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The Red, White and Gray (Part One)

My senses have been stripped, my hands can't feel to grip - Bob Dylan

Something went seriously weird in 1954. France, and not just France, saw hundreds of UFO sightings and encounters with bizarre entities in cases of high quality reported almost exclusively by local media - there was no national "contageon" of hysteria - told by multiple witnesses of impressive character. Jacques Vallee notes that all incidents consisted of "strange happenings...reported by normal people, who had normal occupations at the time of the sighting, were generally not known, had no interest in flying saucers and were seeking no publicity."

In Vallee's close analysis of some 200 of these cases, published in Charles Bowen's The Humanoids, he notes how four separate groups of witnesses who had never heard of each other made independent reports to different newspapers of a sighting on October 14 of a low-flying, reddish disc that caused cars to stall and headlights to fail. Celeste Simonutti reported encountering a luminous sphere on the evening of September 30, 12 metres in diameter and hovering a meter above the ground, which shifted through red and blue hues before accelerating vertically at extreme speed. Friends told Simonutti he must have seen a "flying saucer," and then had to explain to him what they meant. He'd never heard of them before. On the night of November 4, fisherman Jose Alves saw a bright object land near his position and three small, dark entities emerge and gather leaves, grass and water. They then re-entered the craft and it flew away. Alves too was told he'd seen aliens, but maintained he'd witnessed only "ordinary devils."

Several more examples from the French flap of 1954, all from October, as noted by Vallee, and by Richard Dolan in the first volume of his UFOs and the National Security State:

October 2: At 8pm, in Croix d'Epine, a man on his motor scooter saw a bright, oval object land off the road fifty feet from him. He saw short, dark shapes "like potato bags" moving around the object, which was the size of a small bus. It quickly took off, changing from orange to blue, then grayish-blue. The man fainted while telling his story. Two people in nearby villages independently reported seeing the object. (Dolan)

October 3: At dawn in Bresseuir, a fifty-five year old stockyard employee was going to work when he saw a small being wearing a diving suit standing near a circular craft about ten feet in diameter. The object swiftly took off. Shortly after noon, a man saw a circular craft between the towns of Montmoreau and Villebois-Lavalette. It seemed to be gliding on or near the ground, had luminous spots, and became illuminated when it took off. The man found flattened and scorched grass over an area 25-feet across. At around 7:30 pm, a crowd at a fair in Chereng saw a fast luminous object in the sky suddenly stop, give off sparks, and descend to ground level. As people ran to the spot, the object took off again. (Dolan)

October 5: In Loctudy a baker was drawing water from the well in the middle of the night when he noticed, some distance awa, an object about 3 metres in diameter from which emerged a dwarf who had an oval face covered with hair and eyes which were "as large as the eggs of a raven." The unknown individual touched the witness on the shoulder and spoke to him in a language he could not understand. As the young man called his boss, the dwarf went back into the craft and flew away. (Vallee)

October 9: A man on a bicycle in Lavoix saw a figure in a diving suit with very bright eyes aiming a double beam of light at him, which paralyzed him. The being then walked into the forest. In Carcassone, a man saw a metallic sphere in the road. The top half of the object was transparent, and he saw two human-shaped figures standing inside. The craft soon left at high speed. (Dolan) The individual seemed to have "boots without heels" and very bright eyes.... The entity had a very hairy chest and carried two "headlights" placed one below the other on his chest. (Vallee)

October 9: From the report of four children living in Pournoy-la-Chetive: "We were roller-skating, about 18:30, when all of a sudden we saw something luminous near the cemetary. It was a round machine, about 2.5 metres in diameter, which was standing on three legs. Soon a man came out. He was holding a lighted flashlight in his hand and it blinded us. But we could see that he had large eyes, a face covered with hair and that he was very small, about 1.20 metres. He was dressed in a sort of black sack like the cassock M. le Cure wears. He looked at us and said something we did not understand. He turned off the flashlight. We became afraid and ran away. When we looked back we saw something in the sky: it was very high, very bright and flew fast." (Vallee)

And as mentioned, it wasn't just France. In a populated neighbourhood of Tehran on October 12, a disc-shaped object was observed by multiple witnesses to descend close to the ground. Witness Chasim Faili "screamed when he thought he was going to be kidnapped." The operator of the craft was said to be "small and dressed in black." In Northern Italy on November 14, a farmer saw a bright cigar-shaped craft land, and three dwarfs in "diving suits" emerge and collect several of the farmer's caged rabbits. The farmer attempted to shoot but his rifle became so heavy he had to drop it and then found himself unable to move or speak as the entities went about their work and departed. Two young Venezuelans reported having been attacked on December 10 by four hairy dwarfs near a bright object which had landed near the Trans-Andean Highway. On December 19, also in Venezuela, a jockey saw six small entities loading stones into a disc-shaped object. He tried to run but was parlysed by a violet beam of light aimed by one, who then entered the object with the others and took off.

The details are often bizarre, and bizarrely shared: the boots without heels; the seeming demonstration of elemental collection (rocks, water, rabbits); the paralysing "flashlights" worn on the chest; sack-like apparel or "diving suits"; and strong and very hairy dwarves with large, bright eyes, speaking an unknown language (strikingly similar to the "extremely hairy" dwarves with round eyes "larger than is the norm with us," reported by Brazilian policeman and abductee/initiate Jose Antonio Da Silva in 1969).

Significantly, Dolan notes: "none of the sightings included descriptions of what are now called 'Grays.'" It wasn't until the 1960s, and only in the United States, that identifiably "gray aliens" began appearing in encounter records. In the years since, their image and their associate disinformation fables (Roswell and Dulce, for instance) have come to so dominate the subverted consciousness that some ufologists simply remove the ongoing and troublingly bizarre "non-gray" encounters from their ET equation. Debunkers also. Susan Clancy can make her shallow arguments for sleep paralysis and the archetypal simplicity of the gray's minimalist face, but has nothing to say about bug-eyed hairy dwarves dressed like monks, because the troubling variety has been excised by those who mean to exploit a phenomenon beyond their control and massage its perception.

More later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you don't believe in God you'll believe in anything.

Back to sleep, America.

5:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rhea pearlman was attacked by short hairy dwarf, probed too

5:25 p.m.  
Blogger Professor Pan said...

I'm critical of Clancy's findings, too. She has an admitted confirmation bias -- "abductions cannot be real, so I'll find an explanation" -- which destroys her credibility.

But I think the sleep paralysis theory of abductions may be worth investigating, not because it explains all abductions, but because it might give us an insight into a piece of the bigger puzzle.

I have a personal experience that helps illustrate why I listen to the sleep paralysis advocates.

In the mid-1990s I began experimenting with melatonin, a neurohormone that became popular as a sleep aid, a way to combat jet lag, and a "life extension" pill. At high dosages, 3mg. and up, I found that melatonin amped up my dream life. I was having dramatic, sometimes horrifying, but always intense, incredibly vivid dreams. On more than one occasion I had actual night terrors -- waking up hyperventilating and scared shitless.

Intrigued, and unable to find other sources of verification of the dream intensification properties, I threw together a web survey about melatonin and dreams (google melatonin dreams). Before long, I started receiving several responses every week from people sharing their experiences. The overwhelming majority of respondents noticed a dramatic increase in their dream life -- more vividness, more "strange" content, and so forth.

One night, at a Bed and Breakfast, I took approximately 9mg of melatonin. I woke up, around 3am, and I could not move. I was convinced beyond a doubt that something demonic and purely evil was in the room. My girlfriend slept soundly. I could only move my eyes, and I couldn't see anything, but the sensation of a presence was palpable. My heart raced so fast I was sure I was going to have a heart attack. The more I struggled to move, the more paralyzed I felt. It was a terrifying experience -- I still feel the fear every time I relate it.

Somehow I fell asleep. I don't remember how long I remained immobile, or how I managed to fall asleep.

The next morning, before I mentioned the experience to my girlfriend, she pointed at my chest. "What's that from?" she asked.

I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. On my chest was a bright red handprint. It looked almost like a sunburn it was so red. Then I noticed something that made my flesh crawl -- the handprint had five fingers and a thumb. The fingers were very long.

I held my own hand up in comparison. My fingers were much smaller. I couldn't make my hand match the imprint on my skin, which ruled out the possibility that I had somehow slept on my hand and made the print myself.

Some tidbits about melatonin:

It is produced in the pineal gland, which corresponds to the "third eye" in certain metaphysical systems.

Melatonin is a tryptamine -- the same class of chemical as the powerful psychedelic DMT. Many DMT users speak of contact with otherworldly or extradimensional entities -- some of which resemble the bug or mantis-like "aliens" seen by abductees.

A large portion of abductees report experiences that more closely resemble dreams than waking experiences.

All of this fits into my idea that the abduction experience is more complex than aliens in spaceships sucking people up in their blue beams. I do not deny the "reality" of abductions, nor the fact that many leave physical traces. What I do suggest is that reality is much more multilayered than conventional reductionist models would indicate. Abductions may be both physical and non-physical events -- simultaneously real and not real.

That is the key -- or one key -- to the UFO experience in general. And that's why it's so difficult to pentrate. We don't have widely accepted models of the Imaginal realm in science, except at the fringes, which is why myth has been such a useful tool for explaning the phenomenon (as in the writings of Vallee, Keel, and Harpur).

UFOs and abductions defy easy explanations. And there aren't enough Mythologist/Anthropologist/Physicist/Chemist/Psychopharmacologist scholars to study it as a multilayered experience.

5:31 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another article on Morgellon's:

Apparently a former major league baseball player and his family suffer from it. There's really nasty video of fibers in skin too.


How in the world are Dulce and Roswell anything alike? I don't remember any news releases by the military concerning underground bases.


The footage of the Rhea Pearlman incident still haunts my dreams.

6:01 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As someone who's been interested in, and allows for them in my reality, UFOs for quite some time, I just don't see the point of continuing to discuss this stuff.

Though, the gray being an uniquely American invention is an interesting observation though.

6:06 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As someone who's been interested in, and allows for them in my reality, UFOs for quite some time, I just don't see the point of continuing to discuss this stuff.

Though, the gray being an uniquely American invention is an interesting observation though.

6:07 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Prof. Pan: I forgot all about that story. It's a really good one. Would you mind submitting it to my Traces from Beyond site?

Also, I found these stickers recently outside the Seattle Metaphysical Library depicting gray alien heads with a red circle and line through them.

Apparently they come from this site, which is all about cancelling out the "gray agenda" - whatever that means:

6:15 p.m.  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

"How in the world are Dulce and Roswell anything alike? I don't remember any news releases by the military concerning underground bases."

Legends of both have been enlarged (and Dulce created) by military "whistleblowers" feeding disinformation to compromised (Bill Moore) and credulous (Linda Moulton Howe) ufologists to confuse, discredit and misdirect researchers. (The MJ12 documents are most likely more of the same.)

6:24 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Both have served as the basis of nonsense by many people. But, as you say Dulce was created--Roswell was not. You write as if they were both made up.

6:31 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Interesting post! It's funny because I have been reading a lot lately about a former French military air traffic controller by the name of Eric Julien. He writes that “the atomic weapons put in use at the end of the Second World War constituted the founding and triggering element of the flying saucer era” around 1954, in his book The Science of the Extraterrestrials.

This is the same guy that believes that we are going to be hit tomorrow by fragments from the comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (SW-3) which will cause a catastrophic tsunami in the Atlantic ocean…..

Julien bases this belief on several appealing, and of course in many cases hard to substantiate, events including, but not limited to, the crop circle called "Missing Earth" which appeared at Longwood Warren in the County of Hampshire in England June 25 1995. This crop circle portrayed a gigantic view of the interior solar system, to the belt of asteroids, without the Earth rotating around the Sun. Julien believed this to be a message.

His main site is at:

7:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Professor Pan,

That was absolutely sensational, and I think your line of reasoning has extremely plausible merit.

My wife has been taking Zyrtec for the past several weeks. Consequently, she has been experiencing very vivid, intense dreams. She describes them as more than though it is a real event.

I too, like yourself, have had one of those Night Terrors. It was long ago, in my early 20's when I was in the process of rejecting religion and the establishment. My symptoms were the same as your's, however, I was not medicated. No hand print on my chest, either.

One thing to be sure, the encounters outlined by Jeff here were obviously not the result of night terrors, and the fact that similar encounters were experienced at the same approximate time at various coordinates accross the globe rules out some local substance the encounterees may have ingested wittingly, or unwittingly.

Acid will also screw with your head, and dreams, as well, and long after you are done tripping......months, and even years subsequent. I had a wicked flashback back in the day after awaking from a nap approximately six months susbsequent to an Acid Trip (my one and only, voluntarily). My eyes were wide open, but I was paralyzed and at the mercy of the pseudo hallucination. It was terrifying. I had no control, whatsoever.


7:17 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I want to know is this: If these bastards can do some really amazing physical things such as survive extremely high G forces and basically warp time and space, why in God's name would they need to check our dumb ass out? Really think about it, what do we possess that makes them so interested in our existance as well as our environment that they would need a specimen of.

What are these grays, alien 'children' burning ants in their backyard, or torturing cats in the garage?

And furthermore whay would they want to have sex with any of us, can't they just create their own sex toys or find another way to breed with us that doesn't have such obvious 'Sci Fi' movie implications and scripting?

Really people, this is why I can't get my head around any of this crap, because it all sounds/seems to be such nonsense.

7:48 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Nigel 'Incubator' Jones said...

What I want to know is this: If these bastards can do some really amazing physical things such as survive extremely high G forces and basically warp time and space, why in God's name would they need to check our dumb ass out?"


7:57 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that I think they're scientists, but do we not check out insects, even though we are capable of some pretty amazing things? There are billions and billions of possibilities and reasons they could be checking us out. We know we exist, but do we deny that reality because we don't understand why?

9:38 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My problem with the sleep paralysis explanation is mainly from experience.

Up until I was in my 30's I suffered from continual sleep paralysis.

There were weeks when i'd have it every freaking night. At times I really dreaded going to sleep.

But I never thought for a minute that I was being 'visited' by something.

Sure, my heart would race, & breathing was a sumbitch, &, at first, it scared the hell out of me. But once I started noticing that demarcation line between the paralysis & full consciousness, I began to realize that , although I thought I was completely awake & paralysed, I wasn't. Bits of me were still asleep. It seemed kind of obvious.

That's why it's hard for me to outright discount people's visitation stories based on that explanation. I just find it hard to believe that they wouldn't know the difference.

10:35 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burroughs & Ginsberg & DMT:

"The book was finally published by Lawrence Ferlinghetti at City Lights, who expanded the text with Ginsberg's 1960 letters from Peru, where, seven years after Burroughs' trip, Ginsberg, too, encountered the awesome spirit of the vine. "I light cigarette, blow a puff of smoke over cup, and drain," he writes. "Lay down expecting God knows what other pleasant vision and then I began to get high - and then the whole fucking cosmos broke loose around me, I think about the strongest and the worst I've ever had it."

Not that he hadn't been warned. "This is the most powerful drug I have ever experienced," Burroughs writes in an unpublished article he sent to Ginsberg in 1956. "Yagé is not like anything else. It produces the most complete derangement of the senses." These include intense sexual hallucinations, flashes of phylogenetic memory, and full out-of-body experiences. "There is a definite sense of space time travel that seems to shake the room," he notes, and posits that the extreme nausea that accompanies the visions is a form of "time-space motion sickness".

The active ingredient in yagé that produces visions is harmeline, once called telepathine, because of its supposed telepathic properties. Harmela alkaloids are present in the pineal gland, the "third eye" in the forehead, and it seems that out of all the psychotropic drugs, yagé reaches deepest into the psyche, which may explain why so many users report near-identical Garden of Eden-like visions, as if there were some direct connection to the collective human image bank.

The bark of the vine is cut into lengths and stripped, pounded and boiled in water with the leaves of a plant called chacuna by the Indians, and which Burroughs was the first to correctly classify as Psychotria viridis. This is essential to achieve the full hallucinogenic effect, for without the DMT in the chacuna leaves, the harmeline alkaloids in the vine remain inactive."

11:19 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thought I 'd put in my two penny worth, back in the day when i took substantial amounts of mdma i would get fairly regularly sleep paralysis combined with the inability to breath. After the first few occasions i figured out that all I had to do to 'break' it was to concentrate and just move the tip of my little finger this would snap me oiut of it. I had two other starnge occurances one was an out of body - where i floated in to my kitchen(very weird) and the other was where i was in a dream , woke up (but actually only dreamt that i woke up)dreamt i went back to sleep and had another dream- if that doesnt make sense to you lot imagine what it was like going through it!!!
wouldnt mind getting some melotonin is it easily available?

4:31 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a saying: If you're in Texas and you hear the sound of galloping hooves, you should not conclude that there are zebras nearby.

The 1950's were a time when the US had established a global network of military/air force bases, interesingly, in many if not all the countries (I'm not sure about Venezuela?) where there suddenly emerged a number of UFO/alien sightings. The 1950s were, also interestingly, the heyday of Project Paperclip:

"...for the CIA, the "I Like Ike" years were packed with adventure and action, much of it conducted outside of the public's view. Few programs were sheltered with more secrecy than the Agency's mind control experiments, identified together with the code-name MKULTRA.

Concerned about rumors of communist brainwashing of POWs during the Korean war, in April 1953 CIA Director Allen Dulles authorized the MKULTRA program, which would later become notorious for the unusual and sometimes inhumane tests that the CIA financed. Reviewing the experiments five years later, one secrecy-conscious CIA auditor wrote: "Precautions must be taken not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general. The knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles.""

Drugs & Sex in mind control experiments on unwitting American civilian guinea pigs ('Project Midnight Climax'):

Back in 1969, almost 40 years ago, knowledge related to chemical manipulation of the brain was already considerably advanced:

"The things these agents can do now are many and exceedingly strange. Besides the hallucinogens there are, for instance, euphoriants [italics mine]. They incapacitate by making their victim so witlessly optimistic about everything that he is no good for anything. As one Army medical attendant at a Chemical Corps tryout on human volunteers explained, "Even the worst food, like Army food, tastes absolutely delicious to them. They'll tell you it is the best they have ever eaten!" The opposite number of the euphoriants is the depressants. These drugs induce morbid gloom and prevent the victim from doing anything because he feels that nothing is worth doing. Also there are cataplexogenics. Their victim remains fully conscious, thinks normally and tries to respond to stimuli in his usual way, but he finds that his muscles don't obey. They might be rigid, flaccid, or limp, but in any case they are useless and he is immobilized.

Then there are the disinhibitors. These block or weaken the controls that normally keep behavior on a fairly even keel; the victim overreacts, with excesses of talking, imagination, emotions, and actions. (Alcohol is a familiar disinhibitor but a relatively mild one). In addition there are the chronoleptogenics. They distort the sense of time and since the victim cannot discriminate between hours and seconds, he loses track of relationships in which time is involved, becoming ineffectual and lost. And there are the confusants. They cause the victim to lose track of all relationships; the world is totally out of joint and everything in it (himself included) is uncertain, contradictory, overwhelmingly strange, and perplexing.

These descriptions have been generalized, of course. In practice the effects are variable and subject to many limitations. None of the compounds is 100 percent effective in all circumstances, and some are only moderately effective even under the best circumstances. The important point about all of them, however, is that they do exist, they do affect the brain and they do manipulate specific aspects of behavior. The rest is a problem of product development, so to speak—of tinkering, refining, and improving, adding a new twist here and there to make them better and better—or, perhaps one ought to say, worse and worse."
Robert Coughlan, writing in Life, quoted in "The Second Genesis: The Coming Control of Life", Albert Rosenfeld, 1969

High-tech space research:

One example: "Von Braun [Wernher Von Braun, a Nazi rocket scientist recruited under Project Paperclip] worked on guided missiles for the U.S. Army and was later director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. He became a celebrity in the 1950s and early 1960s, as one of Walt Disney's experts on the "World of Tomorrow." In 1970, he became NASA's associate administrator."

Hmm...Nazi-led "space medicine":

"During the war, the allies had captured documents in the Nazis experiments on inmates of Dachau with mescaline and other psychedelics in a search for a truth serum. The doctor in charge of the Dachau experiments was Dr. Hubertus Strughold. Strughold was also involved in barbaric high altitude experiments on inmates of Dachau.

Strughold was brought to the United States under the Project Paperclip and became America’s father of space medicine. His use of mind-altering drugs on inmates provided the foundation for the CIA’s research into truth serums and mind control."

Gee, I don't know. They've had more than 50 years and oceans of money, they started with a global secret network and a bunch of sociopathic experts on mind-control and space research. Space research and mind control. Mind control and space research

Their M.O. is to use unwitting civilians as guinea pigs to manipulate their perception of reality, implant false memories and erase actual memories.

Naah, must be aliens.

6:41 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude - the Jose Alves case is from Brazil, not France. (See also the encounters of Pedro Morais and Costa E Rosa)

7:25 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are everywhere. in kids toy-vending machines, bongs, tv, all over the pop culture. i am visiting the "anti-grey agenda" website now, the one linked by boucher above.


9:54 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nigel 'Incubator' Jones,

Perhaps it's becuase we are their progeny. Maybe we are a genetic experiment, and earth, and its inhabitants are their petrie dish.

It could explain our higher cognitive functions as compared to other species on earth. Even though we share a great deal of common genetic material with the other species inhabiting earth, we are profoundly distinct.

Perhaps, in Gregory Mendel fashion, they sliced their genes with that of various species on earth to produce us.

I'm not saying I necessarily believe that, or not, but it certainly as plausible as believing in a god made in our image.

11:05 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article presents the only theory that I have heard that might tie together some of the highest weirdness that Jeff explores:

After the theoretical groundwork comes this:

"Fuzzy Time Travel

"Of greatest interest is the “gray” zone between deterministic and nondeterministic interaction. Such “hybrid” interactions are somewhat tangible but still respectful of freewill, mostly ethereal but periodically physical, mostly subjective and only fleetingly objective. Whatever does not outright violate freewill is allowed. Examples abound: telepathic interaction, synchronistic signs and number sightings, contact through the subjective screen of dreams, abductions made dubious through memory wiping or screen memories, visitation in the etheric state, chance meetings without proof of record, an inner voice quiet enough to be ignored, a compulsion that biases but does not force, an experience meant only for a few, etc…

"Fuzzy time travel happens…all the time. Technically, it is not time travel so much as one realm interacting with another in regulated ways. But being that we still exist in the illusion of linear time, much can be gleaned from thinking in terms of past, present, future, and the feedback loops between these.

"It follows that the more you vector towards a particular probable future, the more tangible and objective your interaction with that future becomes. Perhaps your upcoming choices will change your path to a different set of probable futures, but for now whatever direction you are moving towards will garner you feedback from that future. This has some interesting implications.

"Imagine for a moment that you are a time traveler interacting very loosely with someone of the past. You would like to interact more objectively, but quantum laws preserving freewill prohibit you. How, then, can you achieve this without violating freewill? By using your limited range of interaction to solicit or entrain the person into volitionally vectoring ever closer towards your own timeline. The more this person’s probable futures become your probable pasts, the more both of you become part of the same time stream, and the more objectively you may interact.

"Negative Hyperdimensional Entrainment

"This technique of entrainment to achieve greater deterministic influence is a favorite tactic of self-serving hyperdimensional entities who find it profitable to enslave other souls. The more tangibly they can do so, the less freewill their targets have to resist. From our linear time perspective, these entities come from a very negative probable future and are interacting with us now in dodgy but manipulative ways to entrain us into reinforcing their timeline, either by becoming them, serving them, or not being an obstacle to them. We know these entities more commonly as the negative variety of gray, reptilian, mantis, and nordic alien factions. Not surprisingly, their method of operation is entirely consistent with the quantum mechanics of time travel. By manipulating rather than forcing their targets toward spiritual slavery, they may ensnare souls on timelines more lush than their own.

"A fascinating but disturbing phenomenon happens to people who get too paranoid, depressed, desperate, or fearful regarding matters of darkness. Alien abductees, conspiracy researchers, paranormal investigators, newbies to Matrix research – they are all vulnerable to enhancing the object of their fears by getting too emotionally entangled. Fear vectors one toward a probable future of vulnerability, initiating a feedback loop that ensures one becomes vulnerable unless the vector switches orientation towards something more emotionally and spiritually balanced..."

I read this article just last night. Afterward, I took some cognition-enhancing nutritional suppliments and went to bed. One of the suppliments is not recommended before bed, as it can cause sleeplessness, but I was so tired I thought it wouldn't matter.

I spent the next two hours lying awake, thinking about the article. The dream I had when I finally slept seemed to relate to the content of the article and was, overall, the most delightful dream I ever recall having. Although I have certainly had more intensely pleasurable dreams, they were brief and relatively simple.

The setting was a black-iron-prison town, but the powerful controllers were rendered somewhat ineffectual by their stupidity. Within that context there was great lattitude for love and sensual delight.

12:40 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have noticed more dreams that include prisons, running, martial law kinda stuff. I have had in past dreams of chasing or falling but this is more sinister and much more frequent.

2:29 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had never read any of the interesing ideas expressed here about melatonin, but I have a dream to relate - or a nightmare: I only took melatonin once, and that night dreamed of an individual begging to have me pound nails into his own skull. When I failed to do it for him, I saw him take up the hammer and nails and do it himself. I was so horrified by the dream I never took the melatonin again, but now I wonder how that dream relates to the other ideas expressed in these comments...

2:39 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see that I need some melatonin...

-Sepka the Space Weasel

3:09 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since we're on the topic of dreams, does any one else have flying/floating dreams? I have these several times a year, and they are freakin awesome. However, much like a hot air balloon, I suddenly start losing pisses me's like I'm running out of gas.....I have to really bear down hard and concentrate to regain altitude. It's always a spectacle, as well. People are awed by my feat of flying and will stop and gawk at me.

Increasingly, when I have a fight in my dream, I am literally tearing my opponent to shreds.....bloodying them to a pulp....but they never seem to go unconscious, or die.

I used to dream about Nuclear War several times a year, but that's not the case any longer. I started having those dreams when I was 5-7 years old and they continued well into my 30's. They were extremely realistic and terrifying.

Finally, 9 times out of 10, when I'm having sex with a woman in my dream, she turns into a succubus. Her pussy will come alive and try to ensnare me when I'm going down on her, or her clit will become a contorted, despicable reptilian like creature, or she will become an ugly, putrid hag. That's definitely not cool. I hate when that happens.

3:23 p.m.  
Blogger ELFIS said...

Briefly, Vallee has speculated that the French MilGov complex was getting into some MK-Ultra/JonesTown sort of projects in the town of Pontoise in it's famous abduction case; the end result of which may have been intended as a test of inducing mass suicides.

The hairy dwarves connections between the cited cases and the South American cases is always interesting.

On the connections between Dulce and Roswell being disinfo ... check out Nick Redfern's BODYSNATCHERS IN THE DESERT about what I now consider to be the most likely explanation of what happened to create the myth of the crashed saucers and pickled aliens - has DIRECT relevance to the Nazi / Japanese (Unit 731) human experimentation and mk-ultra stuff. But also to the govt's own flying saucers line of thinking.

You can hear my friend Greg Bishop (who wrote PROJECT BETA about the whole Dulce disinfo gambit) interview Bill Moore and Nick Redfern here:

On the subject of dreams, check out Marc Ian Barasch's book HEALING DREAMS.

4:47 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The active ingredient in yagé that produces visions is harmeline, once called telepathine, because of its supposed telepathic properties. Harmela alkaloids are present in the pineal gland, the "third eye" in the forehead...

"Telepathine" reminded me of my Dextro-methorophan days. This is the "DM" found in certain cough syrups, represented as synthetic codine. It used to be .15% but now it's .10%, probably due to abusers like me, which means you have to drink 50% more of that god-awful Guefanesen syrup- about an entire small bottle in total.
But a more over-the-counter intuitive, telepathic buzz you will not find.

(Note: Rigorous Intuition cannot condone the ingestion of Generic Nyquil for entertainment puposes. lol!)

And if you want better, clearer dreams- quit smokin' pot, baby!

P.S.: I to would like to score some Melatonin... I wonder if they carry it down at the GNC store...

5:30 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:30

You are right about "tussin"... and not to endorse a product but at all costs avoid trying this with a cough syrup containing acetaminophen. No need to kill your kidneys while in outer space. And is that why I have no dreams? Sorry about the OT.

7:41 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its been a while since I read the book, but has anyone read Tom Robbins "Still Life with Woodpecker?"

I kept thinking about the redbeards he talks about in that book in relation to the red bearded dwarfs. Perhaps these guys have been visiting us for quite some time and might even account for some of the legends of redbearded strangers imparting technological and cultural wisdom.

As for herb and dreams, I think the main issue isn't that it stops dreams. It stops you from remembering them is all. They are definitely much clearer in the morning when I quit for a few days (in fact I can rarely remember anything otherwise).
With DXM, some cough syrup has no other ingredients, so why the hell would you buy one containing psuedoephedrine, or any of that other crap. I remember back in the day kids were dying from trying to get high off coricydin. In general it doesn't compare to the experiences of fungus or yage, and drinking cough syrup is just way too nasty for me.
Yage is everywhere too (almost as easy to get as cough syrup), and easy to get and make. It has recently been legalized for religious use too (though a santo daime ritual isn't high on my to do list). There are so many plants containing DMT (which is also present in the pineal gland, along with 5-meo DMT) it would blow your mind. The harmine/harmaline plants are a little rarer, but syrian rue is fairly easy to obtain. The caveat is yage is by no means a recreational or casual experience. If you want a good way to experience the blissful side of high weirdness without dangerous drugs, research kundalini and get a book by Dr. Glenn Morris (who's techniques for safe and easy k-awakening are clear and simple, and well as very effective).

8:04 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chile Sentences Ex-Nazi For Abusing Children

May 25, 2006 12:00 a.m. EST

Yvonne Lee - All Headline News Staff Reporter

Santiago, Chile (AHN) - A Chilean court sentences the former leader of a German colony to 20 years in prison for sexually abusing 25 children on the premises.

BBC News reports Paul Schaefer, 84, is a former Nazi who founded the colony in 1961. The court ordered him to pay $1.5 million in compensation.

Prosecutors accuse colony leaders of working with the secret police during Pinochet's military dictatorship. They are also accused of holding most of the commune's residents against their will.

BBC reports that Schaefer faces separate charges of letting the secret police use the commune to torture left-wing dissidents in the 1970s and 1980s.

He denies the accusation.

Schaefer fled Chile in 1997 and hid in Argentina. He was convicted of sex crimes in absentia.

He was found in March 2005 and sent back for a new trial.

1:03 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The greys are everywhere:

On the one paw, it's undoubtedly formed by gravel in the bird's crop. On the other paw, it's a very unmistakable likeness...

-Sepka the Space Weasel

3:34 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Waking Paralysis" - also called "sleep paralysis" is a very common experience among "astral travelers" or those who experience out of body travel. I highly recommend a book by Robert Bruce - an international expert on the subject called "Astral Dynamics" - Being awake and not being able to move happens when your astral body is out and about :) and your physical body wakes up in the middle of it - when this happens you are currently traveling astrally (though you don't know it - because you experience what Robert calls a "mind split" - your conscious mind seeing and experiencing your waking self -your waking paralysis - and your subconscious mind experiencing the astral travel) When your astral body re-enters and fully intergrates with your physical body, then paralysis disappears. I have had several "sightings" of aliens during my lifetime, and they all have occured during what I would call out of body experiences - We all travel out of body when we sleep - somehow I seem to bybass the "mind split" - and see and experience consciously what is happening while I travel out of body - this is a very different experience than traditional "dreaming" - I awake fully in bed as a person with sleep paralysis would awake - but instead of paralysis - I experience - what Robert Bruce calls "Astral Sight" - I am fully awake but when I close my eyes again I see moving pictures behind my eyelids - like watching a movie with your closed eyelids serving as the screen - It is very different than imagination or regular sight - I am actually seeing what my astral body is doing - where it is traveling. Like there are two of me - one fully awake and in the bed and the other off traveling in space. I have never seen greys in my travels - more what I would call reptilian type creatures - also some funky guys with football shaped heads and what I would call tassels where ears should be :)

11:18 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you don't believe in God you'll believe in anything.

Back to sleep, America.

While I can see your point -- we're not all asleep and God-less -- asshole. Do you have some vested interest in seeing us all suffer? I suppose atheists, agnostics and Speed-Sticks alike all deserve to suffer the wrath of man for their trespasses as opposed to leaving that to the entity whose business it'll end up being...

Fuck you. Go build your own soapbox, Mister Magoo. Your shitty, well-timed "FIRST POST!" response doesn't entitle you to a headline spot on the marquee just because you have an itchy trigger-finger.

12:33 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not quite as upset by the first post as the previous poster seems to be, but I would say, based on my personal experience, the people who are MOST likely to "believe in anything" happen to also believe in "God" in some form or another. Just sayin....

3:24 p.m.  
Blogger Professor Pan said...

Since several people have asked, yes, melatonin (at least in the U.S.) is available over the counter in almost any drug store or health food store.

Start with low doses -- some people need less than a milligram to experience the dream effects, although higher doses (1mg. and up) tend to generate the extremely weird content.

And most people do develop resistance to the effects with continued dosage.

More on this remarkable substance here:

4:03 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Scotland there used to be folklore regarding little bearded monsters who would eat people.

They would wait in trees and drop rocks on them to kill them, and dip their caps in their blood. They were therefore referred to as "red caps".

They were little and bearded, but I dunno if there was anything weird about their eyes.

Professor Pan your experiences are interesting, and similar to many I have had. especially to one abduction like experience...

Shrubageddon same with what you say. Especially the succumbi thing. Not all the time but sometimes sexual dreams can get quite ugly. Tinititus is also a external consciousness connection/entry point. But if you are strong and nasty "aliens" or dreams critters come visiting, you can use the sound to keep them in "psychic range" and attack them. If that is what you are into.

Harmaline, from Yage/ayahuasca is a Monoamine oxidase inhibitor, make sure you research its effects and the necessary fasting if you want to indulge.

Alice your point reminded me of something.

Sci fi writer John Shirley commented in an interview, I think in 21C, late 90s incarnation, that he had seen a report by French intelligence services saying they had simulated alien abduction using techniques and technology available in the early 90s.

The abductees were apparantly convinced that aliens had abducted them although the whole thing was done by humans from earth, just faking it.

A lot of this stuff is weirdness, but we can this with confidence:

Intelligence services seem to appear whenever the mundane is struggling to cope.

It seems to me that the grey aliens of US UFO folklore are related to the colourful self transforming machine-elves of Terrence Mckenna/the sensual insect elves of the DMT/acaicia cult that appeared in Northjern NSW (Australia) around 1995. This relationship is like the one, in an episode of the simpsons, where Principle Skinner makes the kids wear grey uniforms to stifle independant thought.

Visualise what happens when the grey colourfast dye washes off in the rain.

Your consciousness is the portal as much as anything, what you see is what you get, (and its often what you expect to see,), so if you see scary grey anal probing abductors, thats what you'll get. Your own prconceptions limit the experience to what you expect, and the wonder and joy is gone, if that is what you are programmed for.

To the poster who said the images of greys are everywhere. perhaps that is reinforcing the meme when it is so tenous.

After all as nigel jones pointed out: The concept of aliens coming here in tin (or whatever metal) space ships (like the european explorers of 500 years ago), to abduct us in secret for whatever reason is just plain dumb, crazy, but not crazy enough to be true.

(Perhaps they are from some "hollow earth" that has more cred that they are from Zeta reticuli or draconis or where ever.)

It doesn't add up.

But there is SOMETHING happening.

Mr Jones doesn't know what it is, but then i don't think many do.

8:02 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More about the hairy men.

Round here they are known as Nimbinge, or were in the old days.

The notorious town of nimbin was named after the little hairy men that populated the area.

These hairy men have magical qualities, and are spiritual guides, they are tricksters etc etc, but not malevolent.

I have heard many stories about them around here, and some weird experiences myself, but no real "sightings". They have been rumoured to travel through "portals", ie they have some weird teleportation capability. I know one person who claims to have witnessed them at a portal, using it.

It is interesting that in the last year or two a race of small humans, nicknamed hobbits has been discovered on the Island of Flores in Indonesia.

Ten years ago, more, we were shown a photograph of some scrub at Broken Head, on the Northern NSW coastline, just south of Byron Bay.

Although we were on acid when we saw the photo, we looked at it over the next few days when we had straightened out.

If these were fakes they were brilliant.

There were about 10 creatures, up to a foot high, like cameleons, only bipeds. If anything the creature known as mescalito, the little peyote man was what they reminded me of.

At certain points the tangle of jungle came together in such a way as to form their outline, and then inside the outline was the little creature, its skin and face looked like a reptillian thing, or amphibian, like frogs skin, but it was taking up the space where there should have been a tangle of branches that had some lines forming the creature.

It was like a magic eye image, only the critters had their own skin, they were not made up of the bush behind them, where certain outlines of the bush formed their silouette they appeared in front of those outlines as real critters.

They were very hard to make out, until you saw one, then they were all suddenly visible.

The owner of the photo didn't show it to many people as it scared her a bit, and some people couldn't see anything in it.

She gave it to us and said, looka at this, didn't even mention there were critters in it.

As I said before, whatever little alien like things exist, the most boring, unimaginative and potentially mind numbing of all their descriptions is (to me) the grey alien one.

How people percieve the phenomena is more important than what it actually is. At least that is what I think in relation to this post of Jeffs.


Is control controlled by its need to control?


9:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not quite as upset by the first post as the previous poster seems to be, but I would say, based on my personal experience, the people who are MOST likely to "believe in anything" happen to also believe in "God" in some form or another. Just sayin....

That's "true"...

I'm sorry too, Dimitri. I'm very sorry. Alright! You're sorrier than I am! But I am sorry as well. I am as sorry as you are, Dimitri. Don't say that you are more sorry than I am, because I am capable of being just as sorry as you are. So we're both sorry, alright? Alright."

Are we cool, man?

9:50 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

melatonin is on almost every vitamin rack in any store in America. It's in the grocery store, wal-mart and GNC. Just look for it, it's there. I've taken it almost every night for years to induce sleep and I've never noticed any side effects or sleep paralysis from it and I'm usually very sensative to drugs. I've never taken more than 3mg at a time though.

5:43 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has been great reading and of particular interest to me, especially jules' contribution (although I had never heard of the Nimbin entities before -- nor had I ever known the origin of the place-name Nimbin, despite living in South East Queensland since early childhood).

In the mid 1980 we bought a house at Burleigh Heads, which is less than 100 km. from Nimbin. The house was only six year old at the time of the following experience.

With a colleague, I made the return flight to Brisbane. I'd slept all through the flight and I also slept through the hour's drive from Brisbane to Burleigh. My colleague dropped me off at my house and departed. It was approx. 9pm. Well-rested after several hours' sleep, I decided to unpack, shower and spend until midnight or so reading/watching tv.

I had the house to myself. It was well-lit. I opened opened the front door and some windows, made a cup of tea, smoked a cigarette and began unpacking my suitcase. I carried clothes to my room, slid back the wardrobe door and began hanging things up. I experienced a momentary sense of strangeness. Then, I was completely overcome by exhaustion so extreme that I only had time to walk a few paces backwards and collapse, face up, on the bed. The room seemed extremely bright.

This must have been followed by several minutes of 'unconsciousness'. I was roused to partial consciousness by the sound of several voices, urging each other to 'hurry', or at least that was my understanding of what they were saying. I managed to raise my head a little. Looking down to the source of the voices, I saw several small people at the foot of the bed. They were frantically attempting to pull me feet first from the bed and into the wardrobe which was approx. half a metre from the foot of the bed.

The wardrobe was of the 'built in' variety, i.e., it was built into the house's structure. It had sliding doors, i.e., the two large doors were on parallel tracks and could be pushed left or right to access the wardrobe. When both doors were pushed to the left, the right side of the wardrobe could be accessed and visa versa. When I had gone to hang up the clothes, I had accessed the right side. Yet the small entities were trying to pull me into the left hand side of the wardrobe, which meant they had moved both doors to the right.

I stared down at the small entities. I was not afraid, which doesn't make sense under the circumstances. I decided that it would be quite some time before they would be able to pull me from the bed. I based this decision on my size and weight, compared to their much smaller size. I decided I had enough time to 'sleep' a bit longer before I would need to put a stop to the situation. I don't even remember my head sinking back down on the pillow.(I think what actually happened was; they 'knocked me out' again, via telepathy or something similar, just as they must have when I first went to the wardrobe).

Next I knew, I again 'awoke' -- to see them clustered around my upper body. By this stage, I was REVERSED on the bed, i.e., my head was now at the foot of the bed, near the open wardrobe.

I looked up at the creatures. I was not alarmed (why not?) I did not move. I had no thought processes at all. I simply 'saw' them, in the manner of a recording device.

My memory of them is very clear -- similar to a memory of a real event. I looked at them. They looked at me. There were between five and seven of them. Because of the small space involved, some of them were standing behind the others, peering at me.

One of them, the one closest to me, was slightly larger than the rest. He had an air of authority about him -- probably the leader. Some were women. All of them wore some form of headgear. The women wore scarves, tied peasant-fashion under their chin. In fact, they very much resembled peasants. Their clothes looked home-made and were drab colours: greens, browns, tans -- colours you don't see these days. The fabric was coarse weave. They wore rather a lot of clothes. South East Queensland is hot and humid, but the clothes they wore would have been more suited to a cold European climate. They all wore some type of jacket over the rest of their clothes. The men had wide belts over the jacket waists.

They didn't look like 'gray aliens' at all. They looked Caucasian. However, their skin was very weatherbeaten, like people who work outdoors for a living. Their skin was very coarse and yellowish/tanned. Lots of wrinkles.

The bones in their faces were very strong and wide: strong noses and wide cheekbones and jaws. Their eyes and mouths were narrow (vertically speaking) but long (horizontal-wise). The chins were strong and prominent.

Their faces had a bit of a 'squashed' look, the way you'd get if some heavy weight had been placed on the top of their heads. Very strong faces, anyway. Lots of bone in them. No softness at all.

They looked as if they did lots of heavy, outdoors work. Their bodies were like their faces: broad and strong. They had deep, wide chests and broad waists. That was as far down as I could see from my position on my back on the bed.

They must have been about two feet or two and a half feet tall, approx., based on the height of the bed, which wasn't a high one.

I wasn't afraid at that point. I didn't have any thoughts at all. I just looked at them, and they at me. They didn't like me. They weren't exactly curious. My memory is of them staring at me with a sort of viciousness and gloating at what was obviously my helplessness. Best way to describe it is a sort of 'Look at you now. Not so powerful now, are you?'. Hard to describe. They were brave because of the situation and their number compared to my aloneness and helpless condition. Cowardly little bastards really.

Not the bigger one though. He just looked at me. He seemed more intelligent than the rest. My memory contains a flash of his eye, close up. I couldn't have seen it from my position on the bed, so I don't know where that bit of memory comes from. Just his eye, seen from a three quarter profile position -- with some sort of connection between him and me. And he definitely had some power to him. But that's just a flash of memory.

From the expression on their faces, I believe I was just a 'job' as far as they were concerned. A task. They seemed overworked. Their faces held no compassion or warmth towards me at all. And they were humourless. Very miserable people. I don't think they were overly intelligent, apart from the larger one, although they had a 'cunning' air.

My next memory is of being dragged from unconsciousness by the sound of their voices again. It took me a while to be able to drag myself out of the coma state I was in, but i could hear the voices urging each other frantically to 'hurry' again. I don't know if they spoke English, but I was able to understand them. As before, they spoke very irritably to each other and spoke over each other.

Dragging my head up from the bed was difficult. It felt so heavy. I was back in my original position with my feet pointing towards the open wardrobe. So they'd moved me again, although at the time it didn't dawn on me. Once again, they were tugging at my feet and I was shocked to discover that they'd almost succeeded in pulling my entire legs over the foot of the bed. A few more moments and gravity would have done the rest of the job for them. All they would have had to do was steer my falling body into the open wardrobe. The shock of this realisation must have been what jolted me to consciousness. I cursed myself for underestimating them. Adrenalin hit me hard.

I remember kicking out at them and shouting at them, then leaping from the bed and into the centre of the room. I continued screaming at them. At the same time, I was conscious of how incredibly bright everything seemed.

I still wasn't afraid of them, not at that point. I continued screaming at them and they groaned in a resigned, resentful way. Then they filed into the open half of the wardrobe ! They seemed to go in and then down, as if there was a downwards sloping ramp or something in there. A couple of them gave me resentful glares as they trudged into the wardrobe.

For several seconds I remained there, in the middle of the (small) bedroom with the light above me seeming very bright. I still was not thinking clearly, nor was I afraid. I was in shock, I think. Groggy yet pumped with adrenalin.

Then I left the room, went down the short hall and emerged in the living room. I saw the front door was still open and my suitcase was open on the floor, the way I'd left it. The tv was on, just as I'd left it. Everything seemed normal. But it all seemed dim; much darker than the room I'd just left.

I walked into the living room. Then I suddenly fell apart. Was overcome with terror and panic. It grew with every split second so that I began hyperventilating, sobbing, clutching myself, whimpering. The fear and panic wouldn't stop escalating. It was so bad, i was beyond mere hysteria. Somehow I made my way (a few metres) to the phone. I rang the colleague who'd dropped me off at my house earlier that night. I don't know what I said, apart from begging him to come and help me. Then I ran out of the house and into the street. I stood there on the road, still trying to breathe, still whimpering like a tiny child.

The street and most of the houses were dark, but here and there I could see faint lights on, behind curtains. I tried to call out but couldn't speak. So I just made pathetic whimpering noises in the hope someone would hear me and come for me. I was desperate to be with people, with anyone, complete stangers. But no-one came.

Finally my colleague's car came around the corner and I ran towards it. I can't remember what I said. I scrambled into his car. I felt freezing and still couldn't breathe or speak properly. I just wanted to get away from my house.

I spent the night at my colleague's house. I was freezing and couldn't get warm. He had to go all though his house to find more and more blankets to put over me. I wouldn't let him turn off the lights and wouldn't let him leave me alone. He had to spend the night in a chair, next to my bed. Next morning I felt better, although I felt very weak and fragile, the way you do after an operation, or after you've been in an accident.

I asked him how long had elapsed between when he dropped me off at my house and my phone call. He estimated it was approx. 25 to 30 minutes. I told him what had happened. He said he didn't believe in such things --- but that he'd never in his life seen anyone as terrified as I'd looked when he drove up and saw me standing in the road.

Several disturbing paranormal phenomena occurred in that house while we lived there. I sold it about a year after my experience with the little entities. I didn't tell anyone about my experience, other than my colleague. I knew no-one would believe it. I could hardly believe it myself. I should add that I didn't use drugs or alcohol. I know it sounds like a vivid dream, but I was well-rested when the event took place -- I had just had several hours sleep. There was no greater than usual stress in my life. I hadn't been reading about, or thinking about, or watching any tv programme about, etc. 'little people'. If someone had asked me if I believed that 'little' gnome-type creatures could enter people's houses and render them unconscious, I would have said 'no'. So it was a spontaneous event in which I'd played no willing part.

Several years later and by now living in another house, I told a very close friend about my experience with the 'little people'. She was open minded. Yet her expression when I told her was one of embarrassed disbelief. Which made me embarrassed. I wished I hadn't mentioned it.

Just then, my adult daughter entered the room. She said: 'Dont' worry mum, I believe you. I saw them too in that room, when I was little.' My daughter told me she knew that little people came out of that wardrobe. She'd been terrified of them. I then remembered all the nights I'd found her still wide awake and frightened- looking, hours after she should have been asleep. My daughter told me the reason she hadn't told me of her fears was because she'd known, even as a small child, that I would laugh at her fears and assure her that little people didn't exist. She's right, unfortunately. That's what I would have said. My daughter said the entities KNOW that adults will dismiss chidlren's fears, which is why they chose to appear as 'little people'.

Should add that the room in which i had the experience with the little people had originally been my daughter's bedroom. It was because she seemed so nervous and scared in there that I gave her my room, and I took hers. She said that when she'd had the room, she stayed awake because she was terrified 'little people' (who she described as mean) were going to pull her from her bed and into the wardrobe. She said she'd feared that if they did, she would never be able to come back.

I was unable to find any information about small statured, gnome-like entities. Finally, a couple of years ago, I wrote down my experience and emailed it to a Brisbane UFO research group. I didn't expect to hear back from them, but they contacted me to ask if it was Ok for them to publish my account in the next edition of their magazine. I agreed and hoped it might be seen by others who'd had similar experiences.

It now gets even stranger. About two months went by before i next heard from the UFO group. They contacted me to say that on the eve of the publication of my account within their magazine, they'd received a frantic phone call from a middle-aged woman in the State of Victoria, pleading for their help. She claimed that for the past several hours, she and her daughter had been terrified by the sight of little gnome type people darting through their house !

The UFO people were stunned. Prior to my contacting them, they'd never heard of little gnome type entities. Then, just as they were about to publish my account, they'd been contacted by someone else who recounted the same experience ! And to make it even more mystifying, I now live in Sydney and the other woman lives in Melbourne -- both of which are several hundred kilometres from Brisbane. The UFO group wondered why the other woman and I had contacted the Brisbane group, instead of contacting someone in our own States. I have no answer.

Shortly afterwards, I emailed the UFO group to see if they had any more information about the other woman. I was hoping I could get in touch with her, to exchange information. But the UFO group said that when they'd contacted the woman the following day, she'd been reluctant to discuss the matter further. She didn't want to talk about it.

The UFO people said that this is a common reaction after people have had a traumatic paranormal experience. They just want to forget it, deny it, push it away.

Anyway, long post, sorry. But I was fascinated by Jules post, and to learn that people in Nimbin are aware of the little people. Nimbin and Burleigh are relatively close. I'm grateful for Jules' information and wish like mad I'd known years ago that people in Nimbin would have been able to confirm my experience.

It's said that the lakes in Palm Beach and Burleigh are connected via underground rivers and tunnels to Mt. Warning (near Nimbin). I've been told they put dye in the Mr.Warning streams and the dye emerged in the lakes(said to be 'bottomless')at Palm Beach. This might be due to fissures or tunnels created when Mr.Warning erupted and blew itself to bits.

The house at Burleigh in which I saw the little people was built on re-claimed land, which in turn had been dredged out of one of the natural billabongs/lakes nearby. Prior to reclaiming, the land had originally been a marshy swamp where old-timers had often seen 'marsh lights'.

So many paranormal events occurred in that house, apart from the little people's appearance, that I suspect it was situated over a 'window' area.

Finally, I appreciate now that as the little people were able to induce in me a 'trance' type condition and if they were able to reverse me back and forth on the bed, then would have been able to easily drag me into the wardrobe. So I suspect now that there are huge gaps in my memory of the experience; things my mind must have chosen to keep from me.
I also believe the little people WANTED me to see them close up -- although as yet I don't know why.

3:19 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought provoking, have spent ages going through all your posts.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us

11:27 p.m.  
Blogger Syn Diesel said...

Damn pug-faced aliens.

3:45 p.m.  
Blogger Syn Diesel said...

Btw, regarding the commentary on melatonin. There are plenty of stories about mind-control via radio waves, mostly leading to a state of paranoid helplessness because the stories are, well, so paranoid, but a very real-world effect of EM energy is it's effect on melatonin metabolism. Electromagnetic fields so reliably turn off melatonin production and release they are used in animal experiments to study hormonal disease. If your bed is located next to an electrical outlet you are engaging in the same type of experiment every night during sleep. Melatonin, and dreams, are important for memory and experiential synthesis (why dreams are so subjectively "significant") and chronic lack of this important part of your lifecycle will turn you into a robot. Ditch the expensive supplements and turn off your bedroom's circuit breaker for a night or two to see the difference. The World is probably so fucked up because of chronic melatonin deficiency from electrical outlets behind the bed's headboard rather than NWO HAARP arrays.

Oh, and the lucid dreams, OOBEs and Succubi Sex is always real fun. Never met any aliens though. ;)

5:05 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the former Burleigh resident, hi, hows it going.

The Nimbinj or nimbinge are usually reported as small hairy people, not necessarily dressed, especially in European clothes.

but then again, I assume you are of European descent, so ...

I always wonder about the cultural specificity that these experiences can invoke. We have had on occasion the impression of little people in the house, sometimes wearing technological apparal, ie futuristic clothes with technological applications, like a space suit, but not seemingly with life support gear. (Ie no helmets, lear heads.) Like the old cyberpunk term "Gargoyle".

"She's right, unfortunately. That's what I would have said. My daughter said the entities KNOW that adults will dismiss chidlren's fears, which is why they chose to appear as 'little people'."

The technological side of some of these experiences made me less likely to take it seriously. There was a cognitive dissonance about the experiences with that particular phenomenen.

Like it is deliberately absurd as a way of avoiding analysis or "deconstruction". As if it is trying to show that the limits of our understanding are preventing us from fully getting it, whether that is to provoke us to extend the limits of our understanding, or it is simply a bluff, along the lines of: "we are beyond you and always will be, don't mess with us". I don't know.

It is a distinct thing tho.

We see the ghosts of old aboriginal people, powerful people, around here often. They seem to be of a different order of experience. The "little people" stuff seems similar but seperate.

Anyway, I'm north of Nimbin in the mountains. This place is full of strangeness. If I crane my head and look out the window, I can see the top of Mt Warning, just through thee trees.

I heard the radioactive dye you refer too has been traced to Papua New Guinea, and possibly to the Kimberly's but is seperate from the major aquifers abd great artesian basin under Australia. Its an old land with old banes, I meant to say bones, but banes is good.

We live on the edge of a 25 million year old volcano with a caldera that may be over 100km across in places. Its powerful country.

There is an Aboriginal education centre in South Tweed, at Minjungbul Drive. There is a large area (hectares) and an old Bora ground.

In the old days large Bora Grounds or Bora Rngs were important ceremonial sites, with a large communal ring and a smaller one several hundred metres away.

The large ring at South Tweed is still there, but a private house sits on the small rings former site. It is just down the road.

It has apparantly never had continual owners. Everyone moves out within a short time because of the ghosts, paranormal activity, and general hostility that exists at the house.

A similar thing happened here. My wife and I are the first people to last in this house more than a year, over 10 in fact, but we get along ok with the spirits.

Bora Rings are circular struictures created at specific places on the earths energy grid. They are power places and they may well be the sites where the boundary between worlds is very thin. It sure seems that way here.

Do you know if the melbourne event similar to yours was in Sunbury BTW?

Sunbury is the only place I am aware of apart from up round here, that has intact Bora grounds.

9:14 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Never met any aliens though. ;) "

I think that may be the point of what jeff is getting at.

Why is it the the alien abduction hypnosis crew from 15 years ago, (Hopkins Mack and the like) insist so stringently that everything weird is a screen memory for the same mundane grey faced robotic insectoid aliens.

Where is the unique behaviour? This is an experience that is fundamentally fucking weird, not just ordinary weird.

So all these instances are reframed as a boring interaction with a constant process. Whatever creative interpretation you have is wrong. You have been kidnapped and your bodily processes taken advantage of. You have no power, you are nothing but a resource to be exploited.

This is the baggage that the "grey alien" meme carries. It is soulless, as they are supposed to be. It is repetitive, it has no room for real personal creative interaction.

No wonder they are called greys.

Who wears grey suits?

Concrete is grey, graffiti on trainlines is colourful and expressive. Aliens from Hopkins worldview are grey, the critters in the Imagineal realm, as someone once called "hyper" space, are colourful unpredictable and they laugh alot.

The simpsons episode I referred to earlier also talked about the power of colour, specifically grey, to curb imaginative, creative and expressive behaviour.

And the ability of colour to promote the same behaviour.

In all the alien related experiences I have had, (mostly under the influence of psychedelics, but not always), I have never once seen anything resembling the so called "grey aliens".

On the few occasions the weirdness has approached the archetypal large almond eyed things looking down, they have always been white, or off white, and careful examination of images, reports etc, nowhere is this typical grey coloured thing shown.

Even back in the 70s and eighties aliens were referred to as "little green men".

I think its pretty safe to say that whatever else is going on, grey aliens abducting us for our DNA is not it.

Those few occasions mentioned earlier, with the white almond eyed things, and looking at them from the perspective of lying down, they reminded me of something else, Lovecraft's "Through the Gates of the Silver Key" actually.

** Side note. What is the similarity between alien abduction in the "classical" Hopkins style, and the experience of being on an operating table, under anasthetic, or in a dentists chair under the influence of Nitrus Oxide.

Both are experiences where drugs may lead to pyschedelic mind spaces and access to the sacred outside life consciousness.

Neither are classically shamanic by the standards of todays western "shamanic" community. (Despite the connection to sickness and survivng medical emergencies, and some tooth removing initiations.)

Just wondering about cross contamination of experiences...

Anyway back to the gates of the Silver Key. These experiences, they always seems to be taking place at a gateway, one it's not wise to travel through, unless you are ready for it, (and no one ever is despite what they think beforehand).

The few times the similarity between this mindspace and alien abduction have occurred to me while I am there, the result has been to make me laugh, alot. Usually this laughter shatters the "guardians" that look like aliens and the worlds beyond become available.

11:11 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the portal is in the human mind, or at least the portal needs a human mind, (and that is my take on it),

1 there is an association or direct connection between alien experiences and the doorways between worlds or whatever they are,

2 then controlling the human understanding of that portal, defining it as a trap from which you can only return to earth, and then only as a powerless victim of something bigger and far beyond your control,

our connection to the sacred, if you like,

3 Controlling the portals does not necessarily serve to allow the evil in. That is probably not the point. By saturating them in "evil" people shun them.

Because they shun them their relationship with the sacred is affected, as an access point to the sacred becomes inaccessable. It is made to be inaccessable by the individual to whom it belongs and like any other human trait if it isn't used it atrophies and no longer functions properly.

What does this achieve...

Well perhaps it creates humans who no longer are connected to that sacred spring of life.

Such humans might possibly be manipulated into shooting Iraqi women and children in the head as part of their "leaders" plan to maintain control over resources.

With far greater ease than ones who are not in such a position.

FPS video games, and the targets that were developed for soldiers to fire live rounds at, in the 80s, those angry nazi, sqaure headed bastards with the numbers on them... they contribute to the desensitisation to shooting people in combat, necessary for a modern soldier apparantly.

But I doubt this would be enough to desensitise people to shooting women and babies in the head. Even the targets with people holding hostages, if the hostages became the targets, this wouldn't be enough i don't think.

These speculations lead me to thinking about Jeff's last two posts after this, about gaming and massacres...

Why the greys?

Ultimately its about control -->

"If we can convince you that the unusual potentially beneficial spiritual experience you just had was simply a sordid attempt to exploit you as a biological resource, then we own your mind."

Or something.

11:30 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Jules. Interesting about the Bora Ring: I hadn't considered that. On the Gold Coast highway, probably half a kilometre away from our (then) house, lies the Miami Bora Ring. The land set aside for it is quite small. I hadn't realised the Boras radiated outwards for several hundred metres. Of course, it's all prime real estate around there, so they would have reduced the original Bora grounds as much as decently possible, in order to squeeze in another high rise.

Since reading your post about possible Bora influences upon nearby areas, things are beginning to fall into place, perhaps. For example, there's an area quite close to the (Miami) Bora Ring which 'frazzles' the mind -- or mine at least. In its most noticeable form, it simply steals the concentration and makes driving quite dangerous. I would find that as I drove along the Gold Coast highway, within this area of influence, I became spaced-out and behaved more as a passenger than driver of my vehicle. The slightest thing was able to divert my concentration. I had to make an effort each time to remember the area was dangerous & required particular vigilance. Didn't take long to pinpoint the entry and exit points. When going north towards Surfers, things went 'back to normal' at approx. the point of Nobby's hill(sometimes called Little Burleigh). When driving south, towards Burleigh proper, normality returned once shortly past the Bora Ring. Guess this may mean the Bora once extended in a northerly direction, with the current 'official' site being merely the southernmost point in a possible eliptical Bora Ring.

Until I read your post re: Boras, I was under the impression the strangeness was caused by underground streams flowing beneath the highway as they made their way from the mountains to their exit somewhere in the ocean (which of course begins mere metres away from the Miami section of Gold Coast highway). The entire Gold Coast strip apparently lay beneath the ocean, several thousand years ago. Very possibly, streams pouring eastward from the mountains had once emptied into the oceans which then probably lapped the foothills of Mt.Tamborine.

Falling ocean levels; building up of sand drifts combined with soils & debris washed from the mountains, most likely (over time) created the Hinterlands and Gold Coast strip. The rivers pouring from the mountains may well have continued their original route, which now lies beneath the coastal strip.

T.C. Lethbridge speculated that underground rivers, their currents and magnetic influences, are disruptive to those on the surface, particularly when underground streams intersect. And it was to this that I attributed the strangness and lack of concentration to be experienced in the Miami area. I suspected that the fact our house was built upon what had once been marshlands (with undoubtedly a high water table remaining beneath our estate) may have been responsible for the high-strangeness within the house and that street generally (I later owned another house in the same street which was also subject to some interesting moments).

It's interesting that you mentioned cultural influences: I was born in the foothills of Pendle Hill in Lancashire, England. Came to Australia as a child. Knew little of Pendle's history. Only in the past year or two, via internet, have I learned that 'boggarts' were said to exist in the region in which I was born. From what i can gather, boggarts are small people which are able to appear and disappear at will. One of the Pendle boggarts was apparently entitled to claim anyone who crossed a particular bridge upon a specific date. In an article I read on internet, it stated that (a hundred or so years ago) a traveller ignored the warnings of the locals and did cross the bridge. His empty skin was said to have been discovered beneath the bridge the following day; an account of which was said to have been noted in the town records. Quite possibly folklore, although I don't dismiss folklore out of hand.

When I had the experience of the little people however, my only knowledge of gnomes or whatever derived from Enid Blyton books, although I can't remember any of these having particular impact upon me, as a child or afterwards.

Gnomes & goblins aren't something I'd ever associated with Australia. I was at a loss to understand why I believed I'd had the experience. The only connection I could think of which might account for the 'European' aspect of the creatures, was my English ancestry. It's only in recent years that I've discovered via internet that a few gnome-type entities are said to have appeared to people in Central and South America. Later still, I read they'd been seen in Canada and even New Zealand -- with quite a few in Hawaii.

Most recently, I was informed by a Canadian researcher that he remains in contact with up to sixty families worldwide who are co-existing (reluctantly or otherwise) with gnome/goblin type creatures. The researcher believes that the gnomes/goblins or whatever they are, form a connection with a dwelling, rather than with its inhabitants.

So, possibly the gnomes are simply as they appear? It may be they are not a masked version of the famous 'gray aliens', but instead may be a natural (though not often seen) element within our physical world? Maybe they're skilled at manipulating matter, or are intra-dimensional? When it comes down to it, we've far from established ourselves as 'real': we may be as ethereal as the creatures we discuss and attempt to analyse and categorise. Do we (inadvertently perhaps) sometimes drift into others' 'worlds', afterwards believing it's they who crossed the barrier into ours? Makes for an interesting 'life', anyway.

12:43 p.m.  
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