone conversations, of alert intelligence and charm, he too is a concentration camp survivor. Originally from Poland, he spent seven weeks in Maidanek, then in three labor camps, then in Buchenwald, then in Rehmsdorf. Near the end of the war he endured a death march to Theresienstadt in Moravia, where the surviving inmates were liberated by the Red Army on May 8, 1945. Pfefferkorn's parents perished in other camps, and he tells me he owes his life to his mother, who shook his hand loose from hers when the family was about to be deported, and told the 13-year-old boy to scram.

Pfefferkorn eventually came to the United States, taught, and spent some time working with Wiesel on the conceptual design of the Holocaust museum. Once an uncritical admirer, his present estimate of Wiesel is not favorable, and he sets his views forth at length in a fascinating manuscript he is preparing to submit to publishers. He was kind enough to send me some chapters. By no means short-changing Wiesel on what he regards as his genuine achievements, Pfefferkorn can be unsparing: "He's become a eulogist of the dead but he doesn't raise his mellifluous voice against the wrong done to survivors, 35 per cent of them below the poverty line in the US."

There are piercing passages in Pfefferkorn's memoir concerning Wiesel's opportunism and betrayals in the murky battles over the design of the Holocaust Museum, and above all in his artful pursuit of the Nobel Peace Prize, which he was awarded in 1986. "Would Wiesel, Pfefferkorn asks, "ever have received this prize for his work as a journalist?" Pfefferkorn answers his question, "It's hard to imagine. No. Wiesel got the prize because he elevated himself as the spokesman for the survivors. His mostly absurd pretensions to be a 'peace missionary', had nothing to do with it."

Then, once he had the prize he so fiercely pursued, Wiesel gradually, but consistently--so Pfefferkorn stresses--"alienated himself from the survivors".

In Night, Pfefferkorn isolates a number of episodes in which he makes a convincing case that Wiesel dumped truth in favor of fiction. The two I cite here involve a boy playing a violin amidst a death march, and the second is one of Night's most famous scenes, the hanging of three inmates.

Of the first episode, Pfefferkorn writes:

"The story of the 'violin episode' takes place during the death march from Auschwitz to Buchenwald with a short gap at Gleiwitz in January of 1945. Mercilessly driven by the SS guards, stragglers were shot at and shoved to the side road. The columns of inmates arrived in Gleiwitz, after having dragged themselves through the snow-swept roads in freezing temperatures for about fifty kilometers. Immediately upon arrival, they were herded into barns. Drained, they dropped to the floor -- the dead, the dying and the partially living piled one on the other.

"Under this heap of crushed humanity laid Juliek, cradling a violin, which he has carried all the way from Auschwitz to Gleiwitz. Eliezer, somehow, stumbles on Juliek, "...the boy from Warsaw who played in the band at Buna... 'How do you feel, Juliek?' I asked, less to know the answer than to hear that he could speak, that he was alive. 'All right, Eliezer ... I'm getting on all right ... hardly any air ... worn out. My feet are swollen. It's good to rest, but my violin...'

"Eliezer -- the inmate -- wonders, 'What use was the violin here?' Wiesel -- the memoirist -- does not find it necessary to give an answer to the question. Such an answer, I assume, should be of interest to the reader for if Wiesel were to provide an answer, the veracity of the story would dissolve like the morning mist in the Sinai desert. Maintaining hold on a violin as one marched the March of Death is highly improbable. However, a violin in the midst of human debris strains the imagination and questions memory. How did Juliek hold on to the violin on the death journey? Deprived of food and drink, when each step stubbornly refused to follow the next one, how did Juliek manage to clutch the violin in his numb fingers, let alone play Beethoven on it? Would the SS escorts have let him keep it?

"And from this anus mundi, suddenly the melody of a Beethoven concerto is heard, wafting through the corpses, the groans of the dying, the stench of the dead. Eliezer had never heard sounds so pure. 'In such a silence. It was pitch dark. I could only hear the violin, it was though Juliek's soul were the bow. He was playing his life. The whole life was gliding on his strings -- his lost hopes, his charred past, his extinguished future. He played as he would never play again.' This powerful and emotionally moving scene, celebrating the triumph of the human spirit over the grinding SS machinery is the very stuff that heroic fiction is made of. But is it a memoir factually recorded? Obviously, Wiesel's putative memoir, written while on a boat to Brazil, is but a recollection of experiences seen through the eye of his creative imagination. And yet, the melancholy melodies that came out of Juliek's violin were the first strains of a myth orchestrated by Wiesel and his disciples, over a period of thirty years."

A major scene in Night, one that contributed hugely to the book's success in the West, and its impact on many Christians starting with Francois Mauriac, was the execution of three inmates in the Buna work camp. As Pfefferkorn writes, "The fascination of Christian theologians with the Wiesel phenomenon must be traced back to a hanging that the 16-year-old Eliezer witnessed in Auschwitz."

In the incident, two adults and a little boy are being led to the gallows. The little boy refused to betray fellow inmates who have been involved in an act of sabotage; to protect his fellow inmates, the boy is willing to pay with his life. Each one climbs to his chair and his neck is slipped into the rope's noose. The scene continues as follows in the 1960 English version of Night:

"The three victims mounted together onto the chairs. The three necks were placed at the same moment within the nooses. 'Long live Liberty!' cried the adults. But the child was silent.

"'Where is God? Where is He?' someone behind me asked. At a sign from the head of the camp, the three chairs tipped over. Total silence throughout the camp. On the horizon, the sun was setting.

"'Bare your heads!' yelled the head of the camp. His voice was raucous. We were weeping. 'Cover your heads!' Then the march past began. The two adults were no longer alive. Their tongues hung swollen, blue tinged. But the third rope was still moving; being so light, the child was still alive.... For more than half an hour he stayed there, struggling between life and death, dying in slow agony under our eyes. And we had to look him full in the face. He was still alive when I passed in front of him. His tongue was still red, his eyes not yet glazed. Behind me, I heard the same man asking: 'Where is God now?' And I heard a voice within me answer him: 'Where is He? Here He is -- He is hanging here on this gallows'"

Not surprisingly, the graphically described hanging scene has been etched into the imagination of the Christian theologians because of the numerous parallels to the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Now, while he was working on the memoir, La Nuit, Wiesel had cause, on behalf of an Israeli newspaper, to visit and interview Francois Mauriac, the Catholic writer and Nobel Laureate in literature. They got on well. Then Wiesel gave him the manuscript of La Nuit. Mauriac found in it an answer to his own anguish at descriptions of the mass slaughters in the death camps, particularly of children.

Mauriac fastened instantly on, in Pfefferkorn's words, "a resemblance between the crucifixion and Wiesel's description of the young boy's hanging. In response to Wiesel's questioning of God's benevolence and man's humanness, Mauriac writes the following in his Foreword to Night: 'And I, who believe that God is love, what answer could I give my young questioner, whose dark eyes still held the reflection of that angelic sadness which had appeared one day upon the face of the hanged child? What did I say to him? Did I speak of that other Israeli, his brother, who may have resembled him -- the Crucified, whose Cross has conquered the world?'"

Pfefferkorn continues:

"The hanged child dangling on the rope is reflected in Eliezer's eyes, whose image resembles that of the crucified Jesus. Thus in one stroke, Mauriac has drawn a triptych reminiscent of the medieval paintings, making young Eliezer the link connecting the two watershed events in the history of Western civilization, namely the Crucifixion and the Holocaust. Mauriac leaves no doubt as to his Christological interpretation of the Auschwitz hanging. In the year 1960, he published a biography of Christ entitled The Son of Man dedicated to 'E.W. who was a crucified Jewish child, who stands for many others.'

"Mauriac explains what it was in his interview with Wiesel that drew him so powerfully to the young Israeli: 'That look, as if a Lazarus risen from the dead, yet still a prisoner within the grim confines where he had strayed, stumbling among the shameful corpses.' Wiesel's painfully gaunt demeanor set against the backdrop of the concentration camps' corpses have inspired a generation of Christian theologians to view Wiesel as a latter day Lazarus.

"It is highly speculative to suggest that from the very inception of his writing, Wiesel consciously laboured to present himself to the Christian world as a composite of a Christ Lazarus figure. However, once the seeds of the myth were sown in Paris at Mauriac's instigation, and took roots in the soil of Christian America, Wiesel has done his share to encourage the 'Lazarus risen from the dead parallel.' But Wiesel has done so more by gesture than act, silence than utterance, indirection than direct statement. The unspoken, the mute, the covert are his metier; albeit an ambiguity laced through with shrewd intelligence that would make many a professional diplomat envious."

In a letter to David Hirsch dated October 6, 1994, Alfred Kazin writes that at the beginning of their friendship, "I liked him [Wiesel] enormously, and I was in awe of him because of his suffering in Auschwitz." But at the same time "... it was impossible, when he expanded at length about his experiences under the Nazis, it was impossible to miss the fact that he was a mystifier".

One who says he directly observed the hanging scene described by Wiesel was Zygfryd Halbereich, who testified at the Auschwitz State Museum on October 19, 1973. Halbereich's testimony was matter-of-fact, clear and direct. He was acquainted with the three inmates and knew about their escape plans.

"On the whole," Pfefferkorn writes, "Halbereich's testimony is in agreement with Wiesel's narrative, and differs only in one minor detail. But this is an inconsequential disagreement that does not change the substance of the hanging story. What does affect it, however, is the age of one of the condemned, as given by Wiesel. And the age of the condemned is the crux of the matter.

"In the original Yiddish Un di Velt Hot Geshvign and in the French and the English translations, one of the three condemned is frequently referred to as a child or a young boy. Halbereich is silent about the ages of the condemned, and this omission is surprising. For in Wiesel's painfully elaborate description of the hanging, the young boy's execution stirred up deep emotions among the inmates standing on the roll call. The Kapo who was assigned to administer the hanging ' excused himself from serving as a hangman. He did not want to hang a child.' A Kapo's refusal to obey an SS order was tantamount to a death sentence. His extraordinary behaviour would have certainly registered with Halbereich, whose testimony is meticulously detailed. Halbereich's silence on the Kappo's courage calls into question Wiesel's account of the hanging. One of the skeptics is the known Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg, who is, in his own words, a seeker of truth.

"Cautious by temperament and scholarly discipline, Hilberg gingerly raises the issue related to the hanging scene. In a review written for the Boston Globe about Wiesel's autobiographical book All Rivers Run to the Sea, Hilberg makes mention of the three hangings. 'Describing the incident in his [Wiesel's] book Night,' Hilberg notes, 'he recalled someone behind him asking: Where is God? At that moment Wiesel believed that one of the three was a boy, and in his mind identified the child with God.' Citing Kazin's contention that the entire event is fiction, Hilberg concludes, 'To be sure, the doubters may claim a concession.'"

Pfefferkorn's considered judgement is harsh on Wiesel's claims for the absolute truth to life of Night:

"If the hanging scene turns out contrary to Wiesel's description in his purported memoir Night, a fictionalized episode as Kazin claimed and surmised from Halbereich's testimony, then Wiesel's entire moral and theological edifice collapses, bringing down with it the 'Suffering Servant' theology, which first gave him recognition and eventually led him to fame.

"Though it is virtually impossible to verify the exact ages of the condemned, it must be noted, as Hilberg observed, that in Wiesel's recent autobiography 'the suffering body is no longer that of a boy.'"

Quite aside from the theological questions, part of the impact of the scene derives from Wiesel's description of this boy whose weight was too insubstantial for the noose to swiftly strangle him. Does this, in the last analysis, really matter? It does if you are disobligingly contrasting Frey to Wiesel's "apprehension of memory as a sacred act". All the same, I don't suppose Smoking Gun would ever gleefully feature the third victim's birth certificate.

After talking to Eli Pfferkorn and reading chapters from his memoir, I called Raul Hilberg, now 80, at his home in Burlington, Vermont.

"From a purely academic viewpoint", Hilberg began, "it would be interesting to have a scholarly edition, comparing the Yiddish version with subsequent translations and editions, with appropriate footnotes, Wiesel's comments etc. He was addressing two entirely different audiences, the first being the Yiddish-speaking Jews, members of the world of his youth whom he addressed in nineteenth-century terms. There's more detail, more comment. I made that suggestion to Wiesel and he didn't react favorably."

Hilberg turned to the crucial scene: "I have a version of the hanging from an old survivor with the names of all three adults." That survivor had said that there was no boy among the three. Hilberg mentioned this in a review of Night , in which, he told me, "I made no secret of our differences. But whereas it [the age of the central figure in the hanging] may seem somewhat small, it makes a very big difference to Christians, particularly Catholics, because it's very clear that mystics are intensely interested in the scene because it seems to replicate the crucifixion. It made a considerable impact. So the fact that this figure may not have been a boy at all is disturbing."

"It would appear", Hilberg went on, "from the record I have, that some witnesses have questioned whether this scene took place at all. I have a long statement by an older man, a man whom I judge to be quite trustworthy, though one must always remember that things are sometimes observed or heard about later. I talked recently to a survivor of that section of the camp who said it [the hanging of the three] didn't take place, but maybe it took place earlier. I don't know. Dating these tings is hard for survivors. Some have doubted this would have taken place. Buna was a work camp, so this other survivor, a PhD in history and a very intelligent man, didn't believe it. I said to him, 'How do you know this didn't happen?' I consider it not only a possibility but plausible. But age is a big issue to some people. That's something he did not discuss in the new edition of the book."

"Wiesel's is the most read of all Auschwitz memoirs", Hilberg remarked, "not only because of its brevity but because it has something mystic, surrealistic in it." He mentioned the episode of the little boy playing the violin, and said how it evoked images from the Russian-Jewish mystic painter Chagall, also of Fiddler on the Roof.

"Wiesel comes from Sighet, a city in Romania. In Sighet there were many religious Jews, also Ukrainians. Much of Sighet was rather primitive at the time Wiesel was growing up. Most roads were not paved. It was shtetl life. However an assimilated group of Jews was emerging. I went there when I was 11, in 1937, and spent the summer. There was a tennis court, very middle-class. My aunt and her husband, a Sigheti, manufactured violins in Sighet where there was a major tradition of violin playing. I heard quartets in our garden. Wiesel's parents had a store. So in some respects Sighet was very nineteenth century, and in others there were all the earmarks of a group of Jews emerging into the twentieth century who were evidently wide awake to modern civilization. So was the violin scene realistic, or was it a fantasy? Certainly, for Jews the violin was the instrument of choice. It was portable.

"So I would not say that the violin scene is impossible, even though I know someone from the death march who said it was utterly impossible. He was in Auschwitz, also Wiesel's age. But that still doesn't mean it didn't happen. Nothing is inconceivable.

"The model of all survivor accounts is of an idyllic childhood, then the hell of the Holocaust, then since they survived they underline the fact that it was only by luck they survived. With Wiesel, his original title was And the World Was Silent. It's accusatory. Night is more surreal and mystic. It goes back to Middle Ages. Wiesel fits right into that style. It's not a novel, but what it does have is the imprint of someone who wants to leave behind the impression that if you weren't there, you cannot know what it was like, but then that dooms trying to write what it was like."

I asked Hilberg what accounts of the death camps and the Holocaust did he admire most. "That really depends on the reader. I don't have that kind of favorite. For my purposes, obviously they have to be correct. There's an account by Filip Mueller, who was on the gas chamber detail in Auschwitz in 1942, written in collaboration with two people: Eyewitness Auschwitz. It has to be read with care. Another book is Rudolf Vrba's I Cannot Forgive, written with Alan Bestic. Vrba escaped from Auschwitz. He became professor of pharmacology at the University of British Columbia. This is the most remarkable of survivors, a man of absolutely incredible energy and abilities. In sheer ability to cope with the situation, this man is beyond belief."

I didn't press the point, but Hilberg, who stressed to me that he admires Wiesel, did not include Night in this little list. A clue to this omission may be found in Hilberg's often acrid memoir, The Politics of Memory, published in 1996. In the chapter "Questionable Practices", notable for a devastating account of underhand behavior by Hannah Arendt, Hilberg discusses "areas of inappropriateness or illegitimacy". "I try to nod wisely when when poets or novelists step forward with their art, which in its very nature is much less disguised than mine. Nor am I disturbed when popularizers of history excavate the monographs of the footnote writers [among whom Hilberg included himself] and, distilling the contents, highlight story and drama for a large reading public.There are, however, limits Among the practices that give me discomfort is the creation of a story in which historical facts are altered deliberately for the sake of plot and adventure"

Then a page later Hilberg continues, "If counterfactual stories are frequent enough, kitsch is truly rampant. The philistines in my field are truly everywhere. I am surrounded by the commonplace, platitudes, and clichés.The first German publisher of a small volume, containing my introduction and documents about the railroads [viz. their role in the destruction of the Jews] inserted a poem for which, he said, he had paid good money, describing human beings in freight cars including children whose eyes glowed like coal . The manipulation of history is a kind of spoilage and kitsch is debasement."

Reading those lines, my mind did go at once to some of the scenes in Night --Juliek playing his violin on the death march for example--which hover on the edge of kitsch or, to take a less forgiving view, plunge into it.

"In 1981", Pfefferkorn remembers, "Wiesel invited me to give a talk to his seminar students at Boston University. In the course of my talk, I discussed the relationship between memory and imagination in a number of literary works. I then pointed out the literary devices he used in Night, devices, I stressed, that make the memoir a compelling read. Wiesel's reaction to my comments were swift as lightning. I had never seen him as angry before or since. In the presence of John Silber, the then President of Boston University, and my own Brown University students whom I invited, he lost his composure, lashing out at me for daring to question the literalness of the memoir. In Wiesel's eyes, as in the eyes of his disciples, Night assumed a level of sacrosanctity, next in importance to the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. In terms of veracity, it is a factually recorded work, virtually meeting Leopold von Ranke's benchmark of historical accounts: Wie es eigentlich gewessen, how it really was."

As he roosts on his pile of gold amid the abuse of Oprah and the literary world, Frey can comfort himself with the thought that Night is not how "it really was", and that even though there is a vast gulf between what Wiesel actually endured and Frey's lies about his own life, when it comes making literature he and Wiesel were both in the business of artistic and emotional manipulation, of dressing fiction up as truth.

As Pfefferkorn stresses, you didn't survive in the death camps just by luck. "Securing a spot in a desirable labor detail, for instance, involved shoving to the head of the line, seen as a risk worth taking. Upon encountering opposition, however, one had to know when to retreat into the chameleon-pyjama-like background of the concentration camp. This was also true about lining up for soup. Finding the right spot in the line could mean a thicker bowl of soup -which may add a week's longevity, but this entailed rough elbowing, as well as timing."

Pfefferkorn says now that one of the greatest disappointments of his life was Wiesel's "betrayal"--Pfefferkorn's word" of the survivors. Looking at the man's career overall, I'd say that as a moral fabulist, Wiesel has far more than Frey to answer for. Should not Oprah ask him about the millions he could have helped with the moral stature won by the Nobel peace prize he so unrelentingly campaigned for with his rough elbows, but whom he has betrayed for reasons of base political calculation?

Although the Nobel committee extolled him as a "messenger to mankind" it is difficult to find examples of Wiesel sending any message on behalf of those victimized by the policies of the United States, and virtually impossible when it comes to victims of Israel.

Wiesel's pusillanimity was well illustrated in an interview with The National Jewish Post & Opinion for November 19, 1982. Asked about the massacre of Palestinians at Sabra and Shatila, he said he felt "sad". Lest anyone leap to the erroneous conclusion that Wiesel was at last expressing sadness for the victims of Israel's invasion -- he remained silent throughout the bombing of Beirut -- Wiesel added that this sadness was "with Israel, and not against Israel". As he put it, "After all, the Israeli soldiers did not kill". He also writes, in Against Silence, vol 2, "Would it not have been better to have offered Israel unreserved support, regardless of the suffering endured by the population of Beirut."

In 1985, Wiesel was asked by a reporter from Ha'aretz about Israel's aid to the military junta in Guatemala. By way of response Wiesel remarked that he had received a letter from a Nobel laureate (Salvador Luria of M.I.T. had written to him on this subject a month earlier) documenting Israel's contributions to mass murder in Guatemala and urging Wiesel to act privately to pressure Israel. Wiesel "sighed", the Ha'aretz reporter wrote, and said, "I usually answer at once, but what can I answer him."

Wiesel could, I suppose, argue that a sigh constitutes a technical breach of silence, but why did he not go further?

In an interview published in the second volume of Against Silence, Wiesel says that, as a Diaspora Jew, the "price I chose to pay for not living in Israel . . . is not to criticize Israel from outside its borders." In another interview, published in the London Jewish Chronicle for September 10, 1982, he lamented criticism of Israel during the Lebanon invasion and asked these rhetorical questions:

"Was it necessary to criticize the Israeli government, notwithstanding the spate of lies disseminated in the press? Or would it not have been better to have offered Israel unreserved support, regardless of the suffering endured by the population of Beirut? In the face of hatred, our love for Israel ought to have deepened, become more whole-hearted, and our faith in Israel more compelling, more true."

It's unclear how many times, if any, Wiesel has ventured criticism inside Israel's borders. Wiesel himself mentions one occasion on which he exerted what is usually called quiet pressure.

Commentary on Wiesel in the Hebrew-language press in Israel following the award of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 was been more robust than the statutory honorifics printed in the United States. In Davar, for example, a reporter named Miri Paz discussed the troubled course of a conference on holocaust and genocide held in Israel in the summer of 1982. Responding to the urgings of the Turkish government, the Israeli Foreign Ministry demanded the removal of six items on the agenda concerning the Armenian genocide. Several people on the conference's organizing committee, including its chair, Professor Israel Charny, refused to bend to such interference. But Wiesel, who headed the conference, did weaken. He pulled out of the conference, explaining, in Paz's words, that "as a Jew he cannot act against the government of Israel".

In Koteret Rashit, a liberal weekly, the Israeli journalist Tom Segev wrote of Wiesel:

"He is always careful not to criticize his nation. . . . What does he have to say about the situation in the territories? When people from Peace Now asked him to criticize the Lebanese War he evaded the request. He's never been in the habit of standing up seriously against Israeli leaders. . . . What in fact has he done to realize his fine intentions? Bob Geldof has done more. . . . How nice it would have been if they had divided the prize among those truly good people of the world, those still alive, those people who endangered their lives at the time of the Holocaust in order to save Jews.

"Who symbolizes the lesson of the Holocaust as they do?

"Who is as worthy of the respect of the world as they are?"

Footnote: An earlier version of this article appeared in the CounterPunch newsletter, #3/4, in February of this year.

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Anonymous said:
"As we all know, Egypt has such a fabulously free society, and Egyptian security services allow just about anything and anyone to post on on the net in their country without any restriction. And the Egyptian govt. and their various fascist Arabs and their western benefactors lackeys and defenders such as yourself would have no reason at all to bury that truth."

Your ignorance is breathtaking. Egypt is not a free society, neither, glad to say, does it resemble the jack-booted fantasy you've built up in your mind. It's probably too much to ask, but it would be so fun to know how you've arrived at the conclusion that I'm a "defender" and "lackey" of the Egyptian government.

As for how I can post on the internet, it's not because Egypt is 'fabulously free'. It's because at least half of all Egyptians cannot read or write. Out of the half that can, a very small percentage can communicate in English. Out of those who can understand and write in English, a tiny fraction uses the net.

The opinions and ventings of this tiny fraction, of which I am a part, is not of interest to the Egyptian government. They have way more interesting fish to fry, believe me.

Thank you, in a backhanded way, for considering me to be of the least potential importance to our government, or to anyone else. Unlike you, however, I must limit myself to reality.

Finally, the topic was Mohammed Atta, and I really did try to find out as much as I could about him a couple of years ago. What I found was a ghost, that became more insubstantial and false, the more I discovered about him. I wanted to put my two cents in. I will be happy to provide documentation for any FACT you'd like to question. As for silly, ignorant statements and hysterical accusation and personal attacks, I think this is not the appropriate forum, unless your aim is to prevent and disrupt rational discourse?

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alice, don't know about about 'lackeys and defenders', but 'benefactors', yes.

can you show me one blog or website from egypt or any arab state that seriously challenges capitalist-spawned islamo-fascism, the mechanics of their intel services, the conventional propaganda spewing from the fascist fundie mullahs, the thinly veiled neo-fascist think tanks, state information agencies, etc.?

It's in the interest of your government to bury the reality of activities which were allowed to occur, in respect to the Muslim Brotherhood, 9/11.

The idea that EVERYTHING & ANYTHING coming from your country's tiny little insignificant internet community isn't "pre-screened approved" by the secret services is a stretch...

If you were to start deviating from the fascist-arabian party line, then we'd see if you were "free"...

Storm over 'Elders of Zion'
Anti-Semitic series on Egypt TV stirs outrage
Ashraf Khalil, Chronicle Foreign Service SFGate,
Thursday, October 31, 2002

Cairo -- Muhammed Sobhi seems genuinely puzzled by all the fuss being made about his latest project -- a "historical" series about a Jewish plot to rule the world due to start airing during the television-intensive holy month of Ramadan.

"The whole issue doesn't deserve five minutes on the headline news," said the popular Egyptian actor-playwright. "The bigger issues we should talk about are the events in Palestine and the decision to attack Iraq."

Nevertheless, Sobhi, the Egyptian government and the country's media and entertainment structure find themselves in the center of a gathering storm.

The reason: Sobhi's series appears to take much of its inspiration from the infamous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," the alleged blueprint for Jewish global domination almost universally regarded in the West as an anti-Semitic fraud first perpetrated by czarist secret police in 19th century Russia.

The 41-part series, "Horseman Without a Horse," features the actor playing Hafez Naguib, a turn-of-the-century Egyptian journalist who dons more than a dozen disguises in his efforts to uncover the level of "truth" behind the "Protocols." The series will be shown on Dream TV -- a private satellite channel, state-run Channel 2 and other networks throughout the Middle East.

While Sobhi claims to be on a research mission, his mind appears to have been made up some time ago. He told an interviewer from Al-Jazeera television earlier this year that "Zionism exists and it has controlled the world since the dawn of history."

Sobhi adds that the series provides proof that 18 of the 24 "Protocols" (which include sections entitled "Methods of Conquest," "Control of the Press" and "Instilling Obedience") have already come to pass....

.... The series, funded with private money, is scheduled to begin airing on Egyptian state television early next month, during Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, when television ratings and ad prices traditionally are at their peak. The fact that the Egyptian government -- the world's second-largest recipient of U.S. aid -- is not only sanctioning but profiting from the series could become a major diplomatic issue.....

....Government spokesmen would not comment directly on the content of the series. But a member of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union who declined to be named said that "Horseman" was reviewed by a state censorship board that screens shows for pornographic, blasphemous or otherwise unacceptable content.

"All I know is that it was looked at and approved," he said....

Abdel Wahab al Miseeri, author of an encyclopedia on Zionism, took pains to debunk the "Protocols" in a 1993 book, "Secret Societies of the World:

the Protocols, Masonism and Bahaism."

"The 'Protocols' were the subject of interest to some Arab authors, who referred to it with great admiration as if it is a very important document," al Miseeri wrote. "Fortunately, no single Arab studies center showed any interest in it, and it is only published by commercial publishing houses that do not garner much respect."

Nevertheless, the idea of a global Zionist conspiracy enjoys widespread acceptance in Egypt and other parts of the Mideast.

Said says long-standing frustration over Israel's relations with the Palestinians and America's perceived support of Israeli actions has left fertile ground for a wide range of conspiracy theories and anti-Jewish rhetoric.

"The whole Israeli-Palestinian situation is distorting everything in the region," he said. "People are feeling a big insult and a deep wound, and the only way to strike back is by doing things like this.

"They discovered that it makes the Americans and Israelis mad, and so they do it."

In recent years, Sobhi's critical eye has been increasingly cast toward Israel and the United States. The early '90s play "Mama Amrika" featured a sincere Egyptian protagonist led astray by a Jewish seductress and eventually reduced to baby talk. It ends with the disintegration of the Statue of Liberty.

Offstage, he has been equally outspoken. Sobhi was one of the main organizers of a government-sanctioned protest flight to Baghdad in October 2000 that symbolically broke the U.N. air embargo on Iraq.

Sobhi, however, sounded prepared to face the tidal wave of criticism, joking that he would soon take his place on global most-wanted lists as "Muhammed bin Sobhi."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's something else to chew on:

The IDLO, Backed by the US and Iran, Planned Islamic Rule for Afghanistan

U.S. and Iran agree: Sharia, or Muslim religious law, is 'all you need...'

by Jared Israel

[Posted 26 May 2003]



If you have gotten the impression that the US is opposing Muslim extremism, the following will be shocking. At the end of 2002, the US, Iran and other powers convened a meeting in Rome to plan the creation of a new Muslim religious government for Afghanistan. A key official at the meeting announced that Muslim religious governments were in general a good idea for "developing" countries. There is overwhelming evidence that the sensational news of this shocking meeting was suppressed.

In the following text Jared Israel examines the nature of the Rome meeting and the purpose of its sponsor of record, the IDLO, and deals with the 64 dollar question: why is the US covertly creating Muslim extremist states while publicly opposing Muslim extremism?


1. Top legal group backs Sharia but the news isn't fit to print

2. Roundtable for Islamism

3. What is Sharia?

4. Who controls the IDLO?

5. The significance of the IDLO's endorsement of Sharia

6. Selling Muslims on self-destruction, or, 'Pride cometh before a fall...'

7. 'No news' ain't good news

8. A parting thought from Mr. Milosevic


[ ]


1. Top legal group backs Sharia but the news isn't fit to print


While doing research on the U.S.-led Empire's support for Muslim extremism in Iraq and Turkey, I chanced upon an important Associated Press (AP) dispatch whose contents were never made public.

Based on that AP dispatch, and some of my own research, this is what I know:

On the 16th and 17th of December, 2002, the powerful IDLO (International Development Law Organization) held a conference in Rome, ostensibly to discuss reforming the Afghan legal system.

This conference, or 'Roundtable' as it was called, was followed by a second conference, sponsored by the Italian government.

The AP reported that after the second conference, the director- general of the IDLO made a statement to the press. He said the conference had endorsed the use of Sharia, or Muslim religious law, as a sound basis for any modern legal system!

Nobody has published this news!


2. Roundtable for Islamism [1]


Searching the Web, I located the IDLO Website. There I learned a bit more.

According to a pre-conference mission statement, the purpose of the Roundtable conference was to help a commission trying to reform the Afghan legal system, laying the basis for a democratic, pluralistic society.

This sounds nice, but I have noticed that every time an Empire- controlled organization uses a nice word like 'democratic,' there's a catch: they are about to do something bad to ordinary people.

The IDLO Website has no report about the actual content of the discussions at the Roundtable. But we can get an idea from the mission statement and list of participants.

The mission statement begins:

"Afghanistan, an Islamic nation with a rich legal history, is in the process of ending decades of conflict and has entered a new period of reconstruction." [1A]

'Reconstruction' sounds nice, like 'democratic'. So where's the bad thing that's about to happen to ordinary people?

It's hidden in the phrase, "Islamic nation." For you see, the central issue during those "decades of conflict" was: should Afghanistan be defined in religious terms? Should it be governed by Sharia, Muslim religious law? Which in Afghanistan, and some other places, means domination by the harsh and repressive landlord class associated with Muslim fundamentalism.

Moreover, this conflict didn't just happen. The U.S. and its imperial allies in Europe and the Arab world put the whole financial/military/ technical power of an Empire into empowering Islamic fundamentalism, and mujahideen terrorists, in Afghanistan. [2]

It would be nice to believe this policy has changed. Dream on. It is obvious from the list of participants that the IDLO Roundtable took as its starting point that Muslim religious law, Sharia, should govern Afghanistan.

Thus among the 60-odd participants were *none* of the teachers, professors, lawyers, judges or government officials who worked in the *secular* government that ran Afghanistan throughout the 1980s.

Instead there were officials from the current US-installed Muslim fundamentalist government, riddled with former mujahideen terrorists.

There were IDLO and UN officials.

There were government representatives from the US, Japan, Germany, Italy, *and Iran*! (Germany and Japan sent one representative each but Iran got three!)

There was a large group of pro-Sharia scholars, mainly from the Middle East. But not only. For example, the participant from Harvard Law School was one Frank E. Vogel, the "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Adjunct Professor of Islamic Legal Studies." (!) He runs a Saudi-funded program at Harvard Law. (Just for the record, the Saudis do not fund educational programs out of love of learning. They spend their petrodollars to push Salafi Islam, the Muslim extremism known in the West as Wahabbi.) [H]

The Iranian wing of Muslim fundamentalism was represented by two Sharia judges, Mahmood Akhondy and Mohammad Reza Zandy, and by Ali Gholampour, Third Secretary in the Iranian Embassy in Rome. (The third secretary is often an intelligence post.) However, the Iranians had no representatives from U.S. Ivy League schools.

Clearly the conference was not aimed at encouraging Afghanistan to adopt a secular legal system or even to debate the issue. It was organized with an eye to making Sharia respectable in Afghanistan. And not just there:

[Excerpt from the AP dispatch starts here]

The conclusions of that meeting were that Islamic law has "all the elements that are really required to underpin a human rights agenda and a modern state agenda which are completely compatible with international standards," said William Loris, director-general of the International Development Law Organization, which trains lawyers and judges in developing countries.

[Excerpt from the AP dispatch ends here]

Please notice that Mr. Loris did not confine his comments to Afghanistan. According to the IDLO chief, the conference ruled that Islamic law, or Sharia, has all the elements needed for *any* "modern state agenda"!


3. What is Sharia?


Sharia consists of elaborate rules governing every aspect of life, public and private. It is based on the rulings of Islamic scholars. They study religious texts including the Koran, which observant Muslims believe contains the word of God as revealed to his Prophet Mohammad, and the Hadith and Sunna, which are said to contain accounts of Mohammad's sayings and actions.

From these texts, Islamic scholars derive rules covering *every* aspect of life, including right and wrong opinions on contemporary issues. Thus human existence is governed by the decisions of a small number of men who have studied the writings, sayings and deeds of one man who lived 14 centuries ago.

Sharia criminalizes acts which modern secular societies leave to individual discretion, such as adult sexual relations and religious choices. 'Offenders' may be punished, and punishments, e.g., for adultery or for insulting Islam, may include death. The rules of Sharia discriminate against women, e.g. in court cases. Sharia makes non- Muslims second class citizens, at best. It grants religious scholars veto power over legislation, assuming there is a legislature. [4]

And most important, Sharia renders democracy as defined in non- Sharia societies impossible. This is because before a law can be put into effect religious scholars must decide whether it conforms to the words and deeds of Mohammad. How is it possible to make such a process coincide with democracy?

So it was big news that 5 months ago, the IDLO, the main organization training and advising legal personnel in 'developing countries', endorsed Sharia. And this news was indeed covered by two of the biggest news agencies, Associated Press and Agence France Presse, as well as by two Italian news agencies.

These agencies are not newspapers. Rather, they supply dispatches to newspapers and TV stations which subscribe to their services. The public reads an AP dispatch *only* if it is published by newspapers or broadcast on TV.

Yet despite the importance of this story, not one newspaper or TV station reported that the IDLO endorsed Sharia. Not one.

This article is the first time this news has been made available to the general public.


4. Who controls the IDLO?


How significant is it that the International Development Law Organization is pushing Sharia? That depends on the question: How influential is the IDLO? Answer: Very.

The IDLO (previously called the IDLI) is a project of the US-led Empire at the highest levels of power.

"Italy will continue to follow closely the activities of IDLO and its work with developing countries. The Italian Government already provides IDLO with substantial financial assistance for carrying out specific projects. In addition, the Government has granted IDLO a contribution by law..."
- Carlo Ciampi, President of the Italian Republic, Addressing an IDLO meeting on 23 March 2003. [5]

The IDLO's main sponsors include: [6]

*The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA);

* The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (This fund is financed by the oil-exporting Arab countries and located in Kuwait. Given financial realities, it is surely dominated by the Islamic fundamentalist states - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates. One can imagine its 'social development' policies...) [7]

* The Kuwait Fund for Arab and Economic Development.

* The World Bank;

* The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

* USAID (This US funding organization, controlled by the foreign policy establishment, coordinates its work with both the CIA and the semi-covert National Endowment for Democracy. USAID is the funding agency that has been distributing tens of millions of Islamic fundamentalist schoolbooks in Afghanistan); [11]

* Coca Cola;

* The governments of Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Denmark, France, Netherlands and the USA;

* Microsoft;

The IDLO's current vice-chairmen are:

*Mohammed Y. Abdel-Aal
Senior Legal Advisor
Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (term expires 2004)

* Attilio Massimo Iannucci
Deputy Director General
General Directorate for Development Cooperation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy
(Permanent Representative) [8]


5. The significance of the IDLO's endorsement of Sharia


The IDLO Roundtable was no minor affair. The status of the IDLO, the presence of representatives from the US (including the State Department), Japan, Germany, Italy and Norway, the heavy presence of top officials from the US-installed Afghan government, and the stated purpose, to reform the Afghan legal system, all make it clear that the US-led Empire endorsed this conference.

By the way, isn't it interesting that three representatives of the Iranian fundamentalist government took part? The Roundtable was ostensibly called to advise a commission reforming the legal structure in *US- run* Afghanistan. If it is true, as we have been told, that a) the US wants to combat fundamentalism and encourage secular rule and b) the US and Iran are enemies then c) why would Islamist Iran be helping plan the reform of the legal system of a country conquered by the U.S.?

(Emperor's Clothes has documented that despite public displays of hostility, the U.S. and Iran have covertly cooperated in terror. [9])

The IDLO is not a propaganda outfit. It advises 'developing countries' about their legal systems.

The credibility of this 'advice' does not derive solely from the expertise of the advisers. Indeed, if the issue were only legal expertise, the 'developing countries' could do without the IDLO. This is after all the 21st century, not the 19th. Poor countries may lack cash (hence the term, 'poor'), but they do not lack trained personnel. For example, tens of thousands of highly educated Afghan citizens fled when the secular government was destroyed by the U.S. and Saudi-backed mujahideen a decade ago. Many would return if their help were desired to build a secular society!

When IDLO 'experts' arrive in a 'developing country' bearing the message that Sharia contains "all the elements that are really required," they are not speaking simply as experts. They represent the power of the US-led Empire, just like officials of earlier empires.

And indeed the discourse of NGOs and other organizations of the US-led Empire has an eerie similarity to the outlook of the British and other Empires past. Consider the much-used phrases, 'developing world' and 'emerging nations' (were they previously shrouded in mist?) and then read the words of Rudyard Kipling, the poet of the British Empire:

"Take up the White Man's burden--
Send forth the best ye breed--
Go, bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;
To wait, in heavy harness,
On fluttered folk and wild--
Your new-caught sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child."
-- The White Man's Burden
By Rudyard Kipling [10]

In reality the 'developing' and 'emerging' nations - which we are amazingly told include the Republics of the former Soviet Union! - are quite developed.

They are cauldrons boiling with political struggle.

In many areas, Muslim extremism, with its central demand to impose Sharia, is locked in mortal combat with anti-Sharia forces. These may include trade unions, secularist military forces, advocates of women's rights or secular education, socialists, nationalists, communists, non- Muslim religious groups, and Muslims who believe religion should be a private affair. (Many Muslims who oppose Sharia are intimidated into silence by the deadly menace of the extremists.)

So when the IDLO endorses Sharia it is intervening with great power on one side of a world-significant political conflict. It is putting its weight behind theocratic rule, against all the above-named forces.

There are two questions we must answer:

1) In saying that Sharia has "all the elements that are really required," is the Western establishment helping or hurting societies with large Muslim populations?

2) Why doesn't the media straightforwardly report the existence of the US-led Empire's pro-Sharia policy?


6. Selling Muslims on self-destruction, or, 'Pride cometh before a fall...'


One might get the impression from the media that the use of Muslim religious law is a foregone conclusion in areas with large Muslim populations. But in fact, many of these areas have had strict secular constitutions (Turkey) or even communist societies (Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Balkans, and Western China) for many decades.

Most Muslims in these areas have (or used to have...) a secular orientation. It is the Western and Arab establishments and their satellites which have intervened to whip up Muslim fundamentalism to destabilize these areas, causing great suffering, including to Muslims.

*Case in point: Schoolbooks for extremism in Afghanistan*

Starting in 1983 and continuing to the present day, USAID has distributed tens of millions of Muslim fundamentalist schoolbooks in Afghanistan. During most of this period, the books had pictures depicting jihad fighters slaughtering infidels.

Now the White House justifies *continuing* to distribute millions of these schoolbooks (sans pictures) in Afghanistan because, they say, the books fit the religious orientation of local people! What hypocrisy! As if such sentiments, to the extent that they exist, do not derive in large measures from the *tens of millions* of extremist books that USAID distributed and which were the main schoolbooks for the innocent children of Afghanistan! Nothing like US aid! [11]

*Case in point: Saudi Arabia funds fanaticism*

It is precisely because so many Muslims are *not* fundamentalists that Saudi Arabia has spent billions of petrodollars proselytizing for Islamic extremism:

"The Saudi government has systematically financed the propagation of Salafi Islam, [also known as the Wahabbi sect] by spending hundreds of millions of dollars on three out of seven universities in Saudi Arabia [that] are religious universities. They built thousands of mosques around the world, including the United States. They have given free scholarships to non-Saudis, to come and study Salafi and become Salafi. They sent 2,000 Salafi clerics around the world every summer. They print books by the millions in every language to promote Salafi Islam. They have conventions, conferences."
- Ali Al-Ahmed, interviewed on PBS, 9 November 2001 [11A]

So, Western and Arab governments and NGOs help the Islamists sell fundamentalism to Muslims.

In the U.S., salespeople say, "Don't sell the steak; sell the sizzle!" This means, close the sale by associating the product with some strong emotion.

In the case of Islamism, much of the sales pitch is based on pride and its flip side, shame. The Islamist says, 'We were civilized when Europeans were barbarians. But now look at us!' Thus, by evoking the emotions of pride and shame, the Islamist sells the past. Consider:

"...the provisions of the Qur'an are such that by their disciplined interpretation, with the aid of the Hadith and Sunna and other sources of interpretation, Islam can, as intended, provide the solution to contemporary social problems. Fourteen centuries ago Islam was a spiritual, social, and legal revolution. Its potential for effecting progress remains unchanged. This is essentially the belief of enlightened fundamentalist Muslims. Islamic fundamentalism is not, therefore, a regressive view of history and contemporary reality. Islam at the height of its civilization, between the seventh and eleventh centuries, was neither repressive nor regressive. It was a progressive, humanistic, and legalistic force for reform and justice."
- Islamic Law -- the Sharia
Middle East Library [12]

Note that the writer says, "Islamic fundamentalism is not...regressive..." But immediately after that:

"...Between the seventh and eleventh centuries, ...[Islam]"

Between the seventh and eleventh centuries? A thousand or more years ago? This reminder of past glory has powerful appeal in the Muslim world, and particularly in the Arab world, because of three factors:

a) Resentment towards anything that is presented as "Western" (e.g., classical liberalism, socialism, communism, Christianity, Judaism, etc.) as part of a rejection of Western colonialism, and current injustices, real or imagined;

b) The teaching of the Koran that God has ordained that Islam should rule the world and

c) The tremendous role of pride and shame in most cultures with large Muslim populations and the consequent passion over perceived loss of status.

Unscrupulous people, whether the Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al Husseini, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or Fatah, created by Hajj Amin's followers, or the Ayatollah Khomeini or the Saudi fundamentalists - all have played the pride/shame card to foment Muslim extremism, with its imposition of Sharia.

But why did the British Empire support Muslim extremism? Why did the British sponsor the Muslim fanatic, Hajj Amin al Husseini, who distorted political life in the Middle East? [13]

Why did the US spend billions of dollars destroying the secular government of Afghanistan in the 1980s? Was it 'just' to fight the Soviet Union? Then why, after the Soviet Union disappeared, did the US continue - why does it still continue - to ship millions of Muslim fundamentalist textbooks into Afghanistan? [11]

Why does the US-led Empire advocate the imposition of Sharia today, as exemplified by the IDLO conference in Rome?

Consider this comparison.

Suppose someone tried to tell the people of Denmark:

* That the Vikings were World-changing explorers;

* That they had an immense and progressive impact in the 10th century;

* That therefore it is not regressive for Danes today to memorize the writings of the Vikings and to put Viking scholars in charge of all aspects of Danish life;

* That from their interpretation of Viking texts these scholars should tell Danes how to live - whether to shave their facial hair, appropriate measures for disciplining (!) their wives, proper methods of intimate hygiene, punishments for people who say negative things about Denmark or who seek to give up Danish citizenship, and when it is allowable to kill non- Danes who refuse to pay a special tax.

How would the Danes respond?

Mr. Loris of the IDLO would not have the nerve to tell Danes that the writings of the Vikings have "all the elements that are really required to underpin a human rights agenda and a modern state agenda which are completely compatible with international standards."

If an organization with the power of the IDLO tried to foist such nonsense on the Danes, what would the Danes think? They would think: "These people want to colonize us and therefore they want to tie us to backward and outdated ideas which, in their generous opinion, 'are all we need' to be outdated, and backward, so they can take advantage of us!"

That is precisely the role of Sharia. It was the great and passionate advocate of the Turkish nation, Kemal Ataturk, who pulled Turkey out of certain destruction precisely by driving the caliphate - the religious center of the Muslim world - from Turkey. By doing so he cut the link between politics and religion in Turkey. [14] [Also see footnote on genocide in Turkey 14A]

Why, today, do we see the US-led Empire backing the institution of Sharia law in Turkey? As I will show in two upcoming articles, during both the Clinton and Bush governments the White House and Foreign Service have violated Turkish sovereignty by intervening in favor of Recep Erdogan, the leader of the Islamic fundamentalist party in Turkey.

Why has the US done this?

Why did the British Empire eighty years ago oppose Kemal Ataturk and back the Turkish Sultan? Why? Why do you think? Because Ataturk was a secularist and a modernizer who wished Turkey to be independent of foreign domination whereas the Sultan was a backward-looking Islamist in league with the British.

In the modern world adherence to Sharia law reduces the intellectual, political and scientific power of a people and renders them weak so they can be ruthlessly exploited economically, politically and militarily, so they can be used by Great Powers as a destructive force against secular states.

That is precisely the case with this Empire of Western and Arab Establishments run by the Americans. It is not love for Muslims that causes the Empire to back the fundamentalists, openly in Afghanistan and then Bosnia, covertly in Kashmir and Chechnya, openly in Kosovo and Macedonia, openly and covertly in Palestine. It is not love for Muslims that is behind the Empire's secret alliance with the Iranian destroyers of Iran and its open love affair with the Saudi destroyers of Arabia. [15]

The operatives of the US-led Empire understand the power of pride and shame in Muslim cultures. They go to the Muslims and they say: "To be great again you must do what you did 14 centuries ago. Sharia has 'all the elements that are really required...'"

And in this way, they push many people to *look backwards*.

'We are going on a trip,' say the Muslims. 'Shall we perhaps take the Land Rover?'

'On no,' say the Imperialists, 'No, no, you take this one- thousand-three-hundred-year-old camel. It is really all you need...'

And meanwhile, the Imperialists fly First Class.

Societies which look backwards self-destruct. That is a law of history.

If you would know anything, know this: you can't go home again because *home is no longer there*. You can love the past, or you can hate it, and in any case hopefully you will learn from it. But you *cannot* live in the past.

When people try, it is not the past they get but a present which is terrible. We must move forward, re-think, find new solutions out of human creativity, "climb the stairway of our own achievements," or we will not have a "progressive and humanistic effect." Quite the contrary.

The British told Turkey, 'Keep the Caliphate. It is really all you need.' And When Kemal Ataturk drove the Caliphate out of Turkey he declared, 'We will show them!' - meaning the West - 'We will show them that we can achieve just as much as they!' And to that end he removed from Turkish politics the religious baggage that held down Turkish political life so they could create a great modern nation.

God save the Muslims from these Empire builders who, posing as friends, sponsor fundamentalist leaders, saying that Sharia is "all you really need."

Yes, all you really need to be hopelessly backward, to be losers in *somebody else's* Empire, to be slaves.


7. 'No news' ain't good news


Most of what appeared in the Associated Press dispatch was misleading or sketchy, but it did include a) the fact that the IDLO had sponsored the Roundtable conference and b) director-general Loris' statement endorsing Sharia.

This was clearly newsworthy.


1) The US-led Empire *claims* it is battling Muslim fundamentalism;

2) The main demand of Muslim fundamentalism is to impose Sharia;

3) Yet the Empire is pushing Sharia.

What could be a more shocking, scandalous news story? The US went to *war* in Afghanistan supposedly to save the local people from fundamentalism. But now the U.S. led Empire is using Afghanistan as a showcase for marketing Sharia throughout the 'developing world.'

So tell me once again, why did the U.S. go to war in Afghanistan?

This is the type of news story that reporters live for. Supposedly.

And indeed Associated Press and Agence France Presse did cover the meeting. Both wire services posted dispatches on December 19th describing the IDLO's role. Thousands of newspapers and TV news programs received those dispatches. And yet we could find only *two* news reports on the Rome meetings!

One was a BBC report, which stated:

[Excerpt from the BBC begins here]

Mr Karzai has made it clear that Afghanistan, a predominantly Muslim society, intends to maintain sharia law, while at the same time establishing pluralistic democracy and an independent judiciary.

A preliminary conference of international lawyers meeting here in Rome earlier this week recommended that special measures should be taken to protect and promote the rights of women and children in Afghanistan.[16]

[Excerpt from the BBC ends here]

How amazingly misleading.

Notice that the BBC leaves out the fact that the IDLO sponsored the 'preliminary conference'! Instead, the IDLO Roundtable is presented as some generic 'conference of international lawyers,' a neutral body of experts. How could the BBC *overlook* the name of the sponsoring organization?

And how could it overlook the fact that this was *not*, most definitely not, a 'conference of international lawyers.' The briefest examination of the guest list makes it clear that this was not a neutral body of international lawyers. The legal people at the conference were advocates of Sharia, mostly from the Middle East and Afghanistan - hardly a typical body of "international lawyers." Moreover, this was an explicitly *political* conference; officials took part who are involved in the foreign policy of Iran, the US, Germany, Japan, and so on. What on earth were they doing there if this wasn't a conference controlled by the US-led Empire?

By omitting such details, the BBC could then portray Mr. Karzai as an independent leader. Hence the statement, "Mr. Karzai has made it clear that Afghanistan, a predominantly Muslim society, intends to maintain sharia law, while at the same time establishing pluralistic democracy and an independent judiciary."

In fact:

a) Mr. Karzai was handpicked to be President of Afghanistan by Zalmay Khalilzad, the member of the U.S. National Security Council in charge of Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. (If you think this may be hyperbole, check out footnote [17])

Coincidentally, Mr. Khalilzad was a key figure in the original mujahideen war against the Afghan secular government and its Soviet sponsors during the 1980s. [2]

b) Mr. Karzai is the puppet leader of a conquered country and

c) This conference, set up by the IDLO, an organization openly controlled by the US Empire, was obviously *designed* to limit Afghanistan's choices to...well, let's see:

-- "What will you be having today, Mr. Karzai? Would you like a little Sharia? It's in season."

-- "Why no, no. No, I think today I'll try the Muslim religious law."

Given this 'choice', Mr. Karzai "made it clear" he wants Sharia. He did? Gee, I didn't know puppets talked.

So much for the BBC. As for the other published report, it provides comic relief. It consists of a brief note in the December 23, 2002 edition of something called 'World Markets Analysis'. Never heard of it? Me neither. Nevertheless, 'World Markets' gets the prize because it is the *only* publication that actually mentioned the IDLO. True, it didn't quote Loris' statement about endorsing Sharia. But it did report the earth shaking news that Sharia was to be updated so it would "also draw on international commercial law"!

How can the failure of the entire English and French language media to cover the story of the IDLO's endorsement of Sharia be explained? I can think of only one explanation.

Many people in the West supported the attack on Afghanistan because they were convinced - due to misinformation - that this war would end fundamentalist rule in that tortured country. Do you remember Barbara Bush's speech, exhorting the West to save Afghan women from the extremists?

If these millions of honest but misinformed people learned that the US-led Empire was working together with various Muslim fundamentalists, including from Iran, to use Afghanistan as a base for spreading Sharia throughout the 'developing countries', they would be outraged.

To avoid this problem, the powers-that-be suppressed the IDLO/ Sharia story. This suppression did not happen spontaneously. How could it have? How could thousands of newspaper editors decide independently *not* to publish the news that the US-led Empire was endorsing Sharia, in direct contradiction to its much-stated aims?

The suppression had to have been organized.

8:18 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was that? There's no way I will read all those words just because you know how to cut and paste. Please. Somewhere in that big pile, I'm sure you've misplaced a point. If so, dig it out and post it. If you have supporting evidence, post the link as well. In other words, either put up, or shut up. And BTW, try to stick to the topic. OK?

1:11 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
alice, don't know about about 'lackeys and defenders', but 'benefactors', yes.

can you show me one blog or website from egypt or any arab state that seriously challenges capitalist-spawned islamo-fascism, the mechanics of their intel services, the conventional propaganda spewing from the fascist fundie mullahs, the thinly veiled neo-fascist think tanks, state information agencies, etc.?

It's in the interest of your government to bury the reality of activities which were allowed to occur, in respect to the Muslim Brotherhood, 9/11.

The idea that EVERYTHING & ANYTHING coming from your country's tiny little insignificant internet community isn't "pre-screened approved" by the secret services is a stretch...

If you were to start deviating from the fascist-arabian party line, then we'd see if you were "free"...

6:46 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"can you show me one blog or website from egypt or any arab state that seriously challenges capitalist-spawned islamo-fascism, the mechanics of their intel services, the conventional propaganda spewing from the fascist fundie mullahs, the thinly veiled neo-fascist think tanks, state information agencies, etc.?"

GUESS WHAT? I KNOW HOW TO CUT AND PASTE TOO! (On second thought, if I were as sloppy a thinker and writer as you, maybe I'd just throw out a lot of vague pejorative terms to see if anything sticks. Or maybe readers would be too overwhelmed by all the noise to realise I have no idea what the heck I'm talking about...Nah. I think I'd actually make the effort to get informed before I spewed my opinions. But that's just me.)

"Over the last year, pro-democracy activists have staged hundreds of street protests like this one, demanding change. They shout slogans boldly criticizing President Hosni Mubarak, something nobody has ever dared to do here before.

The loosely organized movement is known as Kifaya, the Arabic word for "enough." "

Spearheaded by secular activists and leftists, the Egyptian Movement for Change, known as Kifaya (Enough), organised a series of unlicensed street protests calling for an end to President Mubarak's 24-year old rule. In recent weeks kifaya has strengthened its rhetoric. With protests publicised in advance in the local press and on satellite channels, on 27 April they staged protests in 14 cities simultaneously with hundreds of demonstrators demanding that President Mubarak step down.

Whatever its organisational strengths Kifaya has yet to develop into a grassroots movement, and draws most of its supporters from a small politicised elite. It is a far cry from the broad-based protest movements that brought democratic change to countries like Lebanon and the Ukraine.

Many commentators argue, though, that it is the contagious character of street protests that is important. A street march, says Iranian-born social scientist Asef Bayat "not only brings together the invitees but also involves strangers who might espouse similar, real or imagined, grievances."

"It is this epidemic potential," Bayat says, "and not simply the disruption or uncertainty caused by riots, that threatens the authorities who exert a pervasive power over public spaces -- with police patrols, traffic regulation, spatial division -- as a result."

Few would deny that Kifaya has acted as a catalyst for other opposition protests which include workers, university professors, Copts and judges. Last, certainly not least, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, which enjoys massive grassroots support nationwide, has joined the fray, adopting a confrontational attitude for the first time since the 1970s. This week the group's leader, Mohamed Mahdi Akef, vowed that the Brotherhood would continue to pressure for political reform despite the mass detention of members.

The involvement of the Brotherhood may hold out the possibility of mobilising greater numbers in protests. Many commentators would agree, however, with Megan K Stacks argument in The Los Angeles Times that recent protests in the Alexandria Judges' Club, where 1,200 magistrates threatened to refuse to certify autumn elections in the absence of stronger guarantees for judicial independence, are perhaps more significant.

"An uprising in one of the cornerstones of the Egyptian regime represents a prospect more chilling than any street demonstration," Stack wrote. "The judges' demand is a symptom of a new, unpredictable energy that has seized Egyptian politics after decades of stagnation -- and of the popular discontent snowballing in the region."

Recent street protests, says Bayat, show the Arab street is "neither a brute force nor dead". They would, argues Mustafa Kamel El-Sayed, professor of political science at Cairo University, have been larger had people not been intimidated by Egypt's 24-year state of emergency laws which allow for the mass detention of protesters.

What Egypt is seeing, says Nabil Abdel- Fattah of the Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies, is the erosion of three decades of stagnation and public submission to rulers during which "the ruling elite failed to provide people with any political and economic stability". Official tolerance of protests condemning the US war on Iraq, he argues, emboldened the public to be more vocal in expressing their own grievances.

While the state-owned media ignored the protests, Egypt's increasingly vocal independent press covered their front pages with pictures of women being attacked and headlines about the rape of the nation.

Since then, new groups have been forming to join the opposition. Among them, women's networks--some established, some new--are adding their voice to the calls for political change.

Women in Black Gather

On June 1, for instance, women wearing black gathered at the Journalists' Syndicate, the other site of the attacks on women, and called for the resignation of Habib Al Adly, the minister of interior and the man ultimately in charge of security services.

With over 500 people, the demonstration included many who hadn't been politically active for years, if ever, according to demonstration organizers.

Magda Aboul Fotouh, a mother of two, last joined a demonstration back in 1972 as a student protesting the dictatorship of Anwar al-Sadat. After hearing what happened on May 25, however, she felt she had to do something.

"It was too much what happened on the 25th," she said. "I couldn't stand it any more, even when I watched it on TV or in the newspaper, I didn't know what to say."

The June 1 demonstration was organized, in part, by a newly created Cairo-based group, the Egyptian Mother's Network, which emerged after the attacks on protesters and called on mothers and women to wear black on June 1 to express their anger at the attacks.

"It was a call that reflected the agony of people," said Heba Raouf, a professor of political science at Cairo University and the founder of the network. "That's why it got such an interesting response."

She said the call circulated on the Web and spread by cell phones and other means through a network of women who had never been political, but now wanted to do something.

The impetus to form a group protesting the status quo can be found throughout society now, Professor Hassan Nafaa, former chair of the political science department at Cairo University, told Women's eNews. Most people sense that the regime has no interest in ending the current political stagnation and fear that president will engineer the accession of his son to power.

"That's why I feel that so many people are moving right now to take the initiative and form societal groups to do something. Egyptian society is undergoing changes of a kind we haven't seen in years."

Blogs, SMS, e-mail: Egyptians organize protests as elections near

The nascent Egyptian blogosphere seizes its freedom of the press opportunity, posting photos of police beating protesters and taking hard stances against Mubarak. But will their freedom last beyond elections?
By Mark Glaser
Posted: 2005-08-30

Technology is just a tool. But in the right hands, technology can help people organize events, capture the moment and help spread the news like never before. And in Egypt, where political change is in the air, never has technology made a difference as much as in recent times.

As President Hosni Mubarak slowly lifts his iron grip on power -- having been the leader of Egypt for the past 24 years -- the opposition parties are using the Internet and e-mail to rally against him. And bloggers and activists have organized protests throughout the year, taking photos of uniformed and plainclothes police as they beat protesters and posting images online for the world to see.

One of the most outspoken online opponents of Mubarak is also one of the most technologically savvy. Alaa Abd El Fattah works for the Italian human rights group Cooperation for Development of Emerging Countries, and also runs a multi-faceted Web hub with his wife called Manal and Alaa's Bit Bucket. Both Manal and Alaa, who are in their early 20s, do open source Web development, but their technical work is interwoven tightly with a fight for political reform in Egypt.

"We also offer Drupal-based free hosting space and free aid developing a Web site for any cause we find worthy or interesting and for any speech that is censored or prosecuted in Egypt," says a passage at the top of the main blog. The blog has posts in both Arabic and English, and the site includes an Egyptian blog aggregator also in both languages, photo galleries, a database of torture victims and videos documenting police brutality.

But Abd El Fattah doesn't just sit behind his computer. He goes out into the streets to protest and photograph events, and he doesn't shy away from trouble. Abd El Fattah told me via e-mail of the harrowing events of May 25, when hundreds of people protested the referendum to hold multi-party elections. The problem with the referendum is that any potential presidential candidate has to get approval from half of parliament, a body that is stacked with Mubarak supporters.

"On the day of the referendum, May 25th, after being attacked by tens of hired thugs I noticed a uniformed police general (they use ranks similar to the military) was supervising the whole thing," Abd El Fattah said. "I stood up and took photos of him. He ordered the thugs to grab my camera, but I fought back and managed to save it."

Abd El Fattah said they used those photos as evidence in court against the policeman, though the case is currently on hold. But he didn't let it go at that, making large banners of his photo and taking them to political events -- making the photo an icon of police brutality.

"Annoyed by the coverage and pressure, he tried to intimidate me once after a protest," Abd El Fattah said. "I nearly lost control and attacked him. It turned out it was a trap. There were cameras there waiting to take photos of me attacking a uniformed cop (a major offense)."

Abd El Fattah's site has been a veritable hub of activism in Egypt. Plus, he has used all the tools at his disposal to organize protests: the blog, mass e-mails, SMS messages, newspaper ads. While he can't gauge how well each medium reaches people, Abd El Fattah said that if one channel isn't used then less people show up for protests.

While not every Egyptian blogger is politically active, the Internet and blogs represent a hope for the people of Egypt to express themselves and provide a check on security forces and government.

"The Internet, and the rise of blogs in particular, have afforded Egyptians an unprecedented opportunity to make their voices heard, to exchange ideas, and to communicate across borders," said Elijah Zarwan, a Cairo-based consultant for Human Rights Watch. "Where the press is tightly controlled, human rights activists, journalists, and opinionated citizens can now set up their own blogs free of charge in a matter of minutes. Pro-democracy and human-rights activists, shut out from the mainstream media, have taken to the Web to disseminate information. A few regularly call for Mubarak to resign."

Politics infuses blogs

The Egyptian government has long controlled the content of newspapers, TV and radio, while the Internet has been more of a safe haven for freewheeling forums and opposition sites. All that changed when opposition newspapers broke with tradition and took on Mubarak.

"There has been an amazing new freedom of press in Egypt," said Big Pharaoh, an Egyptian blogger in Cairo who prefers anonymity. "For example, six months ago, the opposition paper for the first time directly attacked and criticized President Mubarak. This has never happened before. Last year, this was unthinkable. Today I'm seeing all these opposition papers all over Egypt say amazing things that they couldn't say last year."

That change came when Mubarak started contemplating multi-party elections -- brought on by a combination of internal and external pressures, most of all from the U.S. government and its push for Middle East democracies.

But not all Egyptian bloggers are political, and not all of them are advocating the opposition. Big Pharaoh, for example, has come out in support of Mubarak, saying that the time isn't yet right for fully open elections -- because an Islamist extremist might come to power. The main Islamist opposition to Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood, does not have a candidate in the election, set for September 7. But the group advocates voting for anyone but Mubarak.

As the media opens up in Egypt, the online forums and blogs have gone even further. A blogger who goes by the pseudonym Egyptian Person reported that candidate Noaman Gomaa got so fed up with people shouting slogans -- and not allowing him to speak -- that he said, "Is there no one who is capable of shutting up that boy, that son of a faggot?" The comment was caught on microphone, unbeknownst to Gomaa and spread through the blogosphere.

But blog readership remains limited in Egypt. Abd El Fattah says the most popular blogs get 1,000 to 2,000 visits per day, while the smaller ones get in the low hundreds of visitors daily. Limiting factors within the country are the language barrier with English-language blogs, the expense of owning a computer, and just basic literacy -- only 57.7 percent of the population is literate, according to CIA's World Factbook. But Net access is subsidized by the government and cheap Net cafes are widespread, leading to 4.2 million Internet users in a country of 77 million people (CIA numbers).

Blogs in English tend to have a higher readership outside Egypt and especially in the U.S. And diplomats eat up the information they get from Egyptian blogs, which have street knowledge that's hard to gain when you're confined to an embassy for security reasons. Joshua Stacher helps write the group blog and is a doctoral student at Univesity of St. Andrews who lives in Cairo.

"Blogs are being read by the elite here who have access to computers and high-speed Internet and have the luxury of time to sit around and talk about these things," Stacher said. "People in the States really like us, and the people in the embassy love us because they never leave the embassy. For a U.S. diplomat who doesn't go to protests, this provides another window in what's going on. Our blog is supposed to be about the Arab world, but it's really about Egypt, because that's what we know best."

Most bloggers I spoke with said English-language Egyptian blogs have a more pro-Western or pro-American stance, while Arabic blogs better reflect how average Egyptians feel. Mohamed M. writes a popular Arabic blog called Digressing, and says that most bloggers have been infused by politics rather than having driven the political movement.

"Maybe in a few years when we see thousands of blogs we can claim that blogs affected politics," Mohamed M. said via e-mail. "Right now I think it's the other way around: The political climate has affected bloggers. More and more bloggers who were not so politicized have started to talk about politics. Some bloggers who would be shivering and censoring themselves when they wanted to talk about political taboos, have started to be less restrained as they saw newspapers addressing those taboos bluntly. I was one of them. My tone right now is very different from the self-censored tip-toeing tone of the times before."

Despite the lack of self-censorship, almost all Egyptian bloggers use pseudonyms, even though they show their faces to authorities at protests. Some anonymous bloggers feel it gives them more freedom to write about politics. Others don't want work colleagues or family members to associate them with their writing. One colorful Cairo blogger who goes by the pseudonym Sandmonkey ticked off the various reasons he'd rather not use his own name.

"I am anonymous for many reasons," he wrote in an e-mail message. "1) Because it's not safe to say the things I say on my blog, and if my identity is known I may get arrested; 2) I don't want my views to be used against my family members by their political enemies, especially since those family members are Mubarak supporters; 3) I like the freedom that being anonymous grants you. It helps separate your real life from your 'blog life,' which is good because it allows me to relax. I vent on the blog as the Sandmonkey -- it's my inner Tyler Durden [from the movie Fight Club]."

Fears, hopes for the future

So far, the government hasn't shown an interest in shutting down blogs or arresting bloggers. Most bloggers believe the government knows about their blogs, but because their readership and protests have remained relatively small, the police haven't taken action yet. My repeated attempts to contact government officials for this story were fruitless.

Stacher says that Westerners like himself feel they have some protection from government. Plus, if an online activist like Abd El Fattah were thrown in jail, the outcry from bloggers and foreign media would cause more trouble than it was worth. Stacher explained that because most Egyptian security is focused on the street level, the Internet hasn't really come into play.

"Anywhere in Cairo where you go, you can spot the police on the street and you see them all the time and they are watching your comings and goings," Stacher said. "They're part of the scenery. They're always there. Because information and security is still gathered in that way, the blogs can organize [protests]. ... Maybe they're being watched but it's not enough of a movement to scare anyone. [Security is] much more worried about political groupings and meetings in houses. Stuff that's in the open. [Bloggers are] not attracting that many people to the protests. It's the same 300 people every time."

But there is still a lot of optimism that the online reform movement can sprout wings. Karim Elsahy is an Egyptian architect who lives in Boston, and has become an active blogger in the past few months. Elsahy started a non-profit called Pray4Peace and raised money for the victims of the Sharm El-Sheikh terrorist bombing. Elsahy is currently in Egypt to deliver the $3,500 he raised to victims' families and told me he hopes his One Arab World blog will morph into a political party over time.

"We're going to be forming a political party, not less than 10 years from now," Elsahy said. "The idea is economic independence among Arab states. The problem with the phrase 'pan-Arabism' is that it is associated with previous [failed] attempts. My idea isn't a version of the European Union, but a kind of economic cooperation with a single language and the same culture."

Bloggers wonder what will happen once the election is over and Mubarak has won in a landslide -- which almost everyone expects to happen. Will bloggers continue to have the freedom to organize protests and attack Mubarak and his policies?

"I'm not sure if this freedom will go on forever or whether it will stop after the elections," said Big Pharaoh. "But I don't think it will stop because the genie is out of her bottle, so it will go on. The Internet is a powerful medium that's getting bigger and bigger every day, but it's not like the radio or television or the papers yet."

In the short term, Egyptian bloggers and Netizens might play another important role in politics. Mohamed M. says they might become "citizen monitors" for the September 7 elections, reporting on what they see at polling places and taking photos of any harassment or election-rigging. That's the kind of first-hand reporting that can help bloggers serve in a watchdog role while other media are held back.

10:29 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a puppet show with 0 exceptions,

far worse than in the states due to extreme internet surveillance of your tiny net community and a total police state that can reach into any and every home when it wants, very similar though in it's dog and pony show.

To the few that are actually risking their lives with internal issues (ex: liberate themselves from legal child rape, islamofascist mysoginy, acid baths), despite their risk, as you said, a tiny unheard minority, and even they are the tiniest among you. But let them......well, most will understand that just because something's controver doesn't mean it hasn't been "pre-screened approved".

Not a one, liberal or conservative, types a single word without acute awareness of the dark hand of the fundamentalist paras, who are a controlled product of the intelligence community.

Not a one challenges the dominant paradigm in the post-socialist muslim world: blame Israel. As long as EVERYONE sticks to that, in some modified fashion, they're safe.

So that's how you get this "liberal" response to the Horseman w/o a Horse series broadcast on Egyptian state TV :

"...the idea of a global Zionist conspiracy enjoys widespread acceptance in Egypt and other parts of the Mideast.
Said says long-standing frustration over Israel's relations with the Palestinians and America's perceived support of Israeli actions has left fertile ground for a wide range of conspiracy theories and anti-Jewish rhetoric.

"The whole Israeli-Palestinian situation is distorting everything in the region," he said. "People are feeling a big insult and a deep wound, and the only way to strike back is by doing things like this..."

or here's what you get -- you denying the reality of Mohammed Atta, JR.

say the opposite, see what happens.

But go ahead, avoid the point of the last article. Shepherd in your one world fascist religion.

8:38 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get help. The only reason I even bothered to respond to your paranoid ravings is that although to anyone with the slightest familiarity with Egyptian society and what is happening here, your racist demonization, your cartoonish generalizations, are simply offensive. But for those who don't know much about the subject, the hatred you spew might be mistaken for valid opinion and analysis.

It's always good to start with the assumption that human beings tend to be rather complicated and diverse. I am, contrary to your feverish fantasies, a housewife, like so many people here, struggling to keep up with the turbulent times we live in.

Not an agent of the Islamofascist/government/neocon/capitalist conspiracy, but one person among the more than 70 million souls who live and struggle in this complex, fascinating country.

I realize that actually learning about Egypt (let alone the entire Middle East) is a daunting task, especially if your aim is to nurture a pure and simple hatred.

It's so sad that you have this mental block so that any information or opinion that conflicts with the xenophobic caricatures in your simple mind, must be part of a sinister plot. I am not a trained psychotherapist, and frankly, I am exasperated by your aggressive and insulting attacks. It depresses me that there are so many people like you, who can't see beyond their hatred and fear, whose minds are so closed (and yet so empty).

4:05 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell you what I have learned about Egypt tells me that the 'CIA' thugs assasinated your secular nationalist in front of the world, and like so much of the modern history of the arab world, that defining moment has made a significant contribution to an ongoing deformation and psychological destablization that persists to this day.

Your interest in denying the "reality" of Atta, and his familial and other connections to the MB, or the threat of fascism in general as I've seen in other posts, speaks VOLUMES [to me] regarding a motive you may have. This is fundamental stuff here: Egyptian blogger ("housewife")spends a whole post detailing anomolies regarding Atta, some legit, others unknown, then in one breathtaking swoop, writes off ("I asked around") all (some of it much stronger)and any connection to the 'CIA'-sponsored MB (et al), a dominant political force in your country. I've already stated my knowledge that your country's "tiny internet community" is completely monitered and tightly controlled. Maybe others could see where I might have a good reason to question your motives. You seem to have a block on that. I hope you assume the same.

After all, you've already in previous posts implied that this is false flag terror created out of whole cloth, by mossad I can only assume. You make me want to puke, with your typical exploitative throwing around the cause of the arab "palestinians" your country has manipulated and used as pawns for years, not a peep alice, and now you want to play I'm just a bourgiouse housewife cover for your personal traitorous forsaking of the genuine history of a secular, liberated, socialist middle east.

As far as the rest: mental illness, racism, xenophobia. That's just denial and lack of self-analysis talking. I'm not a supremacist, but I'm not some cultural relativist, either.

To deny the widespread and brutal oppression of women or even simply widespread misognyextremist machismo in the pan-arabian world as simply a sidenote, zionist distraction, misses the mark, cause it relates to EVERYTHING you are facing, housewife-with-computer Alice. Self-determination my ass! For you, maybe.

What's so depressing to ME is that virtually the entire forcefully-underdeveloped Asian world is being mk-ultra'ed by a insidious malevolent force called fundamentalist religion, modern Islamic theocracy, sponsored since 1970's by my government and virtually unexamined by the Arab intellectual and lesiure classes. As evidenced by the previous post on 'justice' and the IDLO which you continue to ignore. Thus my point stands.

7:42 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"'CIA' thugs assasinated your secular nationalist"

Are you referring to Gamal Abdel-Nasser? Somehow I doubt it, because someone of your extreme ignorance would be more likely to be referring to Anwar el-Sadat as a "secular nationalist". Hah! Anwar el-Sadat was the one who opened the floodgates by encouraging and promoting Islamic fundamentalism as a means of getting rid of socialists and communists in Egypt.

The Left stood in the way of his big projects for Egypt, which included the neo-liberal type of "Open-Door Policy" that ushered in a new era of unprecedented corruption and economic injustice. The new elites that he created, puffed up with their new, ill-gained money (drugs, weapons, bribery, etc), were only too happy to get rid of the Russians and turn to Our Friends, the Americans.

He succeeded, but learned the hard way that he couldn't control his own monster. And that's what happened, 'in front of the whole world.'

Your secular, nationalist hero was hoist on his own petard, as it were. Whether the CIA was actually the hidden hand behind his murder, remains a matter of some controversy. There are many (including the daughter of President Abdel-Nasser and some other prominent members of the old guard) who are convinced that he was a CIA mole who was eliminated by his bosses when he had fulfilled his purpose. One theory goes that the US had given him so much prestige and made him a global superstar, he had to be eliminated before he could slip his chains and maybe grow a mind of his own.

Also, your 'secular nationalist' will forever be remembered by those who actually KNOW anything about Egypt, among other things, for arresting the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch (our Pope) and throwing him "like a dog" in prison. (Yes, he used those very words).

This marked a period when sectarian tensions and violence between Muslims and Copts almost reached the boiling point, egged on by the government of your 'secular nationalist'. As a Copt myself, I do not miss those days, neither do I miss your hero.

You are so ill-informed, yet so aggressive... I prefer to have my discussions with more rational, informed counterparts. Yet slumming with people like you is, I guess, a good reality check, because there are so many of you all over the place, aren't there?

Re: Atta. I was intrigued by the so-called 'ringleader' of the 9/11 attacks. I did some research, which brought me to the conclusion that Atta becomes more of a mystery the more one learns about him.

Rational, thoughtful people not only present their opinions, but provide the evidence that convinced them. If it convinces others, then fine.

Otherwise, it provides an opportunity for the others to respond, and explain why THEY don't find the evidence convincing, or why they believe it points to a different conclusion. Maybe they can even provide their own evidence to support their view. See? Everybody gains.

Anyway. It's been a treat communicating with you, but I think I'll stop now. You be my guest and keep on frothing at the mouth. Good luck with whatever.

4:09 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was talking about Nasser, not sadat. Doesn't nullify my points -- both dealt w/ the DEVIL and both paid the price. But I guess a justifiable mistake like that is just the excuse you need to continue to ignore everything else I was saying/implying:

1. The connections between Atta and the MB are strong, not weak as you say. The evidence that his father was a fanatic is strong, not weak as you say. The role of the "CIA"-fueled MB in your country is strong and fundamental. Your country's role in the events of 9/11 is as strong and fundamental as Cheney-Rumsfeld-Bush et al's, cause they are PARTNERS IN CRIME.

2. As a vocal member of your quasi-fascist country's tiny and completely monitered/controlled internet community, you absoultely cannot be trusted as an impartial source, especially considering how your "nope nothing to see here" attitude re Atta dovetails precisely with the desired Egyptian govt. line.

3. your so-typical reaction is to ignore my main points that I posted ie. the posted hopsicker article, state-sponsored Egyptian anti-Israeli lunacy ex Horseman w/o Horse and how that might effect your country's psychological outlook on the causes of their own oppression, or the US support for Islam via implementation of Islamic "law" contradicting the euro-american leftist party line of a clash of civilizations. In fact, Islam is the perfect yoke-vehicle for the "NWO" in the "3rd world", and that's why it's spreading like cancer.

So you deride the existence of opposing "western" views as racist, xenophobic, stupid, etc.which is so typical right now in the "Arab street" in general, sadly. Cause you are not "leftists" in the true sense of the word, you are "reactionaries" by and large though (ex. Dutch cartoons).

And again, your continual invoking of the plight of the (Arab) "Palestinians" in your various posts while completely ignoring your country's key role in their subjugation/pawnship is just plain evil, esp. for someone who ought to know better. But typical.

7:49 a.m.  
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